///Beards Need Treatment

Beards Need Treatment

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With the runway models sporting thick beards, it comes as no surprise that facial hair is in. But beards haven’t always been just a fashion statement. Facial hair is an important element in many different cultures. Sikhs in India and abroad do not cut their hair, nor do they cut their facial hair. Most Sikh men like to keep their beards open whereas some like to tie it in a knot. Men in Mexico like to keep moustaches mainly and sometimes a little stubble. In ancient Greece, men used to curl their beards to complement their hair. The French are famous for their goatee and the Chinese have a similar style but with longer hair. The Japanese people were never fond of facial hair so their moustaches and beard were separate and not joined. The Irish people on the other hand loved facial hair and would often grow long moustaches and beards. The list goes on but it’s safe to say that beards have always been in trend.

Men who think growing a beard is as simple as skipping their shaving routine, need to think again. To make anything look good, you need to put in love and efforts and so is the case with facial hair. The first rule to growing a beard is to bepatient! Each person is different and their hair grows differently. Some would be able to grow a beard in a few days time whereas others would have to wait for months to get a decent beard. As they say, all great things come from patience.

How Do You Grow a Beard?

1. Begin by not shaving for at least 4 weeks. This time would increase for guys who have less hair growth.

2. Make sure you don’t trim, fight the urge to shave or trim! This helps in getting an even growth since some hair grows faster than others.

3. Make sure you visit a stylist who can shape and style your beard according to your face shape.

4. Washing your beard regularly with a mild shampoo is essential. Using a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type helps you in styling it easily.

5. Visit your stylist regularly to get the cutting and styling done. You can pick up some tips from your stylist and follow them

6. Use a beard oil to tame your beard and keep it under control. Beard oil not only tames but provides the necessary nutrients to keep your beard looking healthy.

7. Once your beard is fully grown, you can experiment and get the colouring done as well. Ask your stylist what colour would suit you.

8. Follow up and get your facial hair trimmed regularly.

Types of Beards

1. Short beard- short facial hair is easy to maintain and doesn’t take too long to grow or to style.

2. Medium beard- a medium beard required very little maintenance and gives you that rugged look that is very popular.

3. Long beards- these are more high maintenance and require special care and attention. You can choose between a bushy beard, a beard with no moustaches or a long beard with handle bar moustaches.

4. Goatees or French beards- these types of beards used to be popular a few years back. They are still popular among middle aged men who have started experiencing a decrease in their hair growth.


Maintaining your Beard and Keeping it Healthy

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Now that you have an awesome facial hair, the work doesn’t end here. Grooming the facial hair and maintaining it is an equally important part of ensuring that you keep your facial hair looking awesome always.

Washing and Conditioning the Beard

Keeping facial hair clean is the first step towards achieving that perfect beard. Do not use harsh soap or face wash that isn’t meant for the hair. There’s a reason why you don’t use soap to wash your hair. That’s because soap is too harsh and it strips away the nutrients and leaves your beard feeling dry and the hair prone to breaking.

Using a mild shampoo to wash your facial hair daily will ensure that the skin is able to maintain the moisture and the natural oils essential in promoting hair growth. The right shampoo will also tame your hair and help to soften it. Try to find a sulphate free shampoo for your facial hair. Sulphate gradually decrease the hair growth and should not be used.

After shampooing comes conditioning. A conditioner is a very essential step in your hair growth regimen. Like the name suggests, a conditioner conditions your hair and leaves it feeling soft. It fights frizziness and keeps the hair moisturised. Not only does the hair feel soft, but it looks healthy too. The conditioner makes a thin film around the hair and locks in the moisture preventing it from getting dry. It also helps in decreasing hair breakage.

Use a proper conditioner that suits your hair. A 2 in 1 shampoo is not sufficient to maintain a healthy looking beard.

Beard Oil

Throughout the day, make sure you use beard oil. The beard oil provides nutrients and keeps your beard looking shiny and healthy. It also makes unruly hair soft and manageable.

There are many different kinds of beard oils available in the market these days. Natural is always best. Read the ingredients properly, before you invest in the oil. Try using an oil that doesn’t contain silicones and sulphate. They are harmful and prevent the hair from getting the nutrients that they need.

The best time to apply the beard oil is to apply it right after you have showered. This is because the pores are open at that time which allows easy absorption of the oil into the skin. Just take a few drops into your hands, rub them together and run your hands evenly through your beard.

Eating Healthy

No matter how many products you use, your hair won’t grow well if you’re not eating a healthy, well balanced meal. In order to get nice hair, you need to eat a diet full of proteins and drink lots of water. Incorporate fresh veggies, fruits and nuts into your diet. Eating fish helps in the growth of hair. Hydration is the key to having healthy hair.

You should also eat multi vitamins and biotin. These promote hair growth. Your body’s health is reflected in your skin and hair, so make sure you eat healthy to keep good hair. If your hair is healthy, grooming becomes an easy task.

Things to consider before growing a beard-

  • The first thing that needs to be considered is your face shape. Choose the beard style according to your face shape. You can do this with the help of a stylist. A stylist can help you determine what type of facial hair would suit you the best.
  • The next step to be considered is the thickness of the hair. If you have thick growth, then you can choose any style of facial hair. If you have trouble growing an even and thick facial hair, you should go in for a goatee.
  • Growing facial hair can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. Make sure your climate allows you to grow a beard comfortably. In hot and humid areas it is advisable to keep smaller lengths and easier to maintain styles. In cold regions you can keep a full grown thick facial hair.
Treatments Available at Our Barber Salon

We have stylists that are experts in styling beards and even trimming them. Visiting a stylist helps you maintain your facial hair easily. Using styling balms, the stylist can arrange your facial hair differently giving you a new look. You can also get your facial face coloured. It can be coloured a new colour altogether or you can add lowlights to the facial hair. Adding grey hair by colouring is a very popular trend these days.

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