///Hairdressers Open All Week

Hairdressers Open All Week

Cardiff Hairdressers Open All Week

We all have a tight schedule that is hard to break. Because of work commitments, family commitments, social engagements all combine to create a monthly calendar. So finding the time to just look after yourself becomes near impossible.Hair is a very important part of our life and it needs to be kept in the best ways possible. It gives us confidence and helps us to express yourself the way we want. Cardiff has the best hairdressers and that help you get a good look for your party and work dressing.You finally find a spot in your schedule where you can just be you. A day to relax and maybe pamper. Maybe you find the upsetting news that they’re not open. The one day you have, and it’s just not the right fit.In that case, if you choose us you are never facing that kind of problem. We are delighted to broaden our opening times to suit your diary. We are open in the heart of Cardiff seven days a week.

The Champagne Experience Every Day

We are always prepared to welcome you with a warm greeting. In every visit, we like to offer you a full glass of Champagne. If you don’t like it, don’t worry we have plenty of option to offer you like tea, coffee etc.The sitting is pretty awesome. You feel the dedication and royalty at every visit. This is the place where you can relax and get high-quality services. Our staff is professional with lots of experience. They have all the expertise to provide you a VIP experience. We provide an exquisite moment away from it all in the timeless surroundings of Cardiff’s Wyndham Arcade. Now it is available every day of the week!

Bringing the Best Stylists

As we making the decision to open our doors throughout the week. We knew it well that we would have to increase our list of expert hairdressers and stylists to accommodate the work. And so we are proud to work with some of the finest hairdressing talents in Wales.We have dedicated hair artists with a wide range of passions, who are ready to use their skills to impress you. They also have the necessary certificate and if you want can check it. We have participated in a world class workshop and seminar to increase the latest knowledge and enrich the experience. So there is nothing to worry about. They are very friendly mind like to communicate the client politely to know what your heart desire. And gives the best hairstyle that you want.

Daily Care

Bellisimos Hair salon is open 7 days a week. We know that hair must be cared for. Extending beyond our walls, we want you to be able to maintain your style and luscious vibrancy for as long as possible.Our expert team ensures safety and so use the finest products to keep your hair looking fresh and new. You will notice the difference between the performance of the products. After washing, after sleeping even after a long session at the gym! Maintaining your hair is important to us and we are here every day to help with the daily grind.We use world best products such as Redken, Kerastase, and Keune. We want your hair to experience the finest care every day. We love that you feel pampered while you are here. Even if it’s only during the fifteen minutes of a refreshing shower. Giving yourself a regular luxury can make all the difference between a stressful day and a relaxing dream.We have the array of these products. If you need, you can collect. Also if you want our expert can help you to find the best-suited products for you. We believe that your hair deserves to feel bright every day.

Finest Cardiff Hairdressing Service Every Day

Location is a key factor for you because it saves time. Bellisimos Hair is located in the heart of Cardiff City Centre. In a stunning building, steeped in rich history and with a quaint touch that manages to exude a sense of old-worldliness coupled with a modern vibrancy. If you have all kind of royalty services at the walking distance, why you bother to travel a long distance.Once you settle into our comfortable chairs, the outside world becomes nothing more than a shimmer of memory. Champagne, the smell of delicate perfumes and the drifting delight that comes with being cared for – any day of the week.We are open seven days a week because we believe what we are doing is important. Taking away the stress of contemporary living and allowing you to leave a revitalized person can sometimes feel like magic.

Come and Experience Bellisimos Hair

If you have some time or just passing through us make a special visit to our salon, no matter which day it is! You will receive a warm welcome and we will be there to accommodate your every hair-related need. From a quick cut-and-blow-dry to an extensive revitalization of your hair which takes all day. We also undertake any hairdressing projects and turn it into a memorable experience like birthday party, wedding ceremony, etc.

At the end of the day, when you will walk away from our salon and return to your life renewed. You will get a fantastic hairstyle that stays with you. We guarantee it will be something that fits your need precisely. It’s a clean professional cut for the top of corporate life or a flamboyant display of beauty for your special day.We look forward to your visit, no matter what day of the week. At Bellisimos Hair, every day is special – from Monday to Sunday and around again.

Hairdressers Open All Week
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