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Hairdressers Cardiff Near Premier Inn

Hairdressers in Cardiff near Premier Inn Cardiff is one of the most interesting cities you can visit in Europe. It is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the UK. With its mix of cultures and traditions, and the huge range of things you can do here, you will not be bored if you decide to stay a few days here soaking up the vibe and exploring around. But if you're planning to stay in the city for a while, or you are actually living here, you will probably need to know more about it than just where the touristic spots are. When you arrive to a new place, there are some services that you have to be able to find and that can be a huge source of frustration until you actually do it. One of the most important ones is to find some good hairdressers. When you are in your own city, you normally go to the same hairdressers all the time. They know you, they understand exactly what you're looking for, and hence they can create the perfect hairstyle for you without any problem. However, when you are in a different [...]

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Hairdressers Cardiff Near Hilton Hotel

Hairdressers in Cardiff Near the Hilton Hotel When you need to choose a hair dressers in Cardiff City, when staying at the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff. You need a hair dresser that will reflect your personality and charm, and express that through the means of your hair. With the end goal to enable you to be the best hair dresser not far from the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff City we choose to be: a high end salon, with expert stylists and amazing hair products to give your hair its best potential look and feeling. When staying at the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff, you would like to attend a salon that is also within the City of Cardiff. We share the city with many hotels and are proud to call ourselves the best at what we do. You expect to have a short distance to travel. Which in this case the Hilton Hotel stands 0.5 miles away from our front door. By foot this will be a nine minute journey. You cut straight through the beautiful city centre before arriving to our luxury salon. Where you will be greeted with a smile and a tall [...]

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Hairdressers Cardiff Near Travelodge

Hairdressers in Cardiff Near Travelodge Hotel Nowadays cities are full of beauty salons, barbershops, hairdressers etc. Each person has his or her own idea of beauty but the majority will agree that well-groomed hair, healthy skin, and manicure are the first steps towards perfection. That is why today both women and men, striving to succeed and to conciliate other people, care for themselves and regularly make cosmetic procedures, verify the state of their hands and go to the hairdresser. And they help them in this important and responsible business experienced craftsmen. Working in the field of beauty for many years, and who are aware of the latest fashion trends. You can find such specialists in the hair salon "Bellisimos" who is always glad to each visitor and ready to fulfil any wish. The Hair dressers Bellisimos is one of the prestigious and highly- demanded salons in Cardiff. There are many advantages which prove its status. The salon is notable by its location, situated at the Cardiff Centre. So if you stay in one of the hotels in this area, you will manage to doll up even not going far from the centre. Everything is in [...]

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Hairdressers Cardiff with Student Discount

Hairdressers with Student Discount We pride ourselves on being the best hairdressers in Cardiff city. We are now happy to announce that we are offering student discount. (Subject to availability) Our student discounts vary, check our prices page to receive more information. So if you're a student studying in the city of Cardiff, come on down to receive your discount at our beautiful hairdressers. With proof, such as a student ID you can receive amazing discounts on your next visit to the salon. We have a variety of hair care products available such as Keune, Redken and kerastase to make your hair look and feel its best. The Experience Enjoy our beautiful hair salon accompanied with a free complimentary glass of champagne, Prosecco or herbal cup of tea. You will feel like royalty in our one of a kind hairdressers. Experience a salon like no other at Bellisimos Hair.  You're in safe hands with our expert stylist at hand. Listening carefully to your every request to get your desired style, colour or cut. Feel free to bring images with you to help assist the stylists to ensure they [...]

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Dreadlocks in Cardiff

Dreadlocks Cardiff Would you like to give your Locs another look? All things considered, is that it is getting a little hotter this is certainly the best time for you to attempt a few dreadlocks updo styles! Dreadlocks are favoured by numerous individuals nowadays. This is basically in light of the fact that they are cool, extraordinary and a level out promise to a noteworthy hairdo. In the event that you yourself have dreadlocks. One of your fundamental concerns is the manner in which you will wear them each and every day. Be that as it may. As a general rule, there is extremely no requirement for you to stress. In light of the fact that the conceivable outcomes of accomplishing something cunning with your dreadlocks are interminable. With your creative ability being as far as possible. It just goes to state there are boundless selections of dreadlocks updo styles that you can attempt. The Dreadlocks updo styles are performed by isolating the hair into areas. tying up the side strands of your hair, and uniting them. At that point conveying the back of your strands to the front and integrating them to make a [...]

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Beard Trim

Bellisimos Beard Trim Finding a trusted hairdresser is a hard task. Let alone having to find a trusted barber. Mens beards are very important to most men. Especially when it comes to trimming them and grooming. Men can spend minutes even hours in the mirror trying the get their beards symmetrical. It would be wonderful if there was somewhere where there were expert barbers who could trim and groom beards to perfection. Get your beard trim at Bellisimos Hair. Bellisimos Hair hire only the best hairdressers and barbers to groom you and your beard and make you look amazing. We are a trusted hair salon in Cardiff with many returning clients who love how their hair looks and feels. Bellisimos Hair offer each person who has an appointment a complementary glass of Champagne or Whiskey. You can expect this to be an experience like no other when it comes to our barbers. Can you sit back and relax as you can trust your hair is in safe hands. Our barbers listen carefully to your every need to make sure you get the cut you desire. [...]

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Vegan Hairdressers

Vegan Hairdressers | Bellisimos Hair Nothing feels great like getting the value for your hard earned cash when buying a product or getting a service. When it comes to hairdressing, the value you are probably looking for is great quality service and amazing results for your hair thereafter. You want to come out of that salon feeling uniquely beautiful and elegant. There is no better place to get all these than in the Bellisimos Hair Salon. We are located at the centre, of Cardiff City, in the beautifully designed Cardiff's Wyndham Arcade. This location is not meant just to serve the purpose of a strategic location for business. It gives you an experience like no other as you get to enjoy what this building has to offer when you visit. The building has so much to offer therefore, you do not need to worry about you are going to do after your hairdressing is done. This is to say that Bellisimos Hair Salon is geared entirely towards customer happiness and satisfaction. Vegan Hairdressers Experience When we say we want to make you happy, we mean it. With beautifully [...]

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Hairdressers Near Cardiff Central

Hairdressers near Cardiff Central A Haircut is indeed a very big requirement for a person’s styling. A person requires a haircut which suits his/her personality so they can they look unique and different. It is the first basic thing a person expects when visiting a hairdressers. But you cannot go and have a haircut from any roadside place. To get a perfect and unique look, you need to find the perfect place. And more importantly, the place should have top-notch hairdressers who are irreplaceable and could provide you with a haircut which would suit you and your personality. If you are in need of hairdressers then you have come to the right place. You wouldn’t be able to find a place better than this. Bellisimos hair salon is the best hairdressers in Cardiff City. Why is Bellisimos the Best Hair Salon? The first basic thing a person would see is the place’s locality and the distance they have to travel to reach there. The hairdressers in Bellisimos Salon are the closest to Cardiff Central Train Station in Cardiff City. This is the biggest benefit a person would get by getting [...]

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Choosing A Hair Salon In Cardiff

Hair Salons in Cardiff Beauty and hair fashioners have been around for a long time. They don't really need to be popular; they could just be somebody who was seen on TV, or it very well may be an adorable style that was seen on someone else. In some ways, hair designers make an immaculate new hairstyle. To end up a hair fashioner accepts long stretches of preparing and additionally diligent work and assurance; the endless learning of new hair configuration school that will set one up for the state exam. Hair is the most effectively changed physical element of the human body. Since ancient occasions, individuals have trimmed, interlaced, and colored their hair and transformed it on different routes too. Proficient hairdressers originally ended up basic amid the 1700's. Today, most ladies and men rely upon hairdressers for such administrations as trimming, shading, rectifying, and perpetual waving. Hairdressers are otherwise called beauticians, excellence administrators, cosmetologists, and hairdressers. In Cardiff, the UK you will find a wide range of salon of hairdressers Cardiff which includes; • Bellisimos Hair • Lazarou Hair • Bauhaus hair • Guy Christian The Best Hair Salon In Cardiff [...]

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Hair Straightening in Cardiff

Hair Straightening Treatment The hairdresser is located in Cardiff City South Wales, offering people a variety of beautiful hair care and styling treatments. The treatment am addressing is hair straightening treatment. We aim at providing the clients with the best hair straightening treatment that keeps the nature of the hair to remain natural. Most people fear hair straightening because of a belief that their hair might fall off and reduce the quality of their hair, but it’s totally a myth. It takes quite an effort to provide excellent services to ensure the good results in that kind. Finding the best hairdresser is never easy. Many times when people are looking for nice places to get their hair dressed in a good manner, what they meet is disappointment which is contrary to their wish. Specifically when it comes to hair straightening tasks. That’s why there is an alternative provision of clients with knowledge of hairdresser’s certifications, specialisation and qualification. Despite the kind of service you would like to be done to your hair we believe that it’s possible. Beautiful, Shining and Straight Hair Why people need to straighten [...]

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