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Vegan Hairdressers

Vegan Hairdressers Cardiff

Happiness is our ultimate goal. But it depends on so many factors. You feel so much happier when you are able to buy a quality product or getting a high-end service. When it comes to hairdressing, the value you are probably looking for is great quality service and amazing results for your hair thereafter. And if you are getting VIP services at an affordable price. Its like moon on your hand, right?If you want an elegant service, there is no better place to get all these than in the Bellisimos Hair Salon.

We are located at the center, of Cardiff City, in the beautifully designed Cardiff’s Wyndham Arcade. Though, we are located in the center which is known as a commercial or business place. But we believe a long term relationship with a customer. So treats you with full royalty, it gives you an experience like no other can offer you when you visit.The building has so much variety shop, you do not need to worry about you are going to do after your hairdressing is done. Bellisimos Hair Salon is geared entirely towards customer happiness and satisfaction.

Vegan Hairdressers
Vegan Hairdressers
Vegan Hairdressers

Vegan Hairdressers Experience

Our salon is well decorated with beautifully crafted white furnishings.  The luxury and comfy feeling you get is unparalleled. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and can relax as you want. We provide a clean atmosphere beefing up with tranquility, for you as a customer to ensure that you are safe and satisfied. When we say we want to make you happy, we mean it. And so we have a lot of qualified hairdressers waiting to serve you.

Here you have a ‘Champagne Experience’, where can enjoy the bubbly taste of a glass of champagne every time you visit Bellisimos Hair salon. There are coffee and tea for you depending on your preference. This is to ensure that you are completely taken care of and treated with the royalty that you so rightfully deserve.

Our Stylists

We have the best of the best hairdressers in Cardiff. They are certified with many years of experience. They also know the latest hairstyle and trends as well. So there is nothing to worry about. Everything you want we are able to serve here. Any hairstyle will get done with high quality and you will be amazed at how efficient and amazing it gets done.If you have any doubt in our mind, you can check it out. We provide you with every information about our hairdressers that you seek. That is their specializations, qualifications and even their certifications. This is to ensure that you feeling secure and guarantee that we provide the best of quality services.We have all the technical equipment, and our hairdresser knows well how to use them. Also, they use the world best-recognized products. If you are a product lover and need some to buy then, Bellisimos Hair Salon is the right place for you. We can help you with the amazing products that we use and sell. We are vegan-friendly hairdressers, offering vegan hair treatments and at the same time sell them within the Salon.

We have amazing products with the amazing benefits on your hair and so you will not want to go anywhere else. There are actually not many salons out there offering vegan treatments and that is why we are utterly unique.


There are very few people out there who didn’t hear of the name “Keune”. These are products speak quality just by the mention of the name. Some of our amazing vegan products include products from Keune. The pure balance of their products with amazing scents will make you fall in love while at the same time give you an amazing look.Since its time of birth in 1922, it has not stopped to think of the customer and thus give the safest products and still maintain a great sense of elegance. That’s why this is a trusted brand. Also, there is luxury and gentleness and that is why we choose Keune. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the amazing salon and having your hair done with top-notch products like those from Keune at Bellisimos Hair Salon

Why Do We Use Vegan Products?

We understand that everyone need and the taste is different. One of the main reason for using vegan products is that everyone is welcome at our salon. From expectant mothers to those with very sensitive skin. Everyone is cared for with a touch of gentleness and warmth from our hairdressers. We want to give you the best and purest of everything and that is why we invest in these amazing products. We believe that all is not about profit but giving quality and creating memories and experience for our customers.

You probably think that all these amazing services might be pricey. But this is another specialty of ourselves. We provide you a luxury service with an affordable price. With pocket-friendly prices, you will be left wishing that you had found Bellisimos earlier. The services are affordable and you have no reason to settle for poor quality services elsewhere. You should not worry about high prices that will strain your budget.

Cardiff Hair Salon

Imagine having your hair done with the best-qualified hairdressers and top of the world vegan products. As you enjoy the wonderful taste of your champagne, tea or coffee in a cozy fabulous atmosphere. You have nothing to worry about except that you will want to spend the whole day here. Amazing isn’t it?

Just make a visit in Bellisimos hair Salon and you get all these in one place. We are here to make your inner beauty glow as you can walk every street with confidence. Get the value for your money here and you will not at any point regret. First impressions last, make your best first impression by getting your hair done at Bellisimos Hair Salon.

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