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Barber Shop Cardiff

Barber Shop Cardiff Bellisimos Barbers is the best professional around to hire to do your haircut. It provides a variety of services ranging from haircut to cleaning of your hair with chemicals. We are able to handle any form of hair style-related issues. Working closely with barbers will guarantee you a proper and efficient haircut. Your hair will not encounter the challenges of having dandruff. Once the job is done by a professional, issues of skin rashes and irritation will be something of the past. They provide all the barbers' services available to the best of its quality. An important point to note is that before you hire a professional for your hair cut, you have to ensure that you have a clear knowledge of that company/barber shop. Be sure to know their experience in hair cutting before consulting them for services. Working with the right barbershop will allow your hair to be shaved and cleaned well. Remember, a professional service will allow your mind to be at ease before, during and after the haircutting. It will also enable you to put more attention to other important aspects of life or in business. This will, in turn, save more [...]

January 31st, 2019|Gentlemens Diaries|

Best Barbers in Cardiff

Best Barbers in Cardiff City If you are in Cardiff and looking for barbers to give you the best results in the city, then look no further because Bellisimos Hair has the best barbers’ services in the city. Our barbers are experts, trained to style, trim, and even dye your beard to perfection. When you visit Bellisimos, rest assured that you are in the hands of the best hairdressers in Cardiff. Depending on what sort of look you seek, the stylists will listen to you and carefully ensure that your beard and hair is looking its best. You may want to ask why we call ourselves the best hairdressers in town. We are the new rising hairdressers in Cardiff and we aspire to be the best at everything to do with hair. That’s why we guarantee that every visit you make to Bellisimos Hair will give you the best experience. No matter what treatments you’re booked in for, we welcome every new client with open arms and a glass of champagne. Because we are hairdressers situated in Cardiff, in the city centre, you can find us easily and visit our facility without ado. Beard Styles and Designs [...]

January 7th, 2019|Gentlemens Diaries|

Ask Your Barber

10 Things You Should Ask Your Barber All men know this frustration of going to a new barber shop and getting your hair cut not as you wanted. We have managed to gather the actual cause for this dilemma. Which is lack of asking your barber some question. Which would make them understand about some important things regarding your hair.  If you think that barber near me could happen to cut my hair as I wanted, we want to give you an outreach about the barbershops in Cardiff Bay area that will really treat your hair like a gentleman should be. Let's understand what are the top 10 things every guy should ask from his barber during a haircut. Ask the Barber to Take a Photo of You There are times when your barber did a remarkable job cutting your hair exactly like you wanted. But recreating the same masterpiece is difficult due to not enough reference. Everyone has experienced this sort of difficulty during our hair cut. A simple solution for this problem is to ask your barber to take a clear photo of your hair once he’s done. There are few barbers who have [...]

December 27th, 2018|Gentlemens Diaries|

How to Choose the Best Barber

How to Choose the Best Barbers Cardiff According to Stephen Powell, the founder of the London barbering school named otal Barber’ points out an important trait of the best barber, that a true barber should be calm in the eye of the storm. Must be dependable, always there for you and most importantly, who knows a thing or two about the haircut. Men expect a lot from their barber without much caring for themselves. Sadly, but the number of a skilful barber in the market is quite low, so this makes it ever important to choose the best barber and look out for the good qualities within them. To find the right one for you is a tough road. But with enough patience, observation, and judgement, you will be successful in your quest. Understanding The Qualities Barber Will Display Everyone’s hair is different, and if you are not familiar with your own hair and about its features. A good stylist will surely realise it better than you. This is due to the fact that he understands the tools that go along with various hair types, for example. Scissors and combs are good for thin hair. Mostly for [...]

December 27th, 2018|Gentlemens Diaries|

Tips to Find a Cardiff Barber That Makes the Cut

Tips to Find a Cardiff Barber That Makes the Cut An incredible new hairstyle can send your certainty through the rooftop. An awful hairstyle, then again, can truly cut you down and make you need to go looking for some new hats. Finding your next barbershop can be overpowering. So, how would you get an incredible cut? Everything starts with finding a talented barber. Attempt the following tips to locate the correct Cardiff barbers for you and maintain a strategic distance from a messy hair day. Request Recommendations   The initial phase in finding an extraordinary new barber is approaching your relatives and companions for recommendations. Be watchful for an individual who has a new trim you extremely like and when you see someone, make sure to ask them where they have visited for their hair. The most ideal approach to passing judgement on another barbershop is through verbal audits. Make an inquiry or two or scour the web for audits on the shop before you enter. Attempt to discover pictures of past customers to decide whether the barber is accustomed to making the look you're wanting to accomplish. Look at How Busy the Shop Gets [...]

December 25th, 2018|Gentlemens Diaries|

Beard Trim

Beard Trim Cardiff Finding a trusted hairdresser is a hard task. Let alone having to find a trusted barber. Mens beards are very important to most men. Especially when it comes to trimming them and grooming. Men can spend minutes even hours in the mirror trying the get their beards symmetrical. It would be wonderful if there was somewhere where there were expert barbers who could trim and groom beards to perfection. Get your beard trim at Bellisimos Hair. Bellisimos Hair hire only the best hairdressers and barbers to groom you and your beard and make you look amazing. We are a trusted hair salon in Cardiff with many returning clients who love how their hair looks and feels. Bellisimos Hair offer each person who has an appointment a complementary glass of Champagne or Whiskey. You can expect this to be an experience like no other when it comes to our barbers. Can you sit back and relax as you can trust your hair is in safe hands. Our barbers listen carefully to your every need to make sure you get the cut you desire. Barbers Experience We [...]

October 15th, 2018|Gentlemens Diaries|

Beards Need Treatment

Beard Grooming Cardiff With the runway models sporting thick beards, it comes as no surprise that facial hair is in. But beards haven’t always been just a fashion statement. Facial hair is an important element in many different cultures. Sikhs in India and abroad do not cut their hair, nor do they cut their facial hair. Most Sikh men like to keep their beards open whereas some like to tie it in a knot. Men in Mexico like to keep moustaches mainly and sometimes a little stubble. In ancient Greece, men used to curl their beards to complement their hair. The French are famous for their goatee and the Chinese have a similar style but with longer hair. The Japanese people were never fond of facial hair so their moustaches and beard were separate and not joined. The Irish people on the other hand loved facial hair and would often grow long moustaches and beards. The list goes on but it’s safe to say that beards have always been in trend. Men who think growing a beard is as simple as skipping their shaving routine, need to think again. To make anything look good, you need to put [...]

September 16th, 2018|Gentlemens Diaries|

Gentlemen Grooming in Cardiff

Gentlemen Grooming For men, it's always about being exclusive. Although they want styles they haven’t worn yet. Our salon is also equipped with barbers, who can deliver the best services to usher your styles. Our barbers are armed with shavers and razor craftsmanship to serve you. They are only conscious about giving you best styles and nothing else while working. Driven with conviction to offer customers with promising experience. They use quality hair products and shaving kits while serving you. Ingredients of products used are inspected with close attention so as to be sure they are hair and skin friendly.  Our salon has a luxurious and soothing environment with eye grabbing aesthetics. Waiting for you. We bestow our customers realm of calmness, where you just need to tell our barbers intricacies of style you need, and relax and be pampered. Our ambience, along with styling and grooming, invigorates your mood so that you go from here calm and composed.  We bring some of hairstyles and grooming trending among our customers. You just need to opt for style and that you want and our barbers will do the rest.  Types of Grooming The most popular and traditional of all the hairstyles, the dry cut [...]

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