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Blow Dry

In a fast-growing world today we ought to be able to blow dry hair without damaging it safely. Most hairdresser vows that hair blowing constantly will damage your locks. How, exactly, can one be able to stroll into office you job wearing a suit – while wet hair is dripping? Should you get up a few hours early each day for work to set under a hair dryer? How do you make it to that party or occasion without ratty wet ringlets?

Blow drying can still be done safely without excess damaging hair when done correctly. You can improve your techniques, by ditching that old method of towel drying and using safe blow drying techniques. You can use your regular shampoo when washing your hair, but for better blow drying effects and protection, try cleaning with shampoo which is moisturised.

Finishing, Drying Hair or Blow Drying, are ways to enhance your haircut or hairstyle that you have created. Having the skills to blow dry correctly can take a little while to perfect, but getting the shape you or your client wants can enhance not only their hairstyle but sometimes how thick or thin the client’s hair is. Cardiff happens to be the city with the best salons like Bellisimos Hair where quality blow drying is done by the professional team.

Blow dry strictly provides washing, blow drying and hair styling. Our stylists will wash your hair, blow it dry straight or wavy, and style it to your fancy.

Bouncy blow dry allows us to gather mass volume into your hair and achieve hair styles most salons struggle to master.

The Importance of Having a Blow Dry Treatment

Bellisimos Offers the Best Blow Dry Services

. We invest on a reliable hair dryer that suits the type you currently have. Those with ceramic and ionic properties come with the high recommendation because of their ability to quickly dry with reduced damaged and more shine.

Bellisimos Hair experts blow dries the hair the direction of the nozzle or tip pointing downwards and blow drying is done starting from root to tip.

• Practice alternating hot and cold blasts when drying. This is because stylists have discerned that hot temperature causes the hair cuticle to open which helps you to give more shape and control over your hair. Blow drying with fresh air after achieving the desired shape will bring forth the right texture and close the cuticles for extra straight hair.

• Take care that you do keep the blow dryer at a minimum of 6 inches away from the hair and to prevent damage from overheating.
• Some stylists also recommend that you start to blow dry from the back part of your head towards the front.

• They Never shake blow dryer to and fro in an attempt to even out the heating on your hair. This is not the proper method and will give no advantage to your hair whatsoever.

• The advice about dry blowing your hair. E.g., The reason as to why hair should not be dry blown regularly and avoid using gadgets without applying heat protectant serums to prevent brittle and dry hair.

 • Expertise in Bellisimos Hair ensures that you do not do more of blow drying your hair so that curls won’t get flat and straight hair won’t lose its glossy shine.

What to Expect at Bellisimos Hair

First and foremost, washes your hair and have it shampooed with regular shampoo. And for improved drying effects and protection, they clean with a moisturising shampoo. This will provide extra moisture that will keep it from the results of the dryer. Plus, it can prevent it from any other heat or damage caused by straightening or curling.

Second, towel off your hair slightly just enough to stop dripping, but they don’t dare to rub it with the cloth since the friction may result to the splitting of the ends, frizzy dryness and generally does a lot of damage. For those with short hair, they wrap the towel around and massage it soothingly using strong, circular motions. Although they don’t rub it too fast or hard to avoid breaking the follicles.

The next step is that they separate hair into two or more sections. The more part they make and the lesser hair you have in every region, the faster your hair dries. It always makes four to six sections, but still, make sure to avoid tangled hair. And for those who have thick or long hair, they try using some clips to make your hair drying session much more comfortable. And for those with short hair, they part your hair into two sections.

Then, they start blasting your hair with the hair dryer for a few minutes. This is to ensure you remove some of the moisture. Bellisimos blow drying at the top roots and about six inches away from your scalp and for convenience try using portable hair dryers. This can also encourage frizz, and utilising some diffuser will be a better option especially if you have curly hair.

They move the blow dryer around, so that nothing burns. They focus the dryer on a single spot for a more extended period, it will soon dry out and burn the hair, rather than gently drying it. But they make sure to leave some moisture on your hair to keep your hair healthy looking and free from frizz and damage.

Last, Bellisimos Hair experts always finish a blow drying session with a pure blast of cold air to lock in shine – portable hair dryers usually have this feature. Then carefully and gently brush your hair.

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Can Blow Drying Make You Lose Your Hair?

A lot of people, most especially women, can’t get out of the door without blowing their hair dry. A blow dryer is a travel necessity for women. It is as important as an extra shirt or a pair of pants when on a journey. The question now is this – can blow drying make you lose your beautiful locks?

The answer to this question is both a yes and a no. So for those who find it necessary to blow dry their hair before going anywhere, there is a faint ray of hope for them. The truth is, you may do some blow drying without making your hair suffer.

If you blow dry too close to the scalp, the roots and the hair follicles may get damaged. Subjecting the scalp to hot hair dries it up and weakens the follicles. At that point, they get prone to breakage. And that’s when this beauty regimen becomes unsatisfactory. But otherwise, you can freely use a blow dryer, and you won’t see anything wrong happening to your hair – especially not hair loss.

If you use the hair dryer the right way, the result is a bouncier and a shinier lock of hair. This is the reason why women can’t do without it. Just learn the proper technique, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair, scalp, and roots.

To prevent hair loss, it is highly encouraged that you follow proper hair loss practices at all times. Regular blow drying is not advisable. It is still best if you can do this activity several days apart. Also, try to use only the mildest products on your hair. If you’ve got thinning hair, settle for the best hair loss shampoo in the market. By best, it means that the product is mostly composed of natural and organic ingredients.

The use of chemicals, especially the ones applied in a salon, may create long-term side effects on your hair. If you can do without them for a month, that’s good. Switch to using the best hair growth shampoo instead. Such shampoo stimulates the follicles so that they would function better. The chemicals on specific hair products, on the other hand, may cause a lot of irreversible damage to your hair.

There are many things that you can do to prevent hair loss. It all starts with the proper health practices and the right way to do things. As for your hair dryer, you are still free to use it. Just be sure that you use it correctly all the time. But to avoid all these inconveniences, you should visit Bellisimos Hair in Cardiff. Where blow drying is done by qualified personnel who make sure your hair is treated well in every design you want.

In conclusion. Blow-drying your hair gives you the freedom of ensuring your hair is kept in style without going to the salon. When the hair is blown it makes it easy for management throughout the day. If you plan blow drying your hair daily. Pick the best among the professional hair dryers in the market that is the Bellisimos Hair the one that will not damage your hair. In Bellisimos Hair hair drying is done using hair dryers of high grade which are easily adjustable depending on your type of hair and heat you can tolerate. Let your head shine with Bellisimos Hair salon in Cardiff.

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