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Best Keratin Treatment at Bellisimos

Best Keratin Treatment at Bellisimos Most women, reportedly Meghan Markle as well, share the secret to smooth, healthy, and shining hair. That secret is finally out and it is keratin treatment. However, where do you get the best keratin treatment in Cardiff to have a celebrity look? What is the keratin treatment and what does it do? There are many mysteries surrounding keratin treatment, so let us explain it a bit. Brazilian Hair Straightening Explained Brazilian Blow Out or Brazilian Hair Straightening is a hair smoothening process that coats the outer layer of the hair temporarily. The result is frizz-free hair, with more shine and a decreased need for blow-drying the hair each time. Unlike the keratin treatment, the Brazilian Blow Out leaves the hair lighter and reduces the volume of the hair. It helps calm the curls, making your hair look a lot better and almost naturally straight. Is the Keratin Straightening Treatment better vs. Brazilian Hair Straightening Most people ask us for a professional opinion on which of these is better. Let us explain the difference so you can decide which one is better for you and your hair type. After [...]

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13 hair care tips by the best hair salon in Cardiff

13 hair care tips by the best hair salon in Cardiff They say that the world is full of fabulous people around and they are right because if you do not have the lifestyle to attract people via charisma, you stand nowhere. Its 21st century where everyone is concerned about fashion, glamour and all the best ways to give one the best look one can have. When we talk about fashion, we talk about clothing, attractive accessories, makeup, and all the ways to give one the desirable look. Have you ever wondered how important is it to have healthy hair? Are you worried about hair fall? Do you have dry hair? Are you facing issues in choosing the right shampoo for yourself? We at Bellisimos, a reputable hair salon in Cardiff, are here to solve all these issues by providing you an insight on how to keep your hair in good shape. Wonderful, sparkling hair is a great achievement. It can allow you to try different hairstyles, to be hued, twisted, spruced up, or smoothed down. Your hair plays a major part in deciding what you look like and see yourself. There are no insider facts to lovely [...]

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Professional HQ Hair Perming in Cardiff

Professional HQ Hair Perming in Cardiff Do you ever wish to wake up with hair that makes you look like a supermodel? Now you do not have to limit this to a dream, you can actually have hair that is bouncy, soft, curly, and frizz-free, right from the moment you awake. What you need is "hair perming." This is a kind of hair treatment that helps set the curl in your hair naturally. The treatment lasts for quite a long time. You can get the best hair perming in Cardiff. What You Need to Know About Hair Perming Right now, curls are the latest trend in fashion. Everyone wants curls, but there are some things to consider. First, the hair texture matters, and then the body of the hair must be normal. A normal hair body means hair that is flat or pin straight. Therefore, before hurrying up to get perms in your hair, here are some things to keep in mind. Perming Explained In simple terms, hair perming is a process where the hairstylist applies chemicals to treat the hair and modify the natural structure of the hair to make it curly or wavy. [...]

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Skin Fade: Important Tips and More

Skin Fade: Important Tips and More Are you looking for a new and trendy men's hairstyle? If yes, then the Skin Fade is something you must explore for a new look. This hairstyle gives you a contemporary and classy look. The year 2018 was when people started looking for ways to look more like celebrities and models. Ever since then, there is a rise in new styles hitting the fashion world. This is why; it is quite a challenge for hairdressers in Cardiff to keep pace with the latest trends. This is why there is a huge variety of Skin Fade styles, which you will learn about, so keep reading. Here are some tips to keep in mind before we explain what a Skin Fade is: Buzz Cut This style may vary in fade length. It is also, what we call a crew cut, and suits people with a symmetrical, round, or square face cut. Mostly, men with dark hair look better with the buzz cut. Men with blond hair often look shorter than their actual height. Therefore, it is a style ideal for dark-haired men. Fringes The latest trend in fringes is for broken-up, textured, and shorter fringes. [...]

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AVEDA, KEUNE, and RedKen – Hair Products

AVEDA, KEUNE, and RedKen Introduction: Do you know the US government approved around 10,500 ingredients for personal care uses? But only 11% of them have been documented as safe for mass use. And banned 10 ingredients. On the other hand, the European Union banned more than 1,110 products due to linked to birth defects, cancer or reproductive issues. To avoid this risk and obtain the best safe products you have to take advice from specialist one. Bellisimos Hair has the professional team, if you need, you can make an appointment, they help you to take the right products and make you feel better. Benefits of Using Professional Hair Products When you need proper hair care such as exceptional treatments and premium service, besides getting the regular trims, fresh colors, you have to go to a Beauty salon. Here you find the professionals, who are capable to give you the right treatment and advice to buy the best products. Because there are a lot of products available on the market. But to find the perfect one according to your need that suits your hair or skin are not an easy task. Here you get [...]

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History of Hairdressing

The History of Hairdressing Hairdressing has been the art of styling hair or modifying it to a stylist condition. Hairdressing has been a significant part of men’s and women’s attire since ancient times and it can carry a different meaning. So since then, there is some difference between the common man and royal blood. From the early civilization, humankind struggled with unwanted hair. As hair continually grew, and regular styling and trimming weren’t available to make them look beautiful and attractive. Let's Know Some Interesting Facts During the Neanderthal: In that period male put feathers, bones and other items in their hair. Do you know why? This was to impress the ladies, and it also shows their courage. During the Roman period: They considered hair as a way to express their social status. At that time the seniors hoped to extend long hair to show their ambition. Hairdressing was also practiced to reflect personalities, social status, and even religion. For example Monks have shaven their head in many rituals. In the early era of Muslims, Males used to grow long hair too. During the mourning time, Egyptians used to grow their hair while [...]

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Bowl Cut Cardiff

Bowl Cut Cardiff You want to keep your hair looking good at all times, right? If so, a bowl cut can do the job pretty well. This hairstyle keeping you looking awesome. It has the power that is feel you unique. We are going to talk about what a Bowl Cut Cardiff can do for you so you can get the most out of it as soon as possible. You can know about the history of the bowl cut along with some amazing things you can do to keep it looking great. So keep reading until the end. Retro Style The famous bowl cut style is also a little retro. But you will truly look good and feel comfortable when you have that. You will also find a wide array of variations and interpretations for this hairstyle from the different viewpoint. It can give you a page-boy inspired look if you want to by leaving some length at your back. Also, you can shorten things up if you need to on the front end right away. And this has to be done a little bit closer to your face too. There are so [...]

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Hair Studio Cardiff

Hair Studio Cardiff Bellisimos Hair Studio Cardiff is one of the most outstanding hairdresser Salons in Cardiff city. As an institution that acknowledges beauty, we always try the best to ensure provide high-quality service to our loyal clients. We believe in prioritizing the needs of our customers and always there to serve you. Don’t encourage people to cut their hair because we are there to enhance their natural beauty with our elegant and world-class hair salon. Our years of expertise in hair salon has allowed us to work closely with our clients. We provide excellence to ensure we meet the expectations of our clients. We expect nothing less than Champagne Experience’’ with our customers. Our hair salon is located inside Wyndham Arcade of Cardiff that was founded in 1837. This building is full of life and character and its energetic, classy feeling is directly transferred to our members of staff and services. The good thing about this place is that you will be able to get a wide range of shops and restaurants to tour prior to or after we hairdressing your hair. You can also get an opportunity to eat in a restaurant near us when you feel [...]

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Curly Hair Cardiff

Curly Hair Cardiff Curly Hair Cardiff Curly and wavy hair has long been associated with many positive qualities like funny, romantic, flirtatious, spontaneous and elegant, are the name of few.Curly hair reflected in all its glory resonates again and again. Wavy hair can be a beautiful asset, but it takes years to find out which products, styles, and services are best suited to us. Some curly hair tends to be more than most, some have bigger curls and are softer, and both require different techniques. When choosing products and services for your hair, remember about the guide: It’s time to look at the best 7 hairstyles that are a great choice for curly hair. One of the main advantages is that long layers can make the round faceless thin. Because the layers are long in the foreground, you will not have any problems with braids that do not blend or reflect around the face. Never let your back go wild and mad. To get curly hair, you can use gel for heating and moisture, while the hair uses your fingers and uses the diffuser on the dryer. This techniques, prevent the different causes of hair loss in women. [...]

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Hairdressers Cardiff

Are you looking for the best Hairdressers in Cardiff? Finding the right hairstylist is not an easy task. Once you embark on the actual search, it turns out to be a daunting experience overall. There are countless hairdressers in Cardiff City, but you cannot trust all of them. You need to explore the market meticulously to find a guru in the field. This would mean going place to place, interacting with the hairdressers, checking out the salons, and asking questions that mean a lot to you. We are relatively new in the Cardiff market, but we possess unmatched skills that make us stand out from the crowd. These expert and respectable qualities make us the best hairdressers in Cardiff City Centre. This is why we feel proud to tell people that our customers have great reviews for us. We believe that to succeed as a hairdresser, the ability to listen to the clients i.e. what his or his expectations are is a must-have. In fact, we are ready to listen in many ways. Before touching your hair, we check its health, evaluate how much more treatment it can withstand. After that, we discuss the approach we think is best [...]

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