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Afro hair is amazing and makes you look gorgeous. However, finding the best hairdressers who can handle your hair can be a tough deal. Your search is over! At Bellisimos, we offer afro hair care services with optimal results.

Why Choose Bellisimos Afro Caribbean Hairdressers

Maintaining the afro hair is not easy. Most people would tell you to get a haircut every two months to avoid getting split ends. After that, you dread it! This makes the idea of visiting the hair salon something they do not enjoy much. However, if you know the right afro Caribbean hairdressers, then going to them is more of a luxurious experience. It becomes something you should indulge in. Our goal at Bellisimos is to be that right afro Caribbean hairdresser service provider that you would love to visit again..

Tips on How to Get Beautiful Afro Hair

If you want beautiful afro hair, we have some expert tips for you. Most women with Afro hair have multi-textured hair, there is thinning and breakage as well because naturally, the hair is super curly. Managing them is a sensitive issue and this is why you need proper hair care advice.
At Bellisimos Hair, we have experts in Afro hair care and treatments that help you style them in unique ways without the hassle and without losing a healthy and amazing look. In fact, if your hair is losing its beauty, we have some recommendable products that will help your hair become better.
When you handle your hair right with our assistance, you can grow the length as it becomes healthier.

1. Start eating healthy and have a balanced diet.
2. Consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins like vitamin C, E, and iron.
3. Eat food rich in Omega3-Fatty Acids.
4. Eat proteins like yogurt, cheese, eggs, and fish as well as other sources of protein.
5. Trip your hair once a month to get a healthy growth of your hair.

When you visit us, our experts will help you get a trip to prevent split ends. Leaving your hair untreated can cause it to produce oils on the scalp will move down the length of your hair. Eventually, this causes the hair to become excessively dry and break. We recommend that you get conditioners and moisturizers to infuse moisture into your hair so that it becomes softer and easier to manage.

We offer Various Hair Treatments and Styles for Afro Hair

Keratin Treatment

We offer Brazilian keratin treatment as well as Brazilian straightening treatment. This hair treatment does not cause as much damage to your hair as typical natural relaxers do. We have tried and tested some of the best brands of products and can guarantee great results of keratin treatment in Afro hair. Before you can have this, our expert afro Caribbean hairdressers will need to check the quality of your hair. You have to consult with us first. After evaluation, we may recommend some pre-treatment hair care if your hair is weak or if you have used another hair treatment before. Then we will schedule an appointment.


We also recommend that you make your hair into braids because they are easy to manage. We can weave it into great hairstyles. Besides, they also protect your hair from environmental and climatic damages.


Perming is tricky and needs a lot of care. Our afro Caribbean hairdressers have years of experience with this hair treatment. We handle your hair with the least possible damage. Why we can guarantee great results of perming is because we use the best branded hair products. You can also shop for them right here at Bellisimos Hair.

Benefits of Perms

  • Make your hair look better
  • Add volume to your hair
  • Silcium
  • Reduce time spent on styling


Extensions help afro hair because they protect the hair from the harsh climatic and environmental conditions. They prevent damage to your hair.
We use long-lasting extensions for Afro hair. They look natural and are easy to maintain. You can wear them for several days without any hassles. We use clip-in hair extensions, micro hair extensions, and pre-bonded afro hair extensions for women with Afro hair.
Our team of award-winning afro Caribbean hairdressers has the training, enough experience, and qualification to handle all kinds of extensions and weaves for Afro hair. We guarantee great results that will meet your expectations.

Types of Hair Extensions We Offer

Here are some different types of hair extensions we offer for Afro hair.

  • Two Strand Twists

These extensions work amazingly on afro hair. They look natural and protect your hair. They also last for weeks and do not require too many touch-ups.

  • Weaves for Multi-textured Afro Hair

These are also a great hairstyle and come with the benefit of versatility. You can get curly or straight weaves. Our skilful afro Caribbean hairdressers will style and cut them to match your personality and the shape of your face. Having this on will mean there is no need to manipulate your hair daily. They are easy to manage.

  • Flat Twists

We usually recommend these because they look stunning when we style them d into a neat bun. Our hairdressers create flat twists by sectioning your hair into two and twisting the hair across the scalp. If you have long hair, the twists fall on your neck and look very lovely. This style is classic and is great for professional women as well.

  • Clip-in Hair Extensions

We use the best brand of clip-in hair extensions at Bellisimos. You have to book a consultation for this so that our afro Caribbean hairdresser can plan and work towards giving you the perfect look. We will need to check the length and volume of your hair.

Benefits of Hair Extensions for Afro Hair

Protection of Afro Hair

The hair extensions will protect your hair from daily wear and tear. Therefore, your hair does not need to endure the harsh weather and other physical factors. Extreme heat is not good for your hair; likewise, excessing styling is not good. Having extensions prevents you from all this hassle.

Hair Extensions are better than Perming

If you have been perming your hair, extensions eliminate the need to do this. Moreover, if you have decided to transform from perming to other hairstyles, then having extensions helps the transition process without you looking out of style.

Save time with no styling

Having extensions means no need to worry about using ironing rods and styling your hair. You can save time getting ready because your hair will look awesome all the time. Hair extensions let you maintain your glamorous looks.

Increase Your Hair Length

An added benefit of aving extensions is that they help your hair grow longer naturally. As they prevent you from manipulating your hair and reduce breakage, your hair becomes healthier.

Explore Different Hair Colours

We can explore different colours of your choice so that you look different every month and you get to trip your hair each month.

If you are looking for the best results for any Afro hair treatments, talk to us today and book your appointment.

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