///Hairdressers Cardiff Near Travelodge

Hairdressers Cardiff Near Travelodge

Hairdressers Cardiff Near Travelodge

You will find thousands of beauty salons, barbershops, hairdressers, etc. beside on the walking street. But all are not capable of provides high-quality services. We know Each person has his or her own idea of beauty. You should agree that well-groomed hair, healthy skin, and manicure are the first steps towards perfection.

That is why today both women and men, striving to succeed and use varieties of cosmetic products, regularly go to the hairdresser. As they working in the field of beauty for many years, and aware of the latest fashion trends. They give them proper instructions and solution. And so our employee has the certificate and all the necessary knowledge to serve you. You can find such specialists in the hair salon “Bellisimos” who is always glad to each visitor and ready to fulfill any wish.Bellisimos is one of the prestigious and highly- demanded salons, is situated at the Cardiff Centre. There are many advantages which prove its status. So if you stay in one of the hotels in this area, you can easily find us. And know more about our services by visiting our website or just make a phone call.You don’t even need to spend money on a taxi. Our salon is in the pedestrian availability from Travelodge Hotel. It is one of the nicest hotels in this area in the heart of Cardiff Centre. Besides, the best shopping area is also there so it is the best place for tourists to spend time.

Hairdressers Cardiff Near Travelodge

Why go to Bellisimos Hair?

We like to improve our services and so we constantly visiting expensive foreign seminars. By the help of this, we have the knowledge about the latest technology, health issue, etc.You can notice that the novelties in the world of cosmetology and hairdressing are appearing in Bellisimos Hair Salon to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.The salon is distinguished by expensive furnish of a premise, the best equipment, and cosmetic means are used the only luxury.

Enjoying our Treatments

We have a group of a professional expert in a specific sector. All the tasks will be performed by our beauty masters.The first group includes a haircut and styling expert. They are expert in Aligning tips, creating a new hairstyle, performing extraordinary styling-in the solution of all these tasks.One of the hot favorite services is “Hot Scissors”. You can take that service if you are wanted to attend a party or other celebrations. It has a therapeutic effect.We offer the services of highly-qualified hairdresser stylist-makeup artist. The master was trained in the courses of stylistics and makeup to give a high-end result on a short period of time. The Hairdresser-Stylist will help the client to determine the image and choose the haircut or the color of hair that will definitely make the person stylish, catchy and beautiful. They will help you to turn a dream into reality!

More Information

The second group is a specialist on Colorist. They are a master, improving hair by coloring. This kind of hairdressing services, it professionally approaches to a choice of hair color determines the intensity of a shade which will fit accordingly your personality and body shape.Our expert will optimum variant simultaneously ensuring not damaging hair. You can change your image by squaring curly hair, by coloring them or by passing the lamination procedure.More and more popularity is now gaining such kind of hairdressing services as keratin straightening of hair. After this procedure, even curly hair becomes smooth, soft and straight. In many ways, the result of hair straightening depends on the professional level of the master. Never forget that.

After receiving that kind of services is in a short time the appearance of hair changes dramatically. They are obedient, soft and silky. Our hair is mostly composed of keratin, a natural protein that has unique properties. It prevents hair damage, dryness, keeping and maintaining the natural balance.The third group consists of hairdressing services, which are therapeutic and based on natural preparations. Damage and deterioration of the hair can be as a result of the presence of disease or malnutrition. The types of services rendered by hairdressers, aimed at elimination of hair loss help to stop the process and accelerate the growth of hair.

Modern treatment of hair loss means stopping the loss and activating their growth. It is also one of the types of hairdressing services aimed at treatment of hair by moistening, feeding and giving them shine. Special tools for this procedure contain a large number of nutrients. Bad-looking hair becomes strong, elastic and shiny.

So why you are waiting for?

Booked a consulting appointment today. And express your real beauty.

Our Stylists

Our Stylists Masters will give your hair an incredibly beautiful and healthy look. The therapeutic effect extends to the whole head, eliminating the problems.so the procedure reflects as shiny, smooth and beautiful hair. Spa treatment is a real gimmick of cosmetology which helps to cure hair and restore its structure. Special cosmetic preparations will fill the irregularities of each hair, thereby treating the damaged areas so effectively.As a result, your hair becomes incredible shiny, silky, stronger and more elastic.

Come to our salon and create your best image!

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