American Wave

American Wave

American Wave can produce a soft, natural-looking wave and curl patterns to enhance your natural beauty. This hair product increases the volume of the hair, adds volume to the hair, and makes the curls look. Hairdressers can make editorial hair setting techniques for fashionable looks using American Wave.

At Bellisimos, you can easily find a bunch of products to take care of your hair. They reduce the stress on the hair, smoothens the cuticle, and enhances the wave and curl patterns.

A Brief History:

Nick Arrojo and his senior texture specialists created this revolutionary salon service. At one time, nobody cared about the toxic odors, formaldehyde, and multi-pronged tongs. However, Nick Arrojo and his team are experts at achieving texture and personality in anyone’s hair.

They studied the different hair types, shapes, and styles, the different ways to cut, how to color and style hair, etc. They worked hard to improve the visual effects of textured hairstyles. Finally, in 2011 they decided to return to sexy waves, bouncy shapes, and curvy styles.

After a lot of research, they found a quick, easy, and damage-free permanent, modern, and ionic technology that improves the hair texture. The fashion world got the “American Wave” as a solution that styles the hair easily. With American Wave, you can add more volume, loose waves, make big curls, and reduce the texture to maintain the integrity of the natural shape. The entire process is fun, and the after-care is easy. American Wave makes you feel better and younger.

American Wave Type:

American Wave effectively gives you a wave and curl, volume and fullness also. It can make your hair more or less wavy or curly.

The Beach Wave:

This is a combination of straight and wavy textures. It creates the sexy, tousled beach waves at the forefront. This style is easy to create. Using a curling iron, flat iron, or a headband, you can easily achieve a cool style. This effortless style will give your hair a much-needed break from the heat.

Expanded Wave and Curl Patterns:

If you want to expand your hair texture this is the best choice for you. It is a resilient, dynamic wave, and creates curls patterns that are fabulous and full.

Color Wave:

With the help of this natural waving system i.e. the American Color Wave, hairdressers can apply some editorial setting techniques that make bombshell waves. This hairstyle is very compatible with blonde and other dynamic hair colors.

Treatment Process:

American Wave hair treatment is a relatively new technique. Its application allows hairdressers to create amazing hairstyles. With American Wave, you can successfully control frizz, create texture on colored hair, make hair more or less wavy, and add volume and depth to limp or fine hair.
This hair service is not like a classic 80s, as it does not rough the cuticle or making it swell. Gentle editorial hair setting techniques makes the hair fabulous and full without eucalyptus smells.

Step 1:

Firstly, the hairdresser makes you comfortable. They make you sit properly then they cap it up or suit up your hair. In this process, you have to put towels around your neck and wear a hair cap. It makes sure that none of the solutions drips down on you. After that, the hairdressers go forward to the next step.

Step 2:

The process involves the use of perm rods. Generally, most of the salons use two different rods; one is purple color and the other is gray color. The purple rod is larger than the gray one. The hair expert rolls some of the hair backward and some of the hair forwards. It creates a natural variation. If you have a sensitive scalp, be ready for that because you may experience some strain on your scalp.

Step 3:

Now you have to cover all the edges of your hairline with thick cotton, as it effectively holds of the waving solution. In this particular step, your expert hairdresser saturates each rod with the American wave ionic solution and put a plastic cover over your head.
Then you can enjoy the beautiful environment or check social media as you have almost 15 minutes before starting neutralizing and rinsing steps.

Step 4:

When the break time is over you need to apply the neutralizer, before rinsing your hair. Then you rinse your hair and remove all the perm rods.

Step 5:

At this stage, the American Wave process is almost complete. Now you can dry your hair and set your hair with a diffuser.

First, try a towel to dry your hair, after that, if you want can use a hairdryer and a diffuser. Moreover, the final process involves finger combing and air-drying your hair. Congratulation! You have a new gorgeous look.


American Wave will make your hair look better. The important reason why most of the people want this style is that they like the way it looks and does not want straight hair.

Using this technique will add more volume to your hair. If your goal is to boost the volume, then you are on the right track. Generally, girls with thin hair often do it in order to make hair look thicker and better.

American Wave reduces the need for styling your hair. You can save a lot of time every day and get more sleep instead of trying to fix your style every morning.

After Care:

• American Wave will continue to oxidize the hair for 48 hours, so avoid shampoo until 48 hours have passed.

• You can gently loosen the scalp and the hair working from nape to top and ends up to roots with your fingers. You can use a wide-tooth comb. However, avoid brush on wet or dry hair.

• You have to use a conditioner and rinse the hair on a daily basis. You can use a gentle, non-stripping shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.

• Do not vigorously rub the scalp for ten days, but you have to use gentle rotary movements along the length of the hair.

• You can use a moisturizing conditioner where required. Gently comb through with a wide-tooth comb if necessary, but carefully work from nape to top and ends up to roots.

• After the process is complete, for at least one week do not tie the hair tightly in a ponytail or secure with a hair elastic or headband.

• Also, avoid metal clips for at least one week because it will cause indents in the hair.

• The effects of the New American Wave will last approximately 3-4 months’ depending on your hair length and type. Over time, it will soften and will not produce a strong demarcation line.

• To maintain the Wave, you can do this hair treatment up to three times in one year.

American Wave Consultation:

After treatment, the curls pattern will loosen about 20% in the first few months. It will gradually lose to 90% in one year. You can redo Waves up to three times in one year to maintain.

In addition, you have to choose some aftercare products carefully for cleansing and conditioning. In that case, an expert will help you to find the right products according to your hair type. You have to use a chemically safe product that offers more structure and moisture.
You can consult with our expert beauticians. During your appointment, our stylist will prescribe the best cleansing, hydrating and setting products for your hair. Our professional may also show you how to style your hair properly to achieve the best results of the wave and look your best.

After Care Product:

American Wave has a six-piece product line that sets the new gold standard in care and styling for textured hair. They have a hyper-luxe, prestige product collection especially made for heavenly waves and curls.


Apply American Wave when you need to rehydrate the hair to restore the moisture balance for perfect curl formation and definition. Rehab shampoo can produce great results. It can add enough moisture, not more or less, using an exotic blend of botanicals.


This product mainly detangles and softens the textures with a blend of botanicals and oils. It makes sure the curls are easier to manage and control with nourishing moisture to keep away frizz. Therefore, you can create bounce, shape, and lots of sheen.


It is a leather-free cleansing conditioner. Rogue can successfully provide moisture replenishment, enhanced your wave, curl definition, and color radiance. In addition, it keeps hair clean and refreshed. It removes unwanted build-ups without stripping natural oils that can damage or dryness your hair.


Hypnotic provides the strength for textures to form a full, curvaceous shape. Hypnotic keep curls hydrated, defined, soft, and shiny. In addition, it improves textural definition, makes abundant, resilient, energized waves.


It has a unique gelled-oil formula that strengthens curls and beats away frizz without build-up or greasy residue.


Structure Styling Cream moisturizes the hair cuticle, reducing split ends and strengthens weak hair. Moreover, it adds body, shine, and texture.


It is a spray, which adds texture and shine to the hair. Glint has luxe moisturizers to repair dry ends that protect your hair and gives limber shapes and styles.


If you have a dream of having tantalizing texture, luscious waves, and magnificent curls try American Wave. Moreover, if you badly want amazing results to visit our salon. With the help of American Wave, our professionals bring that dream to a reality. After the treatment, you will enjoy this amazing hairstyle for the next three to five months.

Proper aftercare product gives you a feeling that you just did American Wave after every wash. It gives you natural texture, beachy softness, and lived-in waves.

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