At Bellisimos hair salon we employ only the best hair care professionals to ensure your appearance makes heads turn. We aim to give you the best service and salon experience to keep you coming back for more. Situated in Wyndham Arcade, our salon provides a range of services for men and women. Foraying into the field of men’s grooming. We have a team of top-notch barbers that will give you a luxurious encounter leaving you wanting more.

Our salon, located in the centre of Cardiff, is a place you will love to visit whenever you need some pampering. Surrounded by restaurants and shops, it is the perfect place to spend some relaxing e’ time. While others might enjoy their time shopping, you can step into our salon for the ultimate pampering. We offer champagne and a variety of other hot or cold drinks to enhance your experience.

Our lovely staff of qualified professionals are here to make the visit one that you won’t forget, and of course, you will leave looking your best. You might even come in so you can avail of our services before you meet your friends or colleagues for a meal. Getting de-stressed while you receive a haircut or trim in a salon filled with friendly and courteous staff that aim to make your experience a luxurious one.

We aim to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We wish to transform your salon experience. From one where you come in to get a quick haircut or a skin fade to one where you experience pure decadence. The staff at our salon are ready to welcome you warmly in and offer you the beverage of your choice. Our endeavour is to exceed your every expectation and keep you coming back for more.

We offer a full range of services at competitive rates that include beard trimming and hair care. At Bellisimos hair salon, we understand that you might have come to avail of small service or perhaps you are here to experience the range of services we offer, either way, you are in for our treat and our exceptional staff is here to care for your needs.  Visiting Bellisimos Barbers is a great way to add an extra boost of happiness to your day.

Hairdressers in Cardiff
Hairdressers in Cardiff

Maintaining a beard can be an arduous task. At Bellisimos hair salon we understand that this can be time-consuming. Our team of professional barbers are here to help you with tips and information that you need to keep your beard looking and feeling just as you want it to. After all, your beard is the most noticeable aspect of your face, and we aim to keep it looking its best.

The Barber Experience

While many men prefer to trim their own beards, there is a growing number that comes to barbers. Perhaps it is the steadier and more experienced hand they look for, or maybe it is to be sure to trim it just the right amount. Whatever your requirement, we are here to help you groom your beard just the way you like it. Our professionals can trim your beard to the length you want or a hot towel shave to get your preferred look and all while you enjoy the beautiful white furnishings designed to enhance your comfort.

Cardiff, Barbers
Barbers, Cardiff

Whether you are partial to shorter cuts or love your long hair. Our experts are here to take the utmost care of you. At our salon, you will receive the full treatment. From shampooing and intensive conditioning to trims and exciting new haircuts, we have many services that you can enjoy. As professionals, our stylists offer a wide range of hairstyles that are suited to you. We aim to make you look and feel like the best possible version of you.

At the Bellisimos hair salon, our priority is you, our customer. We want to make sure that you are pampered, and receive the best quality care. However, we also want to make sure that you feel confident when you walk out of the door. Our service staff is there to ensure you have everything you need to feel that extra amount of care and lavishness to make your experience while you are with us and the rest of your day a truly splendid one.

Of course, we also understand that however great our support staff is unless you receive the best hair or beard care. Our endeavour to be the best salon is a failure. Our professional team of barbers, stylists and hairdressers are here to make sure you receive exactly the kind of service you want. Not only do we want to make sure that you feel your best. When you enter our salon, but we also want to make sure that you feel and look your best when you leave.

The boost of confidence that comes from a successful trip to the salon is well documented. Bellisimos hair salon aims to do precisely that. We wish to make you feel confident and happy with your appearance. Our staff are here to make sure that is how you think. Not just the day of your visit but for much longer even after that. Your confidence is what inspires our staff to do better every day.

We understand that there are many salons around and to win your patronage, we aim to provide the best personal grooming service to you. Our service is suited to your need with personal touches. Making you feel as unique as you are to us. The next time you are wandering down Wyndham Arcade and are in the mood to witness some magic or just want to get some salon services, do make your way to Belissimoes for an unparalleled experience in pampering, luxury and of course, the best salon services in the city.


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When thinking of barbers, our first thought is that of our grandfathers. After all, it has been a while since our generation went to one. Salons and stylists are more what we are used to. Our barbers, trained and with exceptional talent, bring you the full treatment for your face and hair. The Cardiff salon offers a wide range of barbering services. You can avail of while you visit and all while enjoying our beautiful interiors and sipping champagne.

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