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Best Hairdressers Cardiff

Best Hairdressers Cardiff A great hairstyle can give you confidence when you go among the audience. If you plan to participate in a particular job or program, then your best option is to get a hairstyle with the help of a professional hairdresser in Cardiff. The hairdressers will make your hair and give it an appearance that suits your face and personality. As there are many options in the market, finding a good stylist can be a daunting task. Although you can find some of those things that give you great style, it can be very expensive. On the other hand, you will also find some that offer their services at reasonable prices. However, when it comes to looking good in style and in your budget, Bellisimos Hair is the best hairdressers in Cardiff. Best Hair at the Best Hairdressers It is a well-known fact that a great hairstyle encounters personal attraction, in addition to looking at a person. Apart from this, you can also add to the beauty of your normal suit. The appearance of your hair can also talk about your personality and self-esteem. This is the reason why the proper care [...]

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Cardiff Toy Appeal

St David’s Toy Appeal Capital FM presents the toy appeal by St Davids Cardiff. All over December people and businesses have been working together to make a real different for children in South Wales this Christmas. As we are a business in Cardiff we were privileged to take part in this wonderful opportunity. What is the Toy Appeal? Toy appeal is where people, businesses or schools buy toys for different aged children, ranging from one year olds, all the way up to teenagers. The toys are then kindly donated at the appropriate donation station where the toys are counter for. This year St Davids raised an incredible 13,250 toys. Making this year the biggest Toy Appeal yet. The toys are then sent to charities who then give them to underprivileged children. The appeal, first launched in 2015, has seen the generosity of shoppers donate around 25,000 gifts so far. This year, more than 20 charities will benefit from the Toy Appeal campaign, making it the biggest year yet. The Charities More than twenty charities helped to make this years Christmas toy appeal happen. [...]

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Ombre Cardiff

Ombre Hair in Cardiff Hair Colouring is a popular thing these days with many using the process to mainly cover grey hairs. Repair hair colour which has been damaged or even to go along with a fashion style. Ombre is a hair colouring application which can be done by oneself or by hairdressers that involves the blending of colour hues in which the crown of the head is tinted dark while the other parts of the hair down to the tip is tinted light. How did Ombre Hair Colouring Technique become Popular? It is believed that pop star, Britney Spears, made it popular in the early 2000. When she tinted her hair dark at the roots and finished light at the tip of the hair. The style has since then been adopted by a host of other celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Beyoncé, Nicole Kidman and even actors like Jared Leto is known for applying the ombre technique to his hair. The Ombre technique is however, not exclusive to hair industry. Lately, the technique has been adopted by other beauty facets like the nail arts and makeups and even [...]

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Great Hairdressers in Cardiff

Visit Great Hairdressers in Cardiff City Bellisimos hair salon located in Cardiff city offers the best hair treatment. Don’t miss a chance to be the envied friend. Bellisimos has the best hair stylists to work with any type of hair and produce great results. The experience you will get when you visit this salon is like no other. They offer cost effective services that you will not find in another salon in Cardiff city. Reasons Why You Should Visit Bellisimos Hair Location The salon is located right in the heart of Cardiff City. There are shops and restaurants around the salon. It’s inside Wyndham arcade in Cardiff. There are plenty of things to do inside of the arcade including getting your hair done. The salon can be easily located and for first timers, so it won’t be a task. Best Experience In a salon you need to relax, interact and pop champagne. Bellisimos offers all of that and a bonus. Every visit at Bellismos gets you a glass of champagne as you read your magazine and talk to beautiful and amazing people. Sit back in our crystal [...]

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Hairdressers near Cardiff Bay

Hairdressers near Cardiff Bay The beautiful place of Cardiff Bay offers many different attractions for locals and visitors. The options are endless to entertain ourselves, from traditional areas to outstanding landscapes. However, there is a place that you might find excellent for getting a royal treatment where you can count on the best customer service dedicated to pampering you while you receive the most qualified hair treatment worthy of royalty. If you are in Cardiff Bay, for only a 10 minute walk. You will be able to attend the best hairdressers place. We promise you the short walk is worth every single step since Bellisimos Hair Salon provides you with the ultimate service in hairstyles. Bellisimos Hair is home of the best hairdressers in all of Cardiff. With provable experience and credentials that will assure the most outstanding results for your dreamed look. Treat yourself with an unforgettable experience and go to Bellisimos Hair Salon. Enjoy its surroundings while you wait for your appointment. You may have something delicious to eat since the salon is near wonderful food restaurants and cafes where you will be able to select anything that would satisfy your palate. We promise [...]

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Hairdressers Cardiff Near Hayes Apartments

Hairdressers in Cardiff Near Hayes Apartments Nowadays, people are more attracted towards hair salon because of the facilities and the services provided by them. In the past, they are most often used by the women but now men also attend salons to keep up with the trending fashion. Hairdressers Cardiff You can find numbers of salons in Cardiff City. It can be very difficult for you to choose the best hair salon. Some salon provide you with the high-end facilities. That will not able to satisfy the needs or the requirement of the customers. There may be a chance for damaging your style. Therefore, it is advisable to attend Bellisimos Hair, a trusted hairdressers in Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff near Hayes Apartments for safe hairdressing services. Experience Hairdressers in Wyndham Arcade Cardiff. Bellisimos Hair hire only the highest experienced, qualified and trained hairdressers for providing the hairdressing experience you deserve. With a collective of over ten years of hairdressing experience among the stylists. Our expert stylists will pamper your every need to ensure your requests are fulfilled. As you sit in our luxury salon you will [...]

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Hair and Beauty Cardiff

Hair and Beauty Cardiff We are currently living in a vanguard period in which everything happens so fast. In that capacity, in our effort to keep abreast of the requests of this accelerated world, in general, we will support different tensions. In this way, it is basic that we reserve a few minutes to disconnect, take things gradually and appreciate life from time to time. An incredible approach to disconnect is to visit a nearby beauty salon and hairdresser in Cardiff. Where you will be pampered and overlook any inconvenience you may have. You can explore a variety of accessible treatments and take advantage of the benefits each treatment brings. Beauty Treatments 1. Hair Styling When it comes to your hair, you want only the best. Thats why we offer the best haircare and treatments in Cardiff City. Be pampered in our luxurious salon whilst sipping on a tall glass of something bubbley. With a choice of beauty stylist to help get the finished look you desire. 2. Make-Up Our expert beauty consultant will be able to make you look glamorous, with the right shading and make [...]

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Affordable Hairdressers Cardiff

Most Affordable Hairdressers in Cardiff Hairdressing is an art that involves cutting or styling hair in such a way that a person’s image is enhanced or maintained. To achieve the intended look, a combination of hair texturing, haircutting and hair colouring techniques have to be utilised. To receive hairdressing services, all a person has to do is pay the salon a visit. However, achieving the perfect image that suits you will necessitate you to look further than just a simple salon. You will need to find experienced hairdressers that have learned about hairdressing and have perfected the art over the years. The hair is the crowning glory for any woman and one that is not perfectly done is like a cake without the icing. That is the reason why many women visit several salons before they arrive at one that answers to their hairdressing needs in a spectacular fashion. Finding the perfect salon is not as easy as one might think since there are a lot of things to consider before you can settle for one. What to Look For in a Salon When choosing a salon, [...]

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Hairdressers Cardiff near St Davids

Who We Are Bellisimos Hair Salon welcomes you to the Champagne Experience. Our salon brings you the service we believe our customers not only need, but also truly deserve. We pride ourselves in providing anyone who comes through our door. With all the comfort, delight and best care available in the world for men and women alike. At Bellisimos, we wish to make every second you spend with us magical and luxurious. A precious moment of the day when you can simply be, relaxed and enjoy while you allow our experts to care for you and your hair in a meticulous and devoted fashion, with the absolute finest product lines and nothing short of the friendliest of smiles. Where To Find Us Located inside Cardiff’s Wyndham Arcade, within a short and convenient walking distance from St. Davids, you will find our salon surrounded by a lovely array of bars, restaurants and shops that in still the city with life, energy and beauty. More than presenting itself as being one of a kind, Bellisimos’ location is sure to capture the admiration and fondness of anyone who walks by our charming, elegant and vibrant [...]

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Hairdressers Cardiff near Marriott Hotel

Bellisimos Hair Bellisimos Hair is Cardiffs finest hair salon. You can expect to be pampered like royalty on every visit. Our exclusive hair salon will make you feel like your a VIP, with a choice of fine champagnes and nibbles to indulge yourself with. All under the supervision of an expert stylist, who will cater to your hair to get it looking and feeling its very best. We can guarantee flawless results every time you visit. What Wo We Have To Offer We have a wide range of beauty treatments available to suit all hair types. We offer many colouring techniques, hair extensions, hair cuts, olaplex care and more beauty treatments. Working hard to achieve the best results for you. Ensuring you leave our salon looking and feeling your very best. With a choice of male and female treatments we cater too all. Sit back and relax and let the experts do what they do best. You will never want to leave once in Bellisimos Hair. Hairdressers near Hotels There are many hairdressers near Bellisimos Hair, Clayton Hotel, Travelodge and the Marriott Hotel. Bellisimos [...]

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