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Cardiff Unisex Hairdressers

Bellisimos Hair – For Men and Women

People’s hairstyle usually show a lot about their personalities.

Having an amazing hairstyle does not only make a person look presentable, but also makes it easier for them to show their personality – the way they want themselves to be recognised.

That’s where the hairdressers’ role comes in. We, at Bellisimos Hair, make it possible for our clients to get the hairstyle that they want. Our professional
hairdressers does not only cater to women’s need, but also men’s. With a variety of hairstyling techniques, we give stunning results that give more confidence to our customers.

Who is Bellisimos Hair?

Hairdressing salon located inside Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff City, United Kingdom.

Wyndham Arcade, which was built in 1887, is a bustling street of activity housing a variety of eateries, such as Bills restaurant, Ask Italian, Waterloo Tea, Servini’s Cafe and Kiwi’s Bar, several independent eclectic shops, and beauticians, such as Bellisimos.

We provide the best services that we can to make sure that our clients enjoy their time with us. We have designed our salon in a warm and beautiful setting with crisp white furnishings. In our salon we also provide champagne to every visit of our customer, to make them feel that they are special to us. Other hot and cold beverages are available for those who do not prefer champagne.

Why should you pick Bellisimos Hair?

Tons of other hair salons are out there are available. But what makes Bellisimos Hair
different from the others is the experience we provide to our customers.

Bellisimos Hair’s location is the best place for a customer to enjoy before or after their hairdressing appointment. Not only does it have an array of restaurants and shops, but it also houses different beautician stores, perfect to complement the new hairstyle of our clients.

We provide the best services that our customers deserve by giving them knowledge of our hairdressers and barbers’ certifications, specialisations, and qualifications. Whatever service you want to be done to you hair, or beard for men, we have a friendly and courteous staff ready to provide you with the service that fits you best.

Even with the luxurious place and excellent service, we make sure that our clients enjoy an affordable price, completing their satisfying experience with us.

What are the services we offer?

There is a wide array of services we provide for you to choose from.

For the Ladies

Cut and Finish

This service provides a standard cut and finish for our customer who prefer a quick hairdressing.


This services comes up with different options: Blow Dry, Curling, Plaits and Hair Up.

Colour and Colour Care

This service provides our customer with the colour of their choice for their hair and the style they want it made. For those with existing hair colour, we provide a colour boost service to make their hair colour return to their original vivid state.

Dip Dye

This service gives our customer a two-tone colour for their hair. They can choose from two options:

Balayage – graduated, natural-looking effect.

Ombre – colours or tones that shade into each
other, graduated from light to dark.

Hair Extension

This service allows our customer to have a longer hair by using different methods such as Pre Bonding, Micro Rings, Wefting and Weaving.

Hair Care

This service provide hair treatments to our customer like Permanent Smoothing, Olaplex and Bond Fusion.


This service provides our customers with a perm hairstyle, by setting their hairs in waves or curls and then treating it so that it stays for several months.

For the Gentlemen


This service provides the standard haircut, with many options to choose from

Beard Grooming

This service provides beard grooming base on the preference of the customer.


Our customer can enjoy two different colouring techniques for their hair; Cap Highlights and Foils.

Booking Your Appointment

Prices of each service depends on the level of stylist that will accommodate them. For more information about the price of each service, visit our prices page.

If you are in need of a good hairdressing experience, come on over to Bellisimos Hair. Our hairdressers will welcome you and provide you the best experience you can ever get from a hair salon!

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