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Keratin treatment or keratin straightening has increasingly become popular among people who want straight hair. This hair treatment eliminates the frizz and makes the hair stronger. When you look at the before and after photos of this hair treatment, the results are clearly distinct. The hair texture and shine after the treatment are very attractive and amazing. Going for this hair treatment is a good idea if you want to add keratin hair care to your routine. We, at Bellisimos Hair Salon, are here to help you get a better idea about:

  • What the benefits are
  • The treatment process
  • The results to expect, and
  • How to manage them after the treatment

What is Keratin?

Keratin is an essential protein that is present in the hair naturally. Hair also contains other keratin-associated proteins. It acts like an internal structural protein and an external protective protein that keeps the hair healthy and protected. Due to its exposure to external elements like pollution, harsh sun, chemicals, changes in lifestyle, and climatic conditions, the hair loses the keratin. This loss causes the hair to look dull, damaged, and causes it to become too dry.

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Keratin Treatment Benefits

When the hair is overly porous, it causes frizz, breakage, and tangles. Keratin straightening involves the addition of keratin to the hair to make it frizz-free, shiny, and smooth. The treatment fills the porous spots of the hair, which results from keratin loss. Men and women who want straight hair opt for this treatment because it reduces breakage and tangles due to excessive frizz. Keratin treatment rebuilds the hair and this comes with the following additional benefits.

Keratin Protects Curly Hair

If you want to maintain the natural curls of your hair, keratin makes the hair stronger. This means you get less breakage when you style the hair. Even if you do not want to lose the curls, a keratin straightening can help by making the curls a bit less tangled. This makes the hair easier to handle and manage on a daily basis. Keratin treatment does involve the use of heat to make the keratin set into the empty pores of the hair strand. Once you have the treatment, you would not have to apply the heat on a daily basis. Keratin does help reduce the damage regular application of heat can cause.

Keratin Eliminates Frizz

Keratin makes the hair sleeker and allows you to make different hairstyles. If you live in a hot and humid area, this can be a very good thing. You can make a gorgeous hairstyle during hot summers. During the treatment, the chemicals applied are safe and removes the frizzy texture while it prevents unmanageable hair. Best keratin straightening by experienced professionals can last up to six months. This is why, before getting it done, you need to make sure the hairdresser has experience enough. Consult with the hairstylist before you go ahead. This is why we encourage our clients to book an appointment with us before we fix the day to do the keratin treatment. We can evaluate the extent of dryness and damage and plan the treatment ahead of time for the best results.

Keratin Treatment Makes the Hair Stronger

Applying keratin treatment ensures that the bonds between the follicles of the hair and the roots are open. Then the roots bond to the hair again with protein. This means that the roots connected to the hair will be more secure and will prevent hair fall. Moreover, the hair will not become too limp. This makes the hair stay healthy for longer and grow faster.

Keratin Protects the Hair

After the hair treatment, the hair strands become stronger. This makes them withstand environmental pollution better than before. The shine that keratin gives your hair, remains even in harsh weather, like heat and extreme wind. If there is a lot of smog where you live, keratin keeps your hair shining and healthy even after exposure to toxins.

Reduced Blow Drying Time

How often do you blow dry your hair? It can be a relief but it only lasts for a few hours. After that, you are back to the same frizzy hair. Keratin treatment lasts for six months (if done right by experienced experts), so if you are a working person who needs to save time on hairstyling, then keratin is the best option. This will cut down the blow-drying time each morning. Moreover, your hair will look softer and silkier with an attractive shine.

What to Expect from Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is not like the Brazilian blow dry or Brazilian blow out treatment. Neither is it the same as the rebonding and Xtenso process. Your hair will not be completely flat nor will it lose the volume. It will not affect the roots of your hair nor make the ends sleek.

Pre-treatment Requirements

However, the results may vary in people. Depending on how curly your hair is, the extent of the results will be different. In extremely curly hair, the results will not be as straight as those of a less curly hair will. A person with slightly wavy hair will end up with polished and straight hair that looks amazing. You will not be disappointed with the results because, in the end, the hair always looks amazing and has a natural healthy look.

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If you have had other treatments like cut down, Brazilian blow dry or Brazilian blow out treatment, or perming, we need to know prior to the treatment. This can affect the results. If the hair is too weak, we may not recommend proceeding with this treatment and instead recommend something better.

The Procedure

Once we examine your hair and schedule you for the treatment, come prepared to spend about three hours. It takes time to complete the treatment. Here are the steps involved:

  • Hair wash (with shampoo but no conditioner)
  • Blow-dry (to remove the moisture)
  • Application of the Keratin solution
  • Leave the hair to set
  • Blow-dry again
  • Use of a flat-iron to seal in the solution
  • You are done

With proper post hair treatment, the keratin straightening will last for six months. There are no proven side effects of the treatment. However, it does contain formaldehyde, and people often consider it not very safe for use in household products. If you have any allergies to it or reservations about it, inform us before booking an appointment. It can cause mild irritation in the eyes and skin. This is why it is best in your interest only to go to experienced experts for this treatment.


After keratin straightening is complete, we recommend not tying the hair for at least 48 hours. After that, you need a hair wash. After this, we recommend using certain branded shampoos (sulphate free) that help retain the keratin. Although the hair becomes easy to manage and gorgeous, using a hair care regime regularly is important for your hair. This ensures the longevity of the results of the treatment.
Feel free to contact us for more details, and let us get started with your keratin treatment.

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