Keune, is a company built with a tight-knit group of real people re-energising the professional hair-care industry and having fun doing it. That means supporting you, the customer in every way, whether that’s with products or consultation. Together, we’ve got this.

Keune is an international brand available in over 70 countries, but they’re no soulless multinational. Keune does business with a personal touch because they care about you.


Bond Fusion

Bond fusion is a product line in which one becomes attached to quite immediately. This treatment ‘Bond Fusion’. It is an extreme healing and helps repairs your damaged hair with every use. It can become quite addictive once it’s been used. What’s not to love about healthy, beautifully conditioned, coloured hair?
Bond Fusion’s unique protein fusion system bonds, builds and boosts your hair’s inner structure.
A premium bond boost service providing salon clients with strong, healthy hair by creating new bonds and protecting the inner structure of the hair.

So Pure – Pure Hair Wellness Without Concessions

Vegan friendly and an exclusive line of professional hair cosmetics for hair and soul.

We all long for a moment of tranquility and harmony
to indulge with the best…
And the best is pure.
In what you eat
In what you do
and in everything around you.

Carefully crafted natural products allowing us to follow a powerful philosophy that places these within your salon experience. From start to finish through the consultation, the cleanse, care, treatment and styling of your hair, So Pure qualified hairdressers is able to offer advice on diagnosing, applying and caring for your hair using products from across all 8 regimens of this range;

CALMING – soothes hair & soul
COLOUR CARE – preserves color treated hair
COOLING – refreshes hair & scalp
ENERGIZING – helps to prevent hair loss
EXFOLIATING – removes flakes & prevents new flaking
MOISTURIZING – moisturises & balances dry hair & scalp
MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL – oil treatment for smooth & shiny hair
STYLING – Style & reconstruct hair

Liquid Gold – All So Pure products are enriched with certified organic Argan Oil.
Better known as Morocco’s liquid gold.
Argan Oil is suffused with vitamins and provides an excellent source of antioxidants.
The high concentration of Vitamins and Omega-6 moisturises hair and scalp to ensure extra protection.
Free From:
Artificial fragrance
Animal derived materials (vegan friendly)


With Great Care Comes Great Hair.
Keune Care is the key to giving your clients the healthiest hair imaginable. This extensive professional care treatment features top-notch products enriched with essential minerals that intensely nourish the scalp. In turn, a soothed, healthy scalp ensures healthy hair.
An essential mineral complex is developed according to long-established scientific practices and principles. The complex is made up of 5 different minerals that work together treating the hair and nourishing the scalp.
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Silcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium

Scientific Heritage | The Right Regimen

We’ve been changing hair for the better since 1922. We’ve only ever trusted ingredients and formulas with a proven record of safety and efficiency.
No matter the hair concern, the best way to deal with it is at the roots. That’s why Keune Care products are enriched with active ingredients that promote a healthy scalp, which is essential to healthy locks. Most people have more than one type of hair concern. What can we do to help them? Keune Care can be combined with different products to design a unique custom regime for beautiful healthy hair.

Keune Blend

Revamped And Renewed Blend Is Here.

Individuality is a thing to be celebrated.
That’s where Keune Blend comes in.
Smooth it, crunch it, pin it up, do it your way.
Created for the free spirit, there is a unique blend out there for everyone.

Blend is top shelf mixology

Mash up your hair. Mess it up, Mould it, make it completely your own. Grab two, three, four or as many Blend products as you want to invent a whole new look. Blend works better together.

Blend Inspiration

Trends come and go, but with Blend you can change this instantly. To spark professional creativity we’ve created eight international blend looks inspired by eight different cities. Daring Detroit, Lovely London, Seductive Soa Paulo, Serene Stockholm, Sturdy Sydney, Twisted Tokyo, Philadelphia Perfect and Amazing Amsterdam.

Keratin Straightening – Next Generation Hair Straightener

Silky straight hair will never go out of style. We know you love your curls and waves (so do we!), but if you’d like to switch it up we’ve got just the thing. Meet our Keratin Straightening Rebonding System.

It’s designed for those with curly or frizzy hair wanting long-lasting, polished, straight hair that’s easy to manage. Keune Keratin Straightening Rebonding System is a super-effective treatment that transforms your hair into polished, sleek tresses that you can enjoy for months to come.

The Keratin Straightening Rebonding Technology reshapes the hair effectively and safely. Straightening Cream with Kera-glide complex ensures safe rebonding and optimal conditioning during the treatment. The Neutralization Cream rebalances the hair to ensure bonds are closed. The deeply conditioning formulas moisturise the hair while making it manageable and shiny.

Keratin Straightening Rebonding System is an easy-to-use professional straightening treatment that delivers spectacular results and intense conditioning. It’s 100% formaldehyde-free and enriched with keratin and silk proteins. Keune Keratin Straightening Rebonding System is available in 2 formulas: Normal and Strong, so there’s a fitting treatment for every hair type.

1922 Mens

The product line 1922 is brought to you with pride by three generations of Keune Men – A tale of Guts Glory and three Generations.

It all began back in 1922 in Amsterdam, when a young chemist named Jan Keune developed an innovative formula for a liquid perm. This made his company the first European manufacturer of this particular product. Today, Jan Keune’s eponymous brand, Keune Haircosmetics, is used in more than 70 countries by hundreds of thousands of barbers and stylists.

A Range Built On…

Dutch Craftsmanship

A tightly edited grooming collection that will form the backbone of your barbering services. Devised and developed under one roof in The Netherlands for optimum quality control.

Apothecary Heritage

Steeped in history. Built on dreams. We will never forget where we come from. 1922 by J.M. Keune is a homage to our founder, a daring chemist from Amsterdam.

Colour Curation

Meet our fuss-free colour products. The processing time is quick – only five minutes – so you can get on with your day. The shades vary from Dark Brown to Medium Blonde. The end result is a low-maintenance, natural camouflage. The range includes a special colour activator, formulated to perfection.

Cleansing and Conditioning Collection

1922 by J.M. Keune hair care products are the new cleansing and conditioning essentials that will form the backbone to your unique grooming routine. They’re designed to work together to optimise hair and scalp, so both are in prime condition before you even think about cutting, colouring or styling.

Grooming Essentials

Whether the look you’re going for is clean-shaven or a full beard, 1922 by J.M. Keune offers solutions that’ll bring the best out of your client’s hair and skin.

Styling Staples

After a great cut, reach for these uncomplicated styling and restyling staples that work hard to further enhance and define the hairstyle.

Ingredients That Work

Our scientists have gone above and beyond to ensure our products actually do what they’re supposed to: bring out the best of your hair. Where possible, the range contains Creatine and Hemp.


A distinctive look starts with Keune design – Featuring some of the best selling Keune products. Neatly separated into two clear categories, Design is simple to understand, easy to get results and always makes for elegant hair.

Design Styling – for shine, hold, grip and fix.
Design Care – to cleanse, condition and to deliver volume every time.

All design care products are colour safe

All Design Style products contain DLP2.
The Double Layer Protection System consists of 2 layers that reinforce each other for protection against external influences.

Products with this logo protect the hair during styling with the blow-dryer, curling iron and straightening iron.


Find your “Va Va Voom” at your Cardiff Salon!

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