///Experiencing Cardiff Hair Salon

Experiencing Cardiff Hair Salon

Cardiff Hair Salon Experience

I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my hair. My Hairdresser knows me very well and we have a good relationship. I’d had the same hairdresser for almost eight years. I have no problems traveling for a good haircut and a hairdresser I can trust.Recently I shifted to Cardiff. One question is buzzing in my head is “how could I find a hairdresser just as good, or even better without having to travel so far?” I had to find a new GP, new dentist, so why not a new hairdresser?

After done little research I noticed Bellisimos Hair, opened in the heart of the city center. The salon looked luxurious, and I loved the idea of being able to pop in the center for a haircut and fit it around lunch a bit of shopping.Bellisimos Hair treats me like a VIP, I really appreciated that. As I am confused so I checked the qualifications and experience, they provide all of the paper to me! It’s amazing, isn’t it? After all, you can’t sacrifice quality. Though their sitting is so luxurious the price rate is quite affordable. Also, their customer feedback impressive. You can see it on their website.

I have a feeling for my hairdresser. She touched my hair for the past eight years. I liked how she cut my hair and I had a good rapport with her. However, taking all factors into consideration, without a doubt Bellisimos was obviously the best choice for me.

I make an appointment over the phone and the staff managed to find a slot which was convenient for me. I booked in for a Wednesday afternoon and arranged to have a few cocktails with my friend after. It was shaping up to be a good afternoon!

On arrival, I was greeted by lovely reception at staff who showed me to the waiting area. I was offered coffee and the wait wasn’t too long. In the waiting room, I was sat next to a rather hairy creature – but he wasn’t there for a haircut. He was Ronaldo, the salon’s canine assistant. I love dogs, so imagine my joy when the world’s cutest dog curled up to me for a cuddle. If you’re not a dog person, that’s fine, the staff are more than happy to take him upstairs. For me though, It was a nice touch, and I could tell this was already a hair salon that was different to others.

I was soon taken to have my hair washed. I never usually have my hair washed but I thought I would treat myself.  My hairdresser was called Carla and she was absolutely lovely. I’m quite a shy person so I’m not overly talkative in the chair. However, from the second I sat down, Carla made me feel like I was at home. She was around my age, and conversation was natural and not forced. Provided I was happy with the cut, I could tell she was someone I would feel comfortable with cutting my hair again.

We then moved on to the main seat where I had my hair cut. I had no worries or trouble in communicating the style I wanted. Carla took time to really understand what I wanted. It didn’t feel like the salon were rushing clients in and out. I really appreciated that as you get the impression that some salons overbook or try and squeeze you and the end result suffers as a consequence. Through every step of the haircut, she communicated what she was doing and checked that I was happy.

What I really liked about the experience was that Carla was also very helpful in giving me advice about my hair. She advised me not to use a certain type of hairspray due to a build-up of spray in my hair. Carla told me about a different type of hairspray I could use, but she didn’t do so with the secret intention of selling it to me. She was genuinely offering advice and I really appreciated that. Since switching hairsprays, I’ve noticed the difference!

As for the final result, I was over the moon. I was always happy with my former hairdresser and the way they cut my hair. This time I felt, I’d had my haircut done by a stylist to the stars! I can’t describe or convey the amount of confidence that Bellisimos had given me with this new cut. I walked out with full satisfaction. And wanted to show my new haircut to my friends as soon as possible, they will feel envy me that’s for sure.

My first time at Bellisimos Hair was absolutely wonderful. The staff skill level of the stylists is incredible and honest to God. I could have sat in the chair much longer than I did! Coupled with cocktails after, it was the perfect afternoon out!I need to book an appointment very soon! Their world-class services touch my heart. They are professional and friendly. A big thank you again to Carla and all the staff at Bellisimos. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about changing hairdressers in Cardiff to swap to this salon.

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