///Choosing A Hair Salon In Cardiff

Choosing A Hair Salon In Cardiff

Hair Salon in Cardiff

Hair Salon Cardiff

From ancient times, people have found help with professionals to trim their hair, colour it, dress it, and to transform their looks to look attractive. Even today, we all need to visit a hairdresser eventually. It may be for a haircut, a party hairstyle, or on a regular basis for hair treatments. If you were a fashionista, then you would always want to look your best to make the best impression wherever you go. One reason why you would want to visit us, Bellisimos, is that we are one of the most reputable hairdressers in Cardiff. You will get the latest hairstyles and most attractive looks when we attend to your hair styling needs. We are trendsetter in Cardiff and often the first to master the recent hairstyles you see celebrities flaunt.

Today, hairstyling is not just about trimming and haircuts. It is about adding colours in layers, or at the roots or down towards the lower ends. It is about cut-downs to get the right hair colours, treating the hair to make them straight and silky from frizzy curled up hair, preserving the waves, or it is about perming silky straight hair to make them look better. Sometimes, we need professional help with haircare to make them healthier and to control hair loss. This is why; hairdressers are always popular and much sought-after. We are proud to claim that we have the largest clientele in town, as the best hairdressers in Cardiff. It has taken us years to attain this reputation and we continue to give you the best to maintain our reputation as one of the best hairdressers in Cardiff.

Mastering Latest Hairstyling Techniques

One quality of the best hairdressers in Cardiff that you choose would be that they know what the latest hairstyles are in the world of celebrities. We are proud to say that we meet this requirement.

Services for Men

You can get a shave at home, but we all deserve some time out from such small chores. Why not visit professionals to give you the exotic experience every occasionally? When you visit Bellisimos Hair, we make you feel relaxed and give you the special treatment you need. We handle your skin with care and first treat it with a moist steamed towel. This helps open the pores of your facial skin so that it is easier to shave the hair, leaving your skin smoother than before.

If you want hair styling, we can cut the hair to make it better. If you want a new look, we will assess your facial features and give you professional advice on what would look amazing. If you need grooming, we will just renew your beard and hair. If you need facial treatment to give your skin a radiant and cleaner look, we will do that as well.

Trending Hairstyles for Men

For men, we have something special as well. The most trending haircut nowadays in the UK is the Loose Undercut. It looks amazing on people with silky straight hair.

Another interesting and trending hairstyle for men is the Modern Side Part. It gives you a touch of the sixty’s hairstyle and makes you look very classy.

In the series of Fade hairstyles, the Taper Fade is quite famous. If you have a long face shape with a square jawline, this hairstyle would look amazing on you. You can give it a shot if you have never tried it and want a new look this New Year’s Eve.

For those who want to maintain the medium length of their hair and still look classy, the Medium Length haircut is recommendable. Our expert hairdressers in Cardiff can give you the best looks with this one.

Here is another interesting look you can have this Christmas and New Year. Try the Caesar Haircut. It looks medieval and modern at the same time. What makes it a favourite in men is that it highlights the masculinity in you.

Yet another interesting hairstyle we recommend for men with a defined forehead is the Short Sides Long Top hairstyle. It looks amazing and can give you a completely transformed appearance.

Services for Women

Women usually want hair extensions for an instant makeover. When you go to parties, you need to make a “Wow” impression and we know it. This is why; we give you the best in hair extensions. The way we do it, they look completely natural. No one would be able to guess that the hairs are not actually your own hair.

Hairstyling, hair treatments, hair colouring, blow-drying, perming, plating, American wave, permanent straightening. We do it all!

Trending Hairstyles for Women

For instance, if you were a fan of Game of Thrones, then you would want to have the latest Blunt Bob look that Emilia Clarke had on the red carpet. If you are blond with curls, we can transform you into a brunet with this hairstyle.

If a haircut is not on your mind, and if you want to maintain the long locks you have but with something different, here is a recommendation. Explore the Crimpled Waves hairstyle that Joan Small had on the CFDA Fashion Awards.

If you do not feel so sure about flowing wavy hair, try the Ashley Graham look with the Barrettes hairstyle. It makes a fashion statement of its own. We are probably the only hairdressers in Cardiff who do this with the best results.

If you have very curly and fluffy hair, but you do not want to get the hair straightening treatment like Keratin or Xtenso, then let us make the Bobby-pinned Locks hairstyle for you. You will look amazing and very chic once we finish with you. On the other hand, if you want to change the hairstyle to something easier to manage, go for the Lea Michele’s Centre Park hairdo. They look sophisticated and are perfectly straight hair.

Glossy Strands like those Jennifer Garner often has and had on the red carpet are great. Your hair will look healthy, shiny, and amazing.

If you have the perfect face for bangs, try the Curtain bangs that Bryce Dallas Howards had recently. They make your look chic and younger when you make a ponytail to go with the bangs.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. We have experience with many other latest amazing hairstyles. When you choose a hair salon in Cardiff, make sure the hairstylists know many options.

We also have a lot of experience with the latest trending men’s hairstyles. Whether you want the skin fade hairstyles, bob cuts, or punk hairstyles, name it. We can do it all for you. We also handle beard cutting, applying hair colours, and applying hair treatments for men.

Qualified Professional Hairdressers in Cardiff

Bellisimos Hair is one of the best places to get a hairstyle in Cardiff because we are a team of trained and qualified professional hairdressers. Everyone on our team undergoes regular training to learn trending hairstyles and hair care techniques. We make sure we have the best products and that we are familiar with the latest hair care techniques emerging in this industry. We believe that unless we are one-step ahead of our competitors, we will not stand out as your first and best choice.

When we hire team members, we make sure they have enough experience or knowledge about the skills we need. In addition, we train our team members to make sure they are the best hairdressers in Cardiff. This is how we have maintained high standards and great quality of services over the past several years. You can check our customers’ reviews. We believe their testimonial and reviews speak for our standard and quality of services.

When you visit us, our staff will be the friendliest and cooperative lot you ever meet. We are passionate about our work and result-focused. Making sure our customers have 100% satisfaction, is our main priority. When we attend to you, the first thing we do is check the hair texture and hair quality. We listen to what you want us to do for you and do exactly as you want. If we feel your hair needs special care, our experienced professionals will guide you. We gauge your hair’s condition and then may recommend hair treatments to make them look healthier and better.

Why Choose Bellisimos Hair Salon in Cardiff

You would want to ask why most people prefer Bellisimos, although there are numerous hairdressers in Cardiff. Apart from the amazing experience that people have with hairstyles, we welcome our customers with a smile and open heart. There is always a bubbling glass of Champaign waiting for you, and a hair salon in Cardiff with amazing aesthetic appeal. We also have warm beverages for those who prefer something warm. We believe in spoiling our visitors because it is our belief that you should find relaxation when you are with us. We also have a safe and friendly environment for kids if they are accompanying you.

In addition to the comfort inside Bellisimos, our location makes us a preferred choice. We are in the heart of Cardiff, amidst the best tourist destinations and shopping centres. While you may wait for your turn on a booked appointment, you can go outdoors and explore the nearby attractions. There are numerous restaurants and other activities to explore. Our location is easy to access for people all over Cardiff and this is what makes us a better choice.

Bellisimos Hair is affordable and luxurious. What we believe is that even if the best hair care services come at a slightly higher price, it is worth it. When it comes to your hair, compromising on the best products or services can have negative consequences. Although we are affordable and our prices are competitive, some people may insist on opting for salons with lower prices. Consequently, they suffer hair damages or hairstyles gone wrong. Eventually, they find their way to Bellisimos. This is why; we always encourage our customers to prioritize quality over price. We always use the best-branded products and give your dedicated and special attention because we do not believe in taking risks. We do not believe in compromising quality in anything we do.

Moreover, another reason to choose us is that our clients are both men and women. Our hairdressers in Cardiff are familiar with not just the latest in women’s hairstyles, but also men’s hairstyles.

We are open seven days a week, so you can visit us on any day that suits you. We attend to both walk-in and pre-booked customers. You can always call us to check availability and to book an appointment if you want to.

Hairdressing is an Art

For us, hairdressing is not just a profession. It is our passion, and it is an art. Whenever we make your hairstyles or give you the haircut or hair colour, it is about perfection for us. When you come to us, we do not look at you as a customer. We look at you as a person who needs enhancement to bring out your inner beauty. We try to add more to your natural beauty to enhance your features to make you attractive. If you feel your hairstyle is not a good match for your facial features, or if you want a new look for a change, we can handle it professionally and make you a masterpiece. We listen to you, and we consider what you envision as your new hairstyle or looks. Based on our experience we also suggest hairstyles or hair treatments that may benefit you and work even better for you.

When it comes to hair colours, as experts we can tell whether it will make you look good or not. Not all hair colours suit every skin tone. Likewise, some hair colours may not compliment your face cut or body mass. You can trust us to give you the best professional advice. After all, these qualities make us one of the best hairdressers in Cardiff. We are proud to claim this reputation.

Choosing the right hairdressers in Cardiff may seem like a tough choice. We hope that reading the testimonials and reviews by our customers and learning about our services helps you choose us. For more information, feel free to walk-in or contact us. We are always willing to help because you are important to us.

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