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We hold standard which are higher then the the highest standards in hairdressing, our content is published via our website to help share our values to align ourselves with customers who care about the same ideals. We believe Hair is something to cherish, great product and a gentle touch matters, a tranquil environment with nothing by the best in service underpinned with a team of hand choose creative genies allows us to standout from the crowd.

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Hair Salon in Cardiff

Barbers services are available at Bellisimos Hair, male grooming and traditional haircuts which include bread trims, skin fades and hair-colour highlights.

Your way to stay connected to us with your online account, download our app or taking advantage of our amazing products. This is your area to be apart of the Bellisimos family and use our digital services

Every appointment is an experience. The customer service turns your treatment or haircut into a something unforgettable, we have a have much information on the services we offer to our guests and videos to compliment the expectations.

We share authoritative content on our hair salon services and article of trends and news in the fashionable space of “Hair”. You will also notice press releases and our take on external news reports

Products and knowledge defines quality, we have searched the world for the best products and will continue to do for ever more. Be confident that we only use the best and never lower our standards!

Bellisimos Hair is apart of the Bellisimos Group which incorporates other Bellisimos powered brands and partner associations. You are welcome to ascertain insight in to you local Bellisimos team or the wider eco-system.

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