///Olaplex & Bond Fusion

Olaplex & Bond Fusion

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex  is chemically concentrated that repair hair by “bond building” treatments. It comes with a three-step hair treatment technique that fixes the hair which is partially or fully damaged and also prevents future damage. It makes your hair feel smooth and incredible

Eric Pressly, Craig J. Hawker and Dean Christal (Beauty Entrepreneur) were developed Olaplex bond fusion. Nowadays, Olaplex became a game changer for hair and a revolutionary product. The treatment has three steps (that is Bond multiplier, Bond perfector, and Hair perfector). Two steps are performed in salon services, and the rest one step can be followed at as a home treatment.

Bond Multiplier

In the Bond Multiplier process, the broken disulfide bonds are reconstructed and start the process of preventing damage.

Bond Perfector

It is the second salon step. In this process, the main goal is to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bond. Also ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair.

Hair Perfector

It is a home-based treatment which is low concentrated rather than the salon steps. It is a hair mask treatment. You can probably use it in your own style. Basically, its duty is to reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair, improving its look and feel.

Why is Olaplex Treatment Used?

Fashion world changing frequently. We like to update our hairstyle too. But we also know that coloring and bleaching of hair cause damage to hair, as the bleaching process directly affects the Di-Sulfide bond. Olaplex can resist such type of problem which is mostly faced by an individual. Olaplex bond fusion will aid and protective layers and repairs broken bonds.We all know our hair is made up of keratin proteins and it related to Di-Sulfide bonds. Most of our hair stylings products such as blowouts, curling irons, chemical strengtheners, and dyes can break the Di-Sulfide bond that weakens your hair proteins.

Olaplex Hair treatment products can treat your hair very well and repair Di-Sulfide bond and straighten your hair. Because it does not harm Di-Sulfide bonds. It rebuilds and cures broken hairs Di-sulfide bonds and maintains the hair leaving it in a healthy and strong condition.One of the main features is Olaplex bond fusion is comfortable with all type of hairs such as curly or straight. It repairs and rebuilds broke bonds and creates new ones. So now professional hair stylists can transform any type of hair into any color as well as keeping your hair strong and conditioned.

Bellisimos Olapex

Bellisimos hair expert ensures that your hair gets the best products because we are concerned about your hair health. We promise that you to get the best Olaplex bond fusion hair treatments. You will see the difference after several washes.The salon treatment really helps in restoring our hair health. Alo you have to ensure that you regularly use Hair Perfector. It keeps your hair healthy by protecting it from many types of damage. Gradually, your hair feels softer, aspect to have shinier, stronger (it looks like strong), and bouncier strands.Many of us like to transformed black hair into platinum hair in a day. And it is healthier because of the support of Olaplex. Platinum is good for everyone who has a desire to change, no matter what type of hair you have. Bond Fusion is an Extraordinary/Revolutionary product for hairdressers.

Hairdressers Treat Your Hair

With the help of Olaplex, you can leave the bleach on the hair longer. Instead of breaking the hair you’re actually keeping it in a better condition. It basically links the bonds back together. When you bleach the hair it generally broke the bonds and that’s how the chemistry does the job. On the other hand, Olaplex links them back together so leaving you with healthier hair.

If you are going to be using a 20 volume developer, you would use a 30 volume developer. In this case, the Olaplex dilutes the potency. If you’re developer a little bit, you go one level up on the developer and you use a portion of the Olaplex. And so that’s just mixed in there and apply it to the hair. Just like any other color service then there is step two. Again that’s an insulin service this is what we do at the shampoo bowl once you are done processing and we’re ready to shampoo your hair.

More on How Olaplex Works

Olaplex, Bond Fusion
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