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When I want to smile, I go to Bellisimos Hair

Hayley B.

My Hair is better now than when I was in my twenties

Jane J.

There is a good reason why I am here weekly

Joy K.

The standards are too high to compare. I’m impressed with Bellisimos

Zoe P.

Everytime I am in Cardiff for Work, I spoil myself and book an appointment with Bellisimos Hair

Spear C.

At last, I have a great hairdresser’s and they serve extras

Alex D.

If you love nice things and nice Hair, you will love Bellisimos Hair

Bonnie R.

If you have “Short Hair” look no further #experts

Ruth A.

I like the finer things and Bellisimos Hair is now part of my day to life

Taylor G.

My Hair Colour and restyle was not of this world

Cherry H.

Guests of Bellisimos

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