///Best Keratin Treatment at Bellisimos

Best Keratin Treatment at Bellisimos

Best Keratin Treatment at Bellisimos

Most women, reportedly Meghan Markle as well, share the secret to smooth, healthy, and shining hair. That secret is finally out and it is keratin treatment. However, where do you get the best keratin treatment in Cardiff to have a celebrity look? What is the keratin treatment and what does it do? There are many mysteries surrounding keratin treatment, so let us explain it a bit.

Brazilian Hair Straightening Explained

Brazilian Blow Out or Brazilian Hair Straightening is a hair smoothening process that coats the outer layer of the hair temporarily. The result is frizz-free hair, with more shine and a decreased need for blow-drying the hair each time.

Unlike the keratin treatment, the Brazilian Blow Out leaves the hair lighter and reduces the volume of the hair. It helps calm the curls, making your hair look a lot better and almost naturally straight.

Is the Keratin Straightening Treatment better vs. Brazilian Hair Straightening

Most people ask us for a professional opinion on which of these is better. Let us explain the difference so you can decide which one is better for you and your hair type.

After a Brazilian Blow Out, your hair will be softer and lighter. There will be shine and the frizz-free look and amazing fall of the hair. Styling the hair will be much easier as compared to curly hair. In fact, later on, you will find it easier to blow dry and iron your hair on a daily basis.

On the other hand, the keratin straight treatment will create much straighter and sleeker hair. They will not look as voluminous as they do with the Brazilian Blow Out. At the same time, the keratin treatment products will make the hair much easier to manage. Post-treatment, you will have to continue using some special keratin treatment products.

One important point we would like to highlight is that the Brazilian Blow Out is usually a better treatment for transitioning hair textures after applying the keratin treatment products, relaxers, and other hair treatments.

The Keratin Straightening Treatment and Brazilian Blow Out Procedure

One notable difference between the Brazilian Keratin Treatment and the Keratin Straight Treatment is that the former takes 1-2 hours in the salon. The keratin treatment on the other side takes three hours or a bit more depending on the length and volume of the hair.

For both treatments, the hairdressers must first shampoo the hair and towel-dry them thoroughly, to clean the hair for great results. If you come to us for keratin treatment in Cardiff, the results will be great.

Keratin Straight Treatment Procedure

After shampooing and towel drying the hair, we blow-dry the hair to make it completely dry. Then we make sections in the hair and apply the keratin treatment products evenly, distributing the mixture evenly throughout the hair. For the best results, we allow the products to soak into the hair shafts. Deep soaking is very important. Then we blow-dry the hair and use the flat iron at 450F to iron the hair along the entire length. Then we ask you to leave the product on for at least three days before coming back to us for a wash and evaluation of the results.

One important tip we must insist on is that the procedure needs caution on previously dyed or treated hair. Applying the keratin treatment products on non-virgin hair can lead to flaked and even burned hair if you do not go to the right hairdressers. Experience matters and a newbie can harm the hair. This is why; if you have come to us for keratin straight treatment, then rest assured that, you are in safe hands. Before starting the procedure, we examine your hair and then apply the product and keep monitoring the progress to avoid unexpected damage to your hair. At Bellisimos, we care for you.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Procedure

In this process, we do not blow-dry the hair after towel drying. We apply the special Brazilian Blow Out product on the sections of the hair, just as we do it in the Keratin treatment procedure. Then we blow dry it and straighten it using a flat iron at 450F. After that, we rinse it thoroughly to make sure we remove the product from the hair. After that, we apply a deep conditioning masque. In the end, we blow dry it to get the best results.

Results from Both Treatments

After the Keratin Treatment in Cardiff, the hair looks smoother, is less in volume, and lighter than they were in their natural state. The frizz is gone for at least three months.

After the Brazilian Blow Out Treatment, the hair is also frizz-free, much “lighter” (compared to the Keratin treatment) and straighter. The curls will be nearly gone, though the hair retains the natural curls, looks, and feels much softer than before.

Both treatment procedures are customizable, and as explained earlier, we have to observe the hair to get the desired results.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment & Keratin Straight Treatment Reviews

What can you expect from your first Keratin treatment in Cardiff? If you have, virgin hair (never dyed or treated for anything), then you will have amazing, and longer-lasting results. It will change your life and looks completely in a great way. Expect awesome results.

However, for non-virgin hair, the results may not be as amazing as you expect, but this depends on the condition of your hair at the time.

If your hair is doing great, you can expect very good results, almost like that of the first-timer.

However, if you have previously applied other treatments or have neglected your hair too long, expect the results to be a bit less than perfect. They will be good results that may last for three months. After that, expect the curls and frizz to start returning.

Yes, if you got your keratin treatment in Cardiff we will give you some Keratin Straight Products for home care after the procedure. So you can rest assured that your hair will be healthier. Visit our Bellisimos Hair Salon so that we can examine your hair and give you the best guidance and treatment.

What is Next?

Evaluating the pros and cons of both procedures. They both use chemical products and both need post-treatment home care. In terms of cost, both of them may cost a bit more than other simple procedures, but the results are worth it in the end. What is most important is to let professional hairdressers near you do it for you.

We have years of experience in these procedures, which is why we can guarantee amazing results. Book your appointment with us today and let us get you started with the right hair treatment for you.

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