Cruelty Free Hairdressers: We Use Vegan Hair Products

Cruelty Free Hairdressers: We Use Vegan Hair Products

At Bellisimos Hair Salon, we are cruelty free hairdressers and recommend vegan hair products. The main ingredients in vegan hair products are either synthetic or plant-derived. As a reputable hair salon in Cardiff, we feel proud to uphold good moral and ethical standards. We ensure that all the hair care products that we use are safe and high quality to use. We look out for animal welfare and are a strictly cruelty free hairdresser.
We recommend KEUNE products because they are generally the best cruelty free products suitable for use for vegans. Moreover, we look at the customer’s needs and order the perfect products for them.

Why Should You Choose Cruelty Free Hairdressers in Cardiff

If you have decided (like numerous others) to commit to a vegan diet and vegan lifestyle, then you must feel responsible to preserve life and the planet. This is why you must choose Bellisimos as your cruelty free hairdresser. We are proud to be advocates of animal cruelty free products. In fact, in Cardiff, we are one of the few hair salons where you can get the best products without feeling guilty.
Vegan beauty started dominating the ethical brands and bathroom shelves. They have taken over the market and offer great hair styling and colouring products. At Bellisimos, we use these products with pride to make sure that our clients look fabulous and feel happy at the end of the day. We remain committed to making you feel great.
We love animals and therefore feel responsible enough to avoid using products that have been tested on animals or use animal extracts in any form. Our clients can rely on us and be sure that we choose only the very best products. We care enough to work towards making an impact on the world.

Benefits of Using Cruelty Free Hair Products

Vegan products comprise of natural vegan ingredients, free of any animal products like cheese, butter, milk, animal fats, and meat). They are safe to use on your hair and skin. Investing in vegan products means you are safe from the harmful effects of animal extracts. The main benefits of using these products include:

Natural Formulations

The best part about using the cruelty free hair products is that they are paraben and ammonia free. The shades are certified to contain organic Argan oil, which makes it a nourishing and extremely gentle hair product. Argan oil contains vitamin E and A in a perfect balance. This protects the hair from harsh external elements. It also contains a coconut base, which protects your scalp from having stains due to the presence of phytokeratin. This is a natural keratin ingredient.

Amazing Potency

All other cruelty free hair products by other brands also give amazing results. When KEUNE made the So Pure colour range, they did not compromise on the quality. The Fashion and Natural shades will lift the colour two to three levels. Applying the So Pure Natural Balance 2000 and 3000 will lift up five levels. Any shade by KEUNE that you use, would offer 100% coverage, which lasts long.

Guilt-Free Indulgence

Vegans can use these products can use them without feeling guilty. There is no animal cruelty and no harm to the planet in any way. Instead, they have sandalwood oils to make the products fragrant and relaxing.

Safe on the skin

If you use KEUNE products, they are gentle on your skin. The vitamin E and A present protect your skin from damage. Likewise, hair products by other brands are also rich in vitamin B, and E.

Thick and healthier hair

Using vegan hair products is good for your hair. The organic oils make the hair thicker and healthier.

Natural ingredients

Vegan products use natural ingredients, comprising mostly of oils and extracts rich in vitamins.

Free of harmful chemicals

Vegan products do not react with your hair and skin. This prevents any chances of reactions and harmful allergies or triggers of eczemas skin inflammation or acne and other skin disorders.

100% free of animal cruelty

Cruelty free beauty products do not use any form of animal cruelty. They are free of collagen, beeswax, honey, gelatine, cholesterol, carmine, and other animal-derived substances.

Minimalistic approach

There is no room for wastage because as advocates of cruelty free products, we use only moderate quantities needed to treat your hair.

Cruelty Free Hair Products We Use and Recommend

Keune So Pure

Life is all about you, and so you must take good care of yourself. It means making conscious choices and knowing what is available as the best product to use. Your hair is your beauty, and so you must use the best hair care products available. You can use the Keune So Pure because it is a paraben-free product, which is also made of pure Sulphate. This shampoo is free from animal-derived ingredients and free of artificial fragrance. For these reasons, as cruelty free hairdressers, we recommend Keune So Pure. It contains certified organic essential oils, aromatic oils, and organic Argan oil. It also has added moisture for protection of the hair, and it adds more shine.

5 Brand New Keune Vegan Range Colours

If you want to use paraben and ammonia-free hair colours, then here are some KEUNE colours we recommend. There are quite many natural hair colours out there but finding pure shades that are cruelty free is tough. As for cruelty free hairdressers, we make sure that we find hair colour products that are organic and good for you and our planet. The new shades we recommend are the creamy blonde shades (Desert Dream), luscious earth tones (Earth Essence), rich mahoganies (Stormy Skies), and fiery reds (Rustic Redwood and Vivid Volcano). Each of these colours is amazing and has a great result.

Other Cruelty Free Hair Products

We use other cruelty free hair product brands depending on what our clients prefer and what is good for their hair. Some renowned brands include Shea, Big, Conscious Skincare, Liz Earle, Honesty Cosmetics, biOrganics, Faith in Nature, Neal’s Yard, Lush, The Body Shop, etc.

Being Cruelty Free Hairdressers is Important to Us

Being one of the leading cruelty free hairdressers in Cardiff is important to us. We have succeeded in making more people aware of the importance of being passionate and dedicated to protecting animals and our planet. Life is precious to us and therefore, we take our cause seriously. We not only use and recommend the best hair products in terms of quality; we make sure they are brands that are completely free of animal cruelty.

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