Schwarzkopf Professional Products Range

Introduction :

One of the larger and trusted hair care brand corporation Schwarzkopf are staying at the front of the latest trends and are giving you the ultimate styling solution for your hair.

They started their journey in 1898, by the chemist Hans. He founded a small drugstore in Berlin, Germany. Now it has become the leading hair cosmetic brands worldwide and continues to revolutionize the market with technical breakthroughs.

You can find their products in more than 130 countries. With over 115 years of delivering quality and innovation, they gain the expertise to give you the best service according to your needs.

The high-quality products allow you to fully express your personality while giving your hair the best care it deserves.

Schwarzkopf History and Why They are the Best

You probably do not know that Schwarzkopf means, ‘blackhead’. Schwarzkopf professional hoped that they would possess over 7,600 patents.

They are the pioneer of water-soluble powder called “Schaumpon” that gives better and higher quality results than the harsh soaps and essential oils.

They organize Hairdresser of the Year Awards lives on in the Hall of Fame and give the prize who won the three-time winner on the same category.

It is the best of all corporate brands where the hairdresser is still very much a part of the organization and process. They have dedicated hairdressers who test the products under salon conditions.

Schwarzkopf Professional has developed an in-salon tool called the Salon Lab. It’s a formulation for individual hair needs for hairdressers to create bespoke services specific to each individual client.

Schwarzkopf always satisfies the consumer with the best products that meet all the expectation. They always try to innovate, so trusted with the quality, and competence. These are the foundations on which their business thrives.

Schwarzkopf is very passionate for creating beautiful hair and this is reflected in each of the products. Basically, Schwarzkopf is an umbrella brand, this comprises a broad brand portfolio in the three categories of hair care, hair styling, and hair coloration.

For Hair Color

tbh (true beautiful honest):

It is an exclusive permanent hair color that creates authentic color results also, enhances your natural beauty. Not only that, it also lights up the hair’s natural highs and lows for a healthy glow with a natural shine.

This color adds shimmering powdery tones with subtle iridescent undertones. Tbh color specially designed to underline each personality. Additionally, modern Smokey hues neutralize the underlying warmth and enhance neutral hues with a soft touch of chocolate.


This product delicate for hair structure, for this reason, colorists can produce the optimal hair quality and spectacular color results.

It’s powered by the Integrated Bonding Technology, and so you can get a unique color range that can be customized according to your wishes and hair type.

Whatever your demand is BLONDME is pretty much able to produce that even in the most demanding of situations. Bellisimos Hair has all the services such as white coverage, highlighting and lightening.

BLONDME® offer various kinds of color treatment such as:

  • Platinum Purity
  • Honey Marble
  • Rosé Blush
  • Caramel Glow
  • Blonde Mélange
  • Caramel Kiss

Product Range:

  • BLONDME® Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener – Clay-based technology that provides optimal precision
  • BLONDME® Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ – Helps to protect the hair fiber during development for minimized hair breakage
  • BLONDME® Bond Enforcing Paint-On Lightener- Ammonia-free cream lightener


For over 50 years IGORA ROYAL has fulfilled customer demands. The products have always a commitment to you.

Product Range:

  • IGORA ROYAL Permanent Color Creme – Up to 100% white hair coverage with an intense color vibrancy
  • IGORA ROYAL® FASHION LIGHTS® – Enforces bonds within the hair fiber to reduce hair breakage
  • IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES – It has 24 intense fashion shades with
  • up to 3 levels of lift
  • IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES Age Blend – It has 10 soft skin tone flattering shades with Pro-Age-Complex with Siliamine and Collagen
  • IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES SilverWhite Tonal Refiner – Refining and beautifying of natural silver and white hair
  • IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES SilverWhite Brightening Spray – Instant neutralizing of dull and brassy tones and leaves the hair feeling smooth with vibrant shine


This brand is one of the best moisturizing demi-permanent hair colors producers, they use a liquid formula that can turn into a gel or cream for more service options.

This color lasts up to 25 shampoos and is available in 68 harmoniously matching shades. With the help of Moisture Protecting Complex with AQUAXYL ®, it now offers up to 100% more instashine plus increased hair protection.

It effectively controls the circulation of water during the development process and secures the inner structure of each hair fiber. IGORA VIBRANCE® uses 40% less alkalizing agent (MEA), the alcohol-free formula that’s enriched with Vitamin B5 and B6.

Do you know, it acts as an anti-dehydration shield to create a clean canvas that produces even more vibrant shine color. This demi-permanent color allows you to choose either a gel or a cream.

Now it comes with gel-to-cream formula with a 1:1 mixing ratio that gives you the power for the easier formulation, faster mixing, and more efficient application. It has the easy to mix and apply features and the color is absolutely gorgeous that lasts longer periods of time.

Products Range:

  • IGORA VIBRANCE® Tone on Tone Coloration – Luminous & vibrant color results and up to 70% just 5-20 minutes of development time
  • IGORA VIBRANCE® Activator Gel 1.9% / 6 Vol. – Contains a gel-ifying agent
  • IGORA VIBRANCE® Clear 0-00 – Dilutes shades to reduce depth & intensity
  • IGORA VIBRANCE® Activator Lotion 4% / 13 Vol. – A special thickening agent that transforms liquid color into a cream consistency


It successfully enhances the blonde care for lightened, highlighted or colored blondes with a cool cendré tone. It effectively refreshes reviving faded blonde shades.

Schwarzkopf developed Integrated Bond Enforcing Technology. It can protect the hair from deep and Succinic Acid that penetrates into the hair during the oxidative process and creates a protective layer around the hair bonds. After that the hair gains strength and elasticity. Basically, it has amazing lightening, lifting, and white blending formulas. Not only that it balances the pH level and stabilizes the inner hair structure. Some common benefits:

  • Smoothly cleanses without overloading the untreated hair areas
  • It helps to create new bonds within the hair fiber and heightened hair
  • Leaves your hair feeling supple and soft
  • Balances the natural water content of the hair structure

Product Range:

  • BLONDME® Keratin Restore Bonding Shampoo – Rich, restoring and maintain the in-salon blonde service.
  • BLONDME® Keratin Restore Bonding Conditioner – It is a rich cream conditioner
  • BLONDME® Keratin Restore Bonding Cleansing Conditioner – Low lather cleansing conditioner
  • BLONDME® Keratin Restore Bonding Mask- Repairing treatment
  • BLONDME® Keratin Restore Intense Care Bonding Potion – Ultimate bonding care
  • BLONDME® Shine Elixir- Luxurious leave-in serum for daily conditioning care


FIBREPLEX is the first technical service to reduce hair breakage during the lightening or coloring process.

Products Range:

  • FIBREPLEX Shampoo – Supports the Bond Enforcing System.
  • FIBREPLEX N°2 Bond Sealer – Complete the Bond Enforcing Service in-salon
  • FIBREPLEX N°3 Bond Maintainer – A treatment that improved hair quality, and creates new bonds and balances pH level
  • FIBREPLEX N°1 Bond Booster – Additive mixed that protects the hair from damage during the coloration process

For Hair Care


They have unique; The Micellar Technology, with the help of it they produce the worlds best class shampoos that delivers a gentle cleansing experience without removing its natural moisture.

Successfully they use skincare technologies such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and Peptides to provide optimal repair performance, restoring strength, volume, and elasticity to hair.

Products Range:

BC BONACURE® has a lot of products, with the expert advice you can totally care for your hair and keep the hairstyle that presents the real you.

  • BC BONACURE® Hyaluronic Moisture Kick – Normal to Dry/Curly hair
  • BC BONACURE® Peptide Repair Rescue – Damaged hair
  • BC BONACURE® pH 4.5 Color Freeze – Colored hair
  • BC BONACURE® Keratin Smooth Perfect – Unmanageable hair
  • BC BONACURE® Q10+ Time Restore Mature hair
  • BC BONACURE® Collagen Volume Boost – Volume-less hair

For Hair Styling

Schwarzkopf Professional helping you and many hairdressers by developing products for over a century.

Their assortment of styling products has been carefully crafted to help you for every styling you may need – So now your creativity holds no bounds!


If you want to master truly innovative styling products to achieve the stunning looks. OSiS+ can fulfill your desire. It helps you to create your own signature style. So unleash your creativity. It’s your time.

With the help of it, you can create your truly individual signature styles. Maybe you’re bringing tomorrow’s trends before they go mainstream.

Schwarzkopf Professional gather inspirational and forward-thinking young talents who have new stylish thought. Such as a group of fashion bloggers, hair artists and industry models who are followed by thousands!


Many styling expects delivered with sophistication and simplistic luxury. OSiS+® SESSION LABEL® provides you with a vast styling range, premium performance, and reveal customized style.

OSiS+® SESSION LABEL® Super Heroes can transform, shape, hold and volumize with long-lasting results. Additionally, it helps you to achieve premium results for the most style-savvy.


It redefines your perception because of it’s super-concentrated dosage of style setting polymers. So this product adds a new texture, and building strong hold without over-wetting the hair

SUPER FINE Powder Cloud®

This product enabling you to create an array of hairstyles. As this powder contain Lava Rock Extract, that gives a naturally rough finish and soft matte effect.


It has Silk Extract to give 15 benefits for preparation, styling, and finishing, such as:

  • Optimal care balance, adds light texture and shine
  • Prevent hair breakage and moisturize
  • Instantly detangles and delivers anti-static discipline
  • Protect against UV exposure
  • Creates silkiness and control anti-frizz up to 96 hours

Why you should come to Bellisimos Hair

Bellisimos Hair has a partnership with Schwarzkopf professional. Already Bellisimos Hair is gaining the popularity among a lot of competition. You know we have a dedicated professional team, they have all the necessary certificates and practical knowledge in the field of hair color, care, and style. Also, we welcome every client with a warm greeting and maintain the well-furnished environment so that you can experience a VIP service at an affordable price.


You know that the relationship between a hairdresser and a client is mainly confidence. Bellisimos Hair always uses the best hair care products for each client. We ensure that you get the best products from the professionals and experience the best results that your heart and hair desires. Our Professionals know it well that each hair type is different, and their unique characteristics.


Find your “Va Va Voom” at your Cardiff Salon!

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