///Skin Fade: Important Tips and More

Skin Fade: Important Tips and More

Skin Fade: Important Tips and More

Are you looking for a new and trendy men’s hairstyle? If yes, then the Skin Fade is something you must explore for a new look. This hairstyle gives you a contemporary and classy look. The year 2018 was when people started looking for ways to look more like celebrities and models. Ever since then, there is a rise in new styles hitting the fashion world. This is why; it is quite a challenge for hairdressers in Cardiff to keep pace with the latest trends. This is why there is a huge variety of Skin Fade styles, which you will learn about, so keep reading.
Here are some tips to keep in mind before we explain what a Skin Fade is:

Buzz Cut

This style may vary in fade length. It is also, what we call a crew cut, and suits people with a symmetrical, round, or square face cut. Mostly, men with dark hair look better with the buzz cut. Men with blond hair often look shorter than their actual height. Therefore, it is a style ideal for dark-haired men.


The latest trend in fringes is for broken-up, textured, and shorter fringes. This style seems to be working for almost everyone. It makes the face look close and the forehead smaller.

Long Hair

You can explore many variations of long hair. They can be fringes, parting, above or below shoulder length. You can have a versatile look with layers, sleek and textured long hair. Skin fade suits people with think hair better. It gives them a classier look.

What is a Skin Fade

Skin Fade is a haircut most people know as zero fade or zero skin fade. Why it is called, zero fade is because the hairdresser shaves the hair on the sides, making the head attention grabbing. The hairdresser uses a clipper to gradually cut the hair shorter moving towards the neck. To make this style, the hairdresser has to cut the hair in decreasing lengths. The final result is an incredible contrast between the fades on the sides and the long hair on the head. The skin fade has been a men’s favorite for quite some time now.

Comparing Mid, Low and High Fade

Comparing the low fade vs high fade, they are quite similar in style and cut. Low fade can make quite a difference in your hairstyle and overall look. Usually, people are not sure about where the low fade ends and where the high fade starts. The main distinction between the high, low, and mid fade is how long the hair on the sides should look, and the point where the cut tapers.

High Fade vs Mid Fade vs Low Fade

Since skin fade is one of the most trending haircuts nowadays, let us compare how each high fade vs mid fade vs low fade.
A low fade haircut looks very professional. The skin mid fade style looks sporty and quite professional. The low skin fade is a bit towards the extreme low and suits people with thick and dark hair. As the hair grows the cut becomes even better.
If you want a very cool looking hairstyle, then it would be a good idea to combine the skin fade with a comb-over, pompadour, stylist quiff, or faux hawk. Professional hairdressers in Cardiff can create Caesar, buzz cut, French cop, or waves using a short fade combined with short hair.

High Fade Haircut

This hairstyle begins with tapering close to the top of the head. The hairdresser creates a contrast between the shorter hair on the sides and skin fade long top on the head. The way it comes out, the contrast is stronger and noticeable. The cut begins at the highest point on the sides of the head.

Medium Fade Haircut

This hairstyle begins from the middle of the head. The hairdresser trims it halfway up the sides, creating a soft look. This hairstyle provides a versatile and impressive look.

Low Fade Haircut

The low fade hairstyle begins just above the neck and ear. It adds more texture to the hair on the sides and produces a subtle effect. This hairstyle is great for men in a corporate office setting.

Now you can easily compare high fade vs low fade or low fade vs high fade and mid fade vs low fade.

Taper vs. Fade

Most barbers use the terms taper and fade. What they mean when they say taper is that they leave some hair, but when they say fade, they cut the hair short enough to blend it with the longer hair.

How to Give a Fade Haircut

The skin fade style gives a modern and clean look with shaved sides. It is easy to maintain and looks perfect for both summer and spring. You can wear it to a number of occasions.
To get the skin fade done, the hairdresser gradually shortens and makes buzz fade. You must make sure that the stylist is experienced. The hairdresser must also make sure that the hair on top of the head is longer.

Skin Fade Variations

Fade with Hard Part

Although this hairstyle is simplistic and has a classic look to it, it also has a retro-contemporary touch. Comb your hair with light products like wax or pomade to create a style. For more volume, you can blow-dry the hair. To start styling the hair, it can be towel dry. It is important to find a natural part in your hair and comb it through while creating a divide and combing one side.

Fade with Pompadour

This style was very fashionable in 2016. In combination with the new and old, it is versatile and gives you a surprisingly new look. This style has a slightly longer look.


This style is similar to the fade with a pompadour.


If you have hair with natural curls, it will give your hair a voluminous appearance.

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