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Bellisimos Hair believes that it’s a shame people have such experiences trying to get their hair cut. We believe that as the client, you deserve to be treated like royalty. We demand excellence from ourselves for our customers, and in your position, we would expect nothing less other than what we call the “Champagne Experience”

Bellisimos Hair is proud to be located inside Cardiff’s Wyndham Arcade, which was built in 1837.

It is a timeless building that is full of character and life, and that classy, energetic feeling transfers over to our staff and services. Based in the heart of Cardiff you will find an array of restaurants and shops to visit before or after your hairdressing appointment with us. We are situated inside a beautiful arcade full of personality and beautiful places to eat and drink. We pride the location of this hairdressers as it is second to none. You will be pleasantly surprised by many aspects of your time here.

Home to the finest of Hairdressing are the luxury brand who believe primarily in customer satisfaction and ensuring heads turn, post hair care. We want you to enjoy your time with us and do what we can to help you feel your best. You will arrive to a warm welcome and a beautiful setting.

We are a vibrant hairdressers in Cardiff and love what we do. We aim to please and want you to be excited to come back again or to be asked to visit you.

Bellisimos Hairdressers is a fabulous local Hair Salon. With crisp white furnishings and Champagne with each visit, it is a pleasure to sit and be pampered. Of course if Champagne isn’t to your taste there are plenty of other hot and cold beverages to choose from.

Bellisimos Hairdressers take pride in everything they do, all staff are fully qualified with experience in the techniques they offer. You’re in safe hands always.



At Bellisimos, we believe you should receive the service that you deserve. That’s why we provide all of our clients with knowledge of our hairdresser’s certifications, specialization, and qualifications. No matter what you’re looking to have done, we have somebody who can provide you with the services you need. At Bellisimos Hair we believe that products are a key factor in ensuring your hair looks and feels it’s best! Without investing in the best, then the best cannot be achieved.

Hairdressers are artists, they work with hair They can change the entire look with the power of their creativity. They can use their creative energy to do something great

Bellisimos Hair professional Cardiff stylists ready to pamper you and gives you a high-quality service.  We are the home of an absolutely beautiful, luxury, experienced hairdressers in cardiff city centre. Situated inside Cardiff’s picturesque Wyndham Arcade. 

All our hairdressers know how to use their creativity to make their clients look great. Customers who have looked the same for years often want to make changes, but do not know how to do it. With a creative eye, we can offer them the solution they have been looking for regarding their hair.

This requires a lot of year practice and a good education. Also, you have to know how to take advantage of that creativity. That ability is what will make people turn to you. People love it when a hairdresser can use their inspiration and create great things. Customers want to do something special for them. Our stylists are always devising many new styles according to the personality and lifestyle of the customers.

Our very friendly hairstylists are knowledgeable and amazing at what they do, If you are looking to revamp your style and boost your confidence, then the Bellisimos team can help you from a range of Hair popular styles, colors, and products you can enjoy the best treatment at this Hair Salon. Also, it is a beautiful places to eat and drink, with lovely surroundings. We ensure you get the best services at an affordable price.

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We stock a variety of amazing products that leave your hair feeling like brand new. To name a few we use Redken, Kerastase, Keune, Aveda and many more! Bellisimos Hair is the hairdressers in Cardiff that you will be happy to have stumbled upon. We want the best for our customers always. You see, the word Bellisimo is Italian for beautiful. And after a great hairdressing experience, beautiful is exactly how you should feel. Our mission is not to try and convince our clients that they can only be beautiful if they buy certain products; instead, our goal is to help our clients release the inner beauty they already have.

Hairdressing With Creative Skills

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We believe that hairdressing should be an event filled with luxury, empathy, and excellent services. To this effect, when you come into Bellisimos, you will be awaited by friendly faces and your preference of tea, coffee or champagne as well as by our friendly and efficient staff. We pride ourselves on the standard of hygiene that we maintain in our salon. Too often, salons can feel filthy, as though the venue matters less than the services it provides. At Bellisimos, we do not believe that our location is merely a means to an end. We are dedicated to providing all of our clients with a luxurious, clean, caring atmosphere that will make you truly feel like royalty. 


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Bellisimos Hairdressers in Cardiff
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by Vanessa on Bellisimos Hairdressers in Cardiff

My first visit to the salon and its certainly not my last. Natasha listened to what I said and did exactly what I asked for. The result was amazing and I left very happy. I have received very positive comments about the cut. I will definitely be coming here from now on. Thanks

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The amazing products line KEUNE is exclusive to us hairdressers in Cardiff city centre. Keune is second to none when it comes to luxury hair care. With all of Keune’s products carefully manufactured with the customer in mind, it certainly won’t disappoint. Established in January of 1922 by certified chemist Jan Keune, Keune has stood the test of time, striving for elegance and quality to be maintained. Jan was the first developer of the very popular “Perm” ever in Europe! In 1927 Salons worldwide began using this formulated product all thanks to the remarkable chemist. Keune tailor to over 70 countries and have a strong standing of 95 years to date!

You’re in safe hands, and have come to the right place if you care for your hair and extensions

The professional salon team has been hand selected to make sure we have experts across each discipline in hair colour and cuts, enabling us to bring a touch of genasaqua across our treatments and services which include our infamous curly hair.

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Out of hours, 24/7 appointments may be requested


Why Chose Bellisimos Hairdressers

There are many reasons that should persuade you to come to our Bellisimos hair studio, including:

When you reach our studio be assured that you will receive classy and elegant service from our qualified staff. Expect to be treated with royalty status. We also served hot and cold beverages.

With many years of experience, our staff will treat with courteous, honesty, decency and reliability. They are always available whenever you need them.

Our staffs are highly trained with many years of experience in hairdressing. They understand how to handle customers and the need to retain the trust of loyal customers.

Before and after your hairdressing expect a warm reception from our employees. Restaurants and shops are also around to make your day great. The service you will get will definitely increase your confidence and smile.You can always count on Bellisimos for quality service in hairdressing. Find a time and contact us. You can also visit our website to get more information about us.

Bellisimos Hairdressers in Cardiff Town Centre. A hairstyle can give you confidence and power to present yourself as you want. Professional hairdressers will stylize your hair and give you an appearance that suits your face and personality. It is much more important to have a perfect haircut on a special occasion or event.In Cardiff, you can find a lot of hairdressers but finding an expert one can be tricky. You will be able to find some that provide excellent styles, it could be quite expensive. On the other hand, you will also find some that offer their services at a reasonable price.

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