Hair Colour Correction

Hair Colour Correction | How to Fix Your Hair Colour Disaster

Using a box dye seems like a quick and economical way to change your colour to whichever one you want. However, sometimes, doing this on your own can cause you to change your hair colour to a wrong one. It could go so wrong that it can be the worse hair dye disaster ever. Sometimes, treating your hair with the wrong kind of hair dye can cause it to ruin the texture of your hair. How can you fix this problem? Your best shot is to get professional hair colour correction by visiting the hair salon. We help you fix all kinds of hair colour disasters without causing further damage to your hair.
Before going on, we would suggest taking hair colour correction before and after photos. It helps you realize what went wrong and appreciate the new colours better. Read on to know how to fix bad hair colour from a salon.

Steps in the Hair Colour Correction Process

Once we evaluate your hair, we can change the colour or improve it by restoring your original colour, removing the disaster colour, or neutralizing it. We use a tried and tested hair colour correction process, involving the use of purple shampoos and toners. These neutralize the hair colour and lighten the share or even change it completely depending on the colour you used. Sometimes we use this process to remove the brassy shade that blond hair colour causes. We can change yellow hues that appear during the hair colour correction process to ashy colour. However, changing the colour to something lighter can take some time.

How Long Does Hair Colour Correction Process Take

It can take weeks and even months. It depends on the extent of the hair colour disaster and on how good you want the results to be. Because it involves using harsh chemicals, the process can prove strenuous on delicate hair. This is why it requires expert supervision and time. You may need 2-3 sittings. We consider many factors, like the condition of the hair, texture, type, and porosity of the hair, permanency of the present dye, and the right toner to use. We refer to the hair colour correction chart to know which toner would be right.

How to Fix Hair Colours Mistakes

If you have made a disastrous orange shade in your hair, which looks brassy and unappealing, it can be your worst nightmare. There is no need to puzzle over how to fix orange hair with box dye. We can terminate this problem with extra care and caution. You need to book a consultation to fix this or walk in and we will help handle it. Here is how to fix the hair colour mistakes of orange shades.
We use the blue tainted shampoo and condition (depending on your hair texture). It banishes the orange or red hue immediately. We then use a branded glossy neutralizer to protect the sheen and prevent hair damage due to excessive dryness. This is how to fix orange hair with box dye quickly.

How to Fix Yellowish Hue

Trying to go blond requires high-maintenance, and if gone wrong, it creates a shabby yellowing tinge, which looks bad. To fix this, you need to know about the Colours Wheel or hair colour correction chart, which says you should use the opposite colour to yellow, which is purple. To fight the yellowish hue, we use and recommend the use of the purple ash toner. It lightens the colour and it creates an evenly distributed ash colour and makes the hair shine better.

How to tone down Hair Colour That Is Too Light

Did your blonde shade go wrong? Now, do you have an ashy blond shade that you do not want? To fix this, we recommend using a cool tone to add some warmth to the shade. We suggest using colours like sun-kissed orange, yellow, or red. However, instead of trying it yourself, it is best to leave the hair dye correction to professionals. We will help and use the right red shad toner or other coloured toners to fix the disaster. As experts, we refer to the hair colour correction chart to know what is best. Even if you understand how to tone down hair colour that is too light, we recommend visiting a hair salon to let experienced professionals handle it.

How to Fix an Ombre Gone Wrong

When Ombre goes wrong it can look horribly wrong. We can help fix this by dying your hair with a darker share. If you have dark background hair, we can apply a semi-permanent hair colour to add a warm-toned shade. If you do not want to colour it darker, we can use a toner to make the harsh lines milder and distribute the Ombre evenly. This correction process requires expertise so you have to visit us.

How to Fix Stripy Highlights

Having hair highlights that went wrong can be a serious embarrassment. You may worry about leaving home or attending meetings with this hair disaster. We can help with this hair colour correction using the base colour of your hair. We make it blend well and soften the highlights.

How to Fix Hair Colour That Is Too Dark

Here is how to fix the hair colour that is too dark nicely and easily. You need a lighter share so we start with bleaching the hair. One sitting will not fix the problem. If you were blond and you turned it darker than expected, we apply a clarifying shampoo for a quick hair colour correction. It takes three washes, which cannot be at once. We can also bleach it and dye it to another lighter shade to tone the new disaster down.

How to fix Patchy Hair Dye

If you have the patchy hair disaster, here is how we help you with fix this. We wash your hair with the best clarifying shampoo and then use the same colour as before but for a shorter leave-in time. As our experts apply it, they make sure they apply it to the parts where the dye did not colour before. Then they apply a darker hair colour to give you an even colour. You may know how to fix patchy hair dye, but only a professional can handle it best.
Before you head to booking an appointment with us, remember to take hair colour correction before and after photos. Let us help you fix the problem.

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