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Top 7 Cocktail Bars in Cardiff

ABOUT  CARDIFF A Cocktail Bar is a place, where you find mental peace. Right? If the place is near you, you can access it often and enjoy some down time. And the cocktail bars situated in Cardiff are great, because they maintain a high-class environment and give you the best cocktails in the world. Also, their service is amazing. DO  YOU  KNOW  WHAT  A  COCKTAIL  IS ? Cocktails are actually an iced drink of wine/beer or distilled liquor (such as brandy, gin, rum, vodka, or whiskey) mixed with other flavoring ingredients (such as juice, [...]

Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Cardiff

ABOUT  CARDIFF Cardiff is one of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom. It is the eleventh-largest city in the United Kingdom and the Capital of Wales. 18.3 million tourists visited every year.It has a rich culture from the Romans and Normans antiquity. It was the first Fair Trade capital in the world. Not only Cardiff Castle, Castell Coch, and St Fagans Castle are situated here, but also it claims to have more castles than any other city in the world. Benefits  of   Italian   Food The Italian food is packed with healthful [...]

Wyndham Arcade

Wyndham Arcade Cardiff The arcade was made in the year 1887 by Cardiff Arcade Company. That had prior made the Royal Arcade. It runs from St. Mary Street to the Mills Lane and is open inside of Cardiff's various arcades. In most cases beside the three-party frontages. The eastern passageway is at a slanted edge to Mill Lane.  The arcade initially had 35 shops, with basements and private lounge rooms. After stolen 200 pounds worth of stock from his shop in surgery, jewel expert GA Philips was killed in an 11-inch accident for just five months. The guilty [...]

KSI & Randolph in Cardiff

KSI & Randolph UK Tour KSI, real name Olajide 'JJ' Olatunji, he is a YouTube star, humorist and rapper from Watford. Beginning his profession in 2008, his YouTube channel has come to more than 20 million subscribers, where he posts recordings of FIFA ongoing interaction and discourse, different diversions, and periodic video blogs. In 2011 he fanned out as a rapper, discharging the tune 'Heskey Time', alongside individual YouTuber Randolph, and started a fragment called, 'Football Rap Battles'. He discharged the first solo single, Lamborghini, at around March in the year 2015, and his presentation EP, the Keep [...]

Cardiff Life Awards 2019

Cardiff Life Awards The world of hair and salons is a very competitive one. Bellisimos Hair is a great hair salon located in Cardiff City. We are proud to announce that Bellisimos Hair have been nominated for the Cardiff Life awards 2019. Being shortlisted as a finalist is a huge honour. We wouldn’t be here without our amazing stylists, our beautiful clients and the rest of the team who work ever so hard to make this operation run as well as it does. Outstanding Company Bellisimos Hair is an outstanding salon that has [...]

Boyzone Cardiff

BoyZone - A Band to Remember Remember the good old days when music with impact was a huge thing. Somebody was actually making it just the right way? It could be a hazy memory, it is—for everyone. However, it’s not like art ever dies, and not so surprisingly, till date, it is heard and resonated everywhere. The good lot of Boyzone band had stolen hearts back then, and they continue to steal hearts. It is not just about looks and splendor, rather about creating art from their hearts and willing to put it out there oh-so graciously. These [...]

Cardiff Toy Appeal

St David’s Toy Appeal Capital FM presents the toy appeal by St Davids Cardiff. All over December people and businesses have been working together to make a real different for children in South Wales this Christmas. As we are a business in Cardiff we were privileged to take part in this wonderful opportunity. What is the Toy Appeal? Toy appeal is where people, businesses or schools buy toys for different aged children, ranging from one year olds, all the way up to teenagers. The toys are then [...]

Cardiff 10K

Cardiff 10K The Cardiff 10K race is a race held in the Welsh Capital. It is organized by the Kidney Wales Foundation and its main aim is to raise funds for the foundation to help in their cause. Over the years the race has attracted different teams and sponsors to support the race and the foundation in the long run. This year we have decided to partner up with the foundation for the 10K race. The race is open to all those who are interested both residents of Wales and visitors. [...]

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