///Hairdressers Cardiff near St Davids

Hairdressers Cardiff near St Davids

Who We Are

Bellisimos Hair Salon welcomes you to the Champagne Experience.
Our salon brings you the service we believe our customers not only need, but also truly deserve. We pride ourselves in providing anyone who comes through our door. With all the comfort, delight and best care available in the world for men and women alike.

At Bellisimos, we wish to make every second you spend with us magical and luxurious. A precious moment of the day when you can simply be, relaxed and enjoy while you allow our experts to care for you and your hair in a meticulous and devoted fashion, with the absolute finest product lines and nothing short of the friendliest of smiles.

Where To Find Us

Located inside Cardiff’s Wyndham Arcade, within a short and convenient walking distance from St. Davids, you will find our salon surrounded by a lovely array of bars, restaurants and shops that in still the city with life, energy and beauty. More than presenting itself as being one of a kind, Bellisimos’ location is sure to capture the admiration and fondness of anyone who walks by our charming, elegant and vibrant building, where customer satisfaction is guaranteed and excellence is the word to live by.

If you are searching for the perfect union between useful and pleasant, then look no further than our location. Walk into Bellisimos Hair Salon to get the perfect care and treatment for your hair and showcase your new self throughout the heart of Cardiff, over drinks with your friends.

Hairdressers Cardiff near St Davids

What To Expect

It’s not enough to say we are the best.

There is truth in our words, but most importantly, there is worth in our actions and in the belief that drives our everyday work – the belief that our customers deserve nothing but excellence, from the moment they walk through our doors up until the moment they leave.

As soon as you come into Bellisimos Hair Salon. You will be enveloped by a calm, harmonious feeling while our staff gently greets you with a smile and pampers you with anything you may desire. With a crisp glass of champagne to a warm cup of coffee or tea.
Here at Bellisimos, we never want our customers to forget they are our priority. Our greatest wish is to have them feel like their best possible self. Keeping this in mind, we employ only certified experts, gifted with all the knowledge necessary to provide you with the perfect care, upheld to the highest standards. Our top notch service is also guaranteed through the use of the most exclusive brands available in the market. From Kérastase, to Keune and Redken. We make sure our experts are equipped with nothing but the finest products to ensure our customers see outstanding results.

Bellisimos Hair

One of the things we’re most proud of at Bellisimos is the vast service offering we provide, for both men and women.

Ladies can be sure to find anything from cut and finishing, styling, colouring and dip-dying to extensions, perming and hair treatments. Whether you are looking for a simple blow dry and curling to attend a wedding. Or to completely re-invent your look with a bold new colour and perm. Bellisimos will tend to anything your heart desires. No matter how straightforward or complex the task. You may rest assured that it will always be carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail. Leaving you to feel fresh, beautiful and ready to take on the world.

With our state of the art barber services, gentlemen will also feel like royalty. Beyond the standard cutting, shaving and colouring, you will find all kinds of grooming for your hair and beard as well. Maybe you feel like taking your look to the next level with statement highlights or redesign your beard to fit your new lifestyle. Either way, and whichever direction you decide to go on. Our expert barbers are ready to fulfil your request and deliver the highest quality service.

Remember, our salon is here to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Bellisimos is founded upon the conviction that all things must be done with devotion. Always keeping you, our customer and the core of our business, in mind. Prepared at every turn to help you release your inner beauty.

And so, Bellisimos Hair Salon welcomes you to the Champagne Experience.

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