Hot Towel Shave

What is it? It is the traditional way of face shaving. It provides an exotic experience that feels immensely relaxing, is effective and gives a close and clean shave.

Salon service: A proper shave at the barbershop is what many men consider as one of the finest things in life. A hot towel have at the salon provides a luxury experience that helps men achieve a refined and clean appearance.

The barber will start with a moist towel from the steaming appliance and place it over the clients face. The steam will open up the pores, soften the hair and prepare the skin for shaving.

If the clients beard is long, the barber will work some beard oil onto the hair using fingers to make the skin soft and pliable.

After preparing the skin, the barber will lather some shaving cream or gel in a bowl and apply the lathered cream or gel on to the clients face and apply another hot towel.

The barber will use a straight or a cut-throat razor and shave along the same direction as the hair grows insuring the cleanest possible shave.

After shaving the barber will apply another hot towel and follow it up with a cold towel to close up the pores and leave the skin looking fresh and tight.

Hot Towel Shave at Home: We can get this relaxing shaving experience at the comfort of our home!

We will need:

  1. A Towel or Washcloth
  2. Essential Oil
  3. Hot Water
  4. Razor


To begin, we need an old bathroom hand towel or washcloth. Then we pick up the essential oil of our choice, most men prefer lavender, eucalyptus, or sandalwood and apply a few drops to the dry towel. Now it’s time to heat up the towel. There are several ways to doing this, one is by simply running it under the hot water from the faucet, or we can make the towel slightly damp and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Another way is to pour some hot water into the towel from the teapot. Once the cloth is at a suitable temperature to touch, we should wring the towel and place it over the face and keep it anywhere from 10-30 seconds and done! We can now resume with our normal shaving routine.


  1. It promotes better circulation.
  2. It results in better hair growth.
  3. It opens up the pores making the skin soft and smooth and makes shaving easier.
  4. It also makes dead skin, extra oil and dirt removal easier.
  5. It soothes the irritated skin and removes ingrown hairs.
  6. It moisturizes and cleanses the skin giving a rejuvenating effect.
  7. It exfoliates the skin.
  8. It creates a resistance to razor burns, itching and bumps post-shaving.

Precautions: We should not apply a scalding hot towel to our skin at any time. Our hands are less sensitive to heat compared to our face. Since our facial skin is more delicate we may find the towel more painful.

Conclusion: When done properly, the hot towel shave feels awesome and adds an extra touch of sophistication to the classic way if shaving.

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