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Kérastase Company was started back in the year 1964 by Francois Dalle who released the first product as Bain Equilibreur and dedicated it specifically to beautifying hair.

Today, the products from the company are offered to luxurious salons like the Bellisimos and other salons all over the world. Their effectiveness has been attested as a result of their international acclaim.

Kérastase products have resulted to the fusion of the craftsmanship of the haircare professionals who have the skills and expertise of scientists and with their ultimate goal being to provide the most beautiful hair imaginable through the personalised bespoke haircare products.



The research on haircare is conducted by 700 scientists from L’Oreal from all over the world. They have a research facility in Paris in which prototype formulas are tested for the target effect of the product and is confirmed by a panel of 8000 volunteers.

The line of products from Kerastase use a sustainable and responsible source of ingredients for instance like Samoan coconut and argan oil. Such components have 97% biodegradable formulas. At the moment, the company is working to make sure that its packages are more environmentally friendly.

The factory in Spain has been able to produce energy of its own which has resulted in a neutral carbon footprint. The company was the first to benefit from the best L’Oreal research and its many researchers who are committed to researching about haircare.

It has been supported worldwide by L’Oreal, and it has more than 3000 staff members located in 60 different countries. The company’s primary objective is to discover fast information customised according to individual’s demands as well as protecting the hair’s renewed beauty.

Redefine Luxury Responsibility

With a fresh update on the classic Kérastase bottle, a new sense of personalized style and sustainable luxury comes to life. The modern silhouette takes on elegant, harmonious curves. Jewel-like caps feature gold tops to enhance the sensuality of indulgent hair rituals, each signified by its own special colour. The new design heightens the luxury experience while reducing extra weight. Inspired by lightness, the caps alone save over 45 tons of plastic per year. Take a closer look at the fine details of your shower gems.

A Unique Crossroads between Scientists & Hairdressers

Kérastase was also the first line to endow the hairdresser with a more intimate role in hair care prescription, supported by the scientists of L’Oréal Advanced Research. Iconic products continue to benefit from the unique Kérastase blend of expertise and innovation with a deeply sensorial, personalized experience.

Kérastase advanced research team challenges conventional knowledge of hair, actively seeking new discoveries, solutions and ingredients.

Skilled hairdressers at salons in Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and New York test treatments in real-life situations.

Kérastase was also first to endow the hairdresser with a more intimate role in hair care prescription, supported by the scientists of L’Oréal Advanced Research. Iconic products continue to benefit from the unique Kérastase blend of expertise and innovation with a deeply sensorial, personalized experience.

Celebrity Approved

Among other stars who have used products from Kerastase, Jennifer Yepez has always stood out in a crowd. She works at one of the glamorous va-va-voom girls in Hollywood, and she has become a star of her own, with a lot of followers in social media as she travels around the world. Through the use of Kerastase products, Yepez has been able to maintain her hair and above all holding the most desired jobs in the beauty industry.

She says that she always dreamt of working with Kerastase because of her love for their products. Kérastase is known amongst celebrities globally. It has been approved by the most famous of faces which confirms the quality and suitability of this fantastic product line. With the likes of models such as Emily Ratajkowski singing praises of the nourishment it has brought her hair it’s no wonder that Kérastase products are loved and tested by many.

She was happy that she could use the best brand of hair every day and at the same time recommend to her girls with so much confidence. Together with her clients who are models and actors, they used the lush, shiny and enviable hair from the company. When the thought of luxury hair passes her mind, all Yepez will think of is Kerastase. For everyone who is in need of shiny, beautiful, thick hair. Kerastase was the right place to be since its products will get one the hair they badly need. Other celebrities who are fond of Kerastase products include K-pop star Lisa of Blackpink and Hairstylist Odile Gilbert. There are ten more celebrities who also use products from Kerastase, and they include;

-Demi Lovato uses the orbie signature shampoo because it keeps her hair smooth, protected and tangle free.-Chrissy Teigen uses the Ouai wave spray which holds wave without the crunchy finish off other lots of texture mists.
-Penelope Cruz uses the bumble and bumble dryspun thickening spray which gives her hair a full airy textured finish.
-Rita Ora uses the olaplex hair perfector number three, and she frequently uses it when her hair needs TLC.
-Taraji P. Henson uses the Aveda Shampure Shampoo which strengthens hair as well as cleansing it.
-Madona uses the Rodin olio lusso luxury hair oil for her hair.
-Cindy Crawford uses Lush Jasmine and Henna fluff-ease hair treatment
-Jennifer Aniston uses Lemon water which works by squeezing a whole lemon into the spray bottle which is filled with seawater.
-Julia Roberts uses Serge normant dream big instant volumizing spray.
-Camila Mendez uses John Frieda’s frizz ease strength serum.

History of Kérastase

Established in 1964 and headquartered in Rue St-Honore, Paris France, by Francois Dalle. (parent company CEO) The brand first expanded through Europe, followed by Japan in 1990 and in North America in 1999. Kérastase is exclusively distributed through high-end Hair salons and beauty suppliers.
It is a leading brand in several countries in the professional and luxury haircare segments.

– In 1967, he launched Bain Equilibria first balancing shampoo for dry or oily scalp.
– Then in 1974, Kérastase Bain Divalent flagship product from Specific range. Product for oily scalp and dry ends sensitised or product that is found in beauty hair salons nowadays.
– In 1986, they create Masquintense legendary hair mask that has become the ultimate treatment dedicated to dry hair and still enjoyed by millions.
– Then in 1995, Activeur 7 is created, the flagship product for men hair loss treatment.

Most recently Kérastase has won awards in the Beauty Awards 2017: Celeb-Loved Hair Products
the named product to have appeared brightly in the awards was no other than the Kérastase Masque Hydra-Apaisant

favoured for its replenishing benefits and beautifully crafted ingredients there is no wonder why this nourishing and kind to hair mask has become a highlight in the Kérastase range. More about this award can be found via E-News. Here’s some information on the Kérastase Masque Hydra-Apaisant.


Like a hat, this product was created to protect your hair from the elements (i.e. dry weather, blistering cold winds, etc.). It uses Vitamin E and L-Carnosine, an antioxidant that naturally occurs in the body to prevent nerve damage, to increase hydration and smoothness of the hair cuticles. Kérastase Masque Hydra-Apaisant.

Awards won by Kerastase

One of the awards won by the company is the Best in Beauty award won in 2016. The award was celebrated in Auckland, and the awesome Kerastase and L’Oreal professionals came out as the best in many categories. Best conditioner came from Kerastase, best treatment, best lux bay all came from Kerastase making it the best company in producing beauty products.

Why most people prefer Kérastase Products

Kerastase products contain Samoan coconut oil which is sustainably removed. The Samoan coconut oil is picked by hands for crucial purity. The oil also has short phospholipid chains which pierce and anchor deep into the grit distributing long-lasting nutrients, mobility and strength. Kerastase is resolute to lower its ecological impacts by using elements with high biodegradability for all formulas; this has significantly helped in ecological preservation and with Aura Botanica. The division has reached an outstanding average of 97% of biodegradability. Kerastase treatment rituals include fusion concentrates.

That is only available in salons and add an intense mix of ingredients prescribed individually, tailored to your hair and are perfect for the wellbeing of your hair and the scalp as well. Kerastase Treatment brings several benefits to your hair namely; Hair fiber helps in strengthening the roots of your hair. Hence keeping it strong and healthy. A proper treatment nourishes the hair, it helps the hair to get an extra volume, provides heat protection to the hair which enables it to fight the sun and remain calm all day and lastly, it leaves your hair feeling smooth and sleek.

What to Expect From an In-Salon Experience

When you visit a salon using Kerastase hair products like the Bellisimos salon. A diagnosis will first be conducted by your Kerastase hair consultant to produce a customised treatment of the product that you will have chosen to use. Due to their high level of professionalism. One is offered a profound hair change within a very conducive environment. Branded with the arousal of the minds and a deep, gentle massage that completely relaxes the body and thoughts as well. Clients who do not have enough time and are therefore in a rush or just a relaxing pace. The Kerastase hair advisor will give you the best treatments from our ritual groupings.

The hair ritual categories include; Discipline rituals which is a hair controlling ritual for conserving the natural touch of the hair for anti-frizz, anti-humidity influence which takes about 30 to 40min. Natural ritual which is an ultra-sensorial ritual using 97% natural source of haircare for a fit radiant hair and it makes hair light with a natural texture. Strengthening ritual for rebuilding the internal substance of the hair weakened naturally or due to chemical treatment. Scalp care ritual which is a assemblage of targeted mixtures to balance your scalp. Using scientifically progressive ingredients that makes your scalp and hair feel naturally clean and shiny.

New products in Kérastase

First ever sheet mask hair by taking Redken which is inspired by explosions from K-Beauty. The single mask that is becoming ubiquitous in the pampering regime are among the new product of Kerastase. Secondly is the Hair rituals by Sisley Paris. Which is a new line of product by the French beauty giant that was created by the same maintenance and skills as the skincare. The Kerastase Micellar Shampoo is also another products. It borrows its technology from the cleaning waters which gives skincare its golden status.

The new approach to haircare offers more than just a wash and go affair but the protection of the hair even while at home. Davines is also a new sachet mask which offers myriad benefits. The East London hair salon now provides multi- masking treatments using Davine’s mask in a hair salon. Redken’s All Mega sheet Mask is an intrusive experience which is done once in a week for treating dried hair. Cleansing oils also help in removing fats from the membrane and hair as well. IGK makes use of coconut and sweet almond oil to offer a full cleanse without undressing the hair. This cancels the need for conditioner. Ouai is also a conditioner which is produced from hemp paper that is supplemented with coconut oil and shea butter that helps in smoothening and conditioning the hair quickly.

Kerastase is a Trustable and Recognized Brand

A survey carried out in 6000 UK shoppers indicated that Kerastase is a trust-able and known brand by so many people. It is a brand that most people are willing to recommend their friends and family members. In the survey, the brand received a net promoter score of 80%. Which was higher than its closest rival in the study. This shows that so many people rated the brand top. Most of the people who responded in the survey were families, partners, friends and experts. They are most influences on the brand products since they are the central users.
Prospectus customers

Generally, anyone interested in protecting their hair from any hair concerns is a potential customer of this company. However, the primarily targeted people are women of any age with the intentions to keep their hair healthy. Most of the products of the company are hair products. Also, salons dealing with women hair are potential customers because it is from the company that they can get some of the products they use on their clients.

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