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We are a hairdressers in Cardiff City (South Wales). We offer amazing hair care and styling treatments, one being a mobile service. For a £100 premium , we will visit you at your home, hotel room, or where ever you may be to bring you the best hair treatments.

If you are unable to visit our salon, fear not as our salon can come to you. Our expert stylists are willing to travel to your location to give you the best haircuts, and treatments. This is a unique service that will save you time and money. If you have a busy lifestyle, if you have small children or for one reason or another, you cannot leave your house, you will find that the mobile hair stylist service is very useful.

A professional hairdresser will come to you for haircuts, blow-drys, colouring or highlights at a time. That is suitable for the client and often at a lower price than the regular salon. You will also get a more personal service as a hair stylist coming to you will always be the same. There will be no rush to complete the job and you can have all of this in the comfort of your own home.

Award winning salon with award winning treatments.

Internationally recognised hair care products for your hair to give it the best feel and look.

Feel like a VIP in our exclusive hair salon. Let us pamper you as you relax and watch your hair transform.

We only use the best hair care products around to ensure your hair is well protected and looking its very best.

Visiting Your Home

If you are living in Cardiff, and are unable to visit our salon in Wyndham Arcade. Don’t think that you can’t enjoy the privilege of Bellisimos Hair. An expert stylist is willing to travel to your home and give you the amazing service and treatment you could expect at Bellisimos Hair, but from the comfort of your home. We know your hair is your crowning glory, and that’s why our professional, experienced, and utterly beautiful hairdressers are always a simple call away to take care of all your hair needs. Within the Cardiff region and its environs. There is only one number you need to have ready in case of any hair-care and beauty requirements you may have, should you be unable to make it to our salon.

For a £100 premium, you will be blown away by our world-class home service capabilities. We blow many competing salons right out of the water. This will all be taking place within the ultimate comfort and privacy of your very own home! Anything you could ask for – from wet-cuts to dry cuts, highlights, tints, to balayages, curls, and all else besides – we’ve got you completely covered.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send out an e-mail next time you’re in need of expert hairdressers for any beauty and hair-care work. You know you deserve it, and you most definitely won’t regret it!

Visiting a Hotel Room

If you are staying within Cardiff at one of the magnificent hotels. Weather its for an event such as a wedding or business trip. Or even if its just for a social gathering. We can send our stylists to your hotel room for you and your party to pamper you before your day/evening. In this current society, fashion is a key factor. Therefore it is crucial to stay in shape and also be up to date with the latest hairstyle and fashion. Moreover, it is very important to have the most professional and hair stylist, who will ensure that you have the best hairstyle when going out for a business meeting, wedding or even social party. This can be achieved by ensuring that you hire a professional and experienced hairdresser.

If you looking for Mobile Hairdressers services in Cardiff City. Then consider giving us a call. We have hairdressers in the city centre, who are ready to serve you at the comfort of your home or hotel room. We also offer our services to a party group of people. There is an additional fee of £100 for our premium services. Where some of our professional stylists will come to your home and provide beauty services to suit your needs perfectly.


Amazing beauticians on hand to help pamper you and turn your hair into its own unique masterpiece.


Highly skilled barbers to trimming and colour your hair and beard.


Children’s cuts and styles to keep even the youngest up to date with the latest trends.

Our Stylists

With a team of experts who are committed to their work. We have the most qualified beauticians and skilled barbers. Which skills are you looking for in a hairdressers? Hairdressers must stay aware of the most recent patterns and be prepared to attempt new hairdos for their customers. A hairdresser will likewise need to utilise an image as a source of perspective provided by the customer and reproduce that search for them. Numerous customers will request counsel and thoughts on the most proficient method to trim or style their hair. Being innovative is fun as is a profession in hairstyling. Since hairdressers work with customers consistently, they should be lovely, agreeable, and ready to connect with clients with the end goal to hold them. The client is in every case first and offering great client administration will enable them to get the message out.

A decent hairdresser will have the capacity to recognise a requirement for the customer and offer the correct styling items for their circumstance. It is additionally imperative for the beautician to toss in something additional to demonstrate the customer they are significant. Perhaps the beautician can offer the customer a touch of gel to style their hair or a warm towel to evacuate the hair all over and neck. These little additional items will come route in making a charming background. Having appropriate close vision is essential for hairdressers also to work with customers at a short proximity. Not with standing physical stamina is smoothness, a hairdresser will utilise their hands and handle little protests when styling and trimming hair.

Booking a Mobile Service

When dealing with clients we take great pride in our work and enjoy creating, cutting, styling and colouring all kinds of hair. We all know, a visitor, a hairdresser salon can be time-consuming, noisy and stressful. We see a hand is for everyone like Mums, dads, seniors, business people, braids and simply everyone, who wants to enjoy the comfort of their own home. When you visit us we will furnish you with an amazing mobile hairdressing service with our friendly and professional attitude to all our clients, all services include shampoo, conditioning, and styling.

The next time you need a hairdresser, just visit our website and book your favourite service online. You will decide which date and time suit you. You can also send us an email, text message, a message through our live chat or by the traditional way, give us a call. We will get back to you with a short consultation and confirmation of your appointment. You don’t need to provide anything for our appointment. Visit our website and book your first appointment.

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