///Best Barbers in Cardiff

Best Barbers in Cardiff

Best Barbers in Cardiff City

If you are in Cardiff and looking for barbers to give you the best results in the city, then look no further because Bellisimos Hair has the best barbers’ services in the city. Our barbers are experts, trained to style, trim, and even dye your beard to perfection. When you visit Bellisimos, rest assured that you are in the hands of the best hairdressers in Cardiff. Depending on what sort of look you seek, the stylists will listen to you and carefully ensure that your beard and hair is looking its best.

You may want to ask why we call ourselves the best hairdressers in town. We are the new rising hairdressers in Cardiff and we aspire to be the best at everything to do with hair. That’s why we guarantee that every visit you make to Bellisimos Hair will give you the best experience. No matter what treatments you’re booked in for, we welcome every new client with open arms and a glass of champagne. Because we are hairdressers situated in Cardiff, in the city centre, you can find us easily and visit our facility without ado.

Beard Styles and Designs

We live in a world full of beards.

Big beards, short beards, stylish beards, bushy beards. Trends come and go, but beards will always be fashionable in men’s fashion. Celebrity styles always influence the beard styles in town. For instance, David Beckham can easily start a new trend if he dramatically changes his beard style. Everyone likes to look good and everyone likes to be trendy and “in.” Therefore, if you are able to grow a beard, you’re more likely to be inclined to have a style that is currently fashionable. Many men respect other men for their beards and how well-groomed they are. If you take pride in your appearance then you will take pride in your beard. Therefore, you will keep it clean, healthy, and maintained.

Nine of the Most Popular Beard Styles

Here are some of the most demanded beard styles that hairdressers in Cardiff can create more frequently:



Circle Beard

Full Beard



Short Stubble

Medium Stubble

Long Stubble

At Bellisimos, our goal is to be the one hair salon in Cardiff where our clients can get the latest and trending beard styles. This is why; we make sure our team is up-to-date with the latest trends in the fashion world. However, we also believe in suggesting what would enhance your appearance based on your personality, facial and body features. Our experts can offer professional ideas to make your looks seem even more appealing. You can trust us with our judgement – and most importantly, we never do anything without your consent. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Best Barbers in Cardiff

Maintaining a Healthy Beard

When growing a beard it is important to keep it clean and maintained to keep it looking thick and healthy. To maintain a healthy beard you should follow these simple steps. Wash your beard with a natural shampoo. Make sure you wash your beard two to three times a week. Keep your beard hydrated and conditioned. Trim your beard on a regular basis to maintain the style you have. Trim your neckline to keep it looking smart. Eat healthily and keep the hair strong. There are oils available to apply to your beard to help them maintain a thick and rich look. Only the best hairdressers in Cardiff give you the best tips and guidance for this.

Where are we Located

Bellisimos Hair is located inside of Wyndham Arcade in heart of Cardiff City. Wyndham Arcade is one of Cardiff’s most attractive arcades. So there is no better place to visit to get yourself feeling and looking more attractive. In the arcade, there are plenty of other things to do and see. A wide range of restaurants and cafes to spend your time. Plenty of shops and other attractions around the arcade so you will never go board.

Experiencing Bellisimos Hairdressers in Cardiff

Before attending the best barbers in Cardiff, you would surely like to know how the experience is going to be. When attending Bellisimos, you can expect to sit in an amazing crystal setting surrounded by expert stylists and barbers to cater to your needs.

When receiving your treatment, we use the best hair products available for your hair. We want your experience to be the best it possibly can be. Therefore, as you sit in anticipation, you can make a choice of having some beer, whiskey, or champagne. Not every hair salon in Cardiff offers this, but we do because we believe in spoiling our customers a bit more. Feel free to help yourself to as the stylists do their thing. The stylists listen to your every request to ensure that your hair and beard are looking exactly how you wish it too. We feel pride in saying that we are among the best hairdressers in Cardiff. It’s a sure thing, that you will leave Bellisimos looking and feeling the best you’ve ever felt.

No matter what hair type you have, whether it is frizzy, flat, or curly, we use the best hair products to get the perfect results. If you want to get rid of the curls and if you want to have silky straight hair, our experts can treat the hair to get you beautiful silky straight hair. Likewise, if you want the frizz gone, our experienced hairdressers can treat the hair to make it healthier and smooth. Curly and frizzy hairs are often difficult to manage and style, so let us handle it for you.

Even if you are not sure about what hair products are right for your hair type, we can advise you on what conditioner, hair mask, or hair shampoo and dye to use. Explore different hair colours if you want the chic look and we will make it look awesome.

If you have been using the wrong products, they can damage your hair. So, if you feel that you have a hair fall problem, let our experts give your hair the best treatment to reduce and fix the problem. To ensure great results, we hire experts who have trained in handling this problem and help make the hair healthier. This may require treating the hair with the best mask on a regular basis. You can be sure that our hairdressers are here to help and give you the best tips. After all, we are known as the best hairdressers in Cardiff for a good reason – no hair is beyond our handling. Moreover, we can guarantee great results.

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