///Boyzone Cardiff

Boyzone Cardiff

BoyZone – A Band to Remember

Remember the good old days when music with impact was a huge thing. Somebody was actually making it just the right way? It could be a hazy memory, it is—for everyone. However, it’s not like art ever dies, and not so surprisingly, till date, it is heard and resonated everywhere. The good lot of Boyzone band had stolen hearts back then, and they continue to steal hearts. It is not just about looks and splendor, rather about creating art from their hearts and willing to put it out there oh-so graciously. These guys have been hitting the bars, breaking the bars, and setting the bars way too high.

Where it All Began

Starting out in the 1993, the group of five had stepped into the dreamy world to form a boy band. The group then consisted of Michael Graham, Keith Duffy, Ronan Keating, Shane Lynch and Stephen Gately. The aim of creating this band was to have an Irish version of ake That’. As soon as they began singing their hearts out, penning songs that had meaning and purpose, and creating music that was truly unique, people immediately caught onto them. From then on, these young men in Boyzone became an icon that several others began looking up to. And as usual, the school girls giggled and whispered about them, the old people began appreciating the new, and the hopeless found a great amount of hope on listening to them. Ah! The old good days.

Their debut album which was officially released in 1995, hit No.1 in the charts. Truly, they had made it big, and the love they received was needless to say, quite marvelous. Years had passed, and they released several albums such as– A different Beat, Where we Belong, By Request and Break and others. A lot had happened ever since then, they had all split up in the middle, and they came together again to perform in 2008. But just as how fine things come to an end. Stephen Gately had bid farewell to the world in 2009, and Boyzone went through a rough patch. The band then came back stronger and pulled off a few hits that were adored by their fan base in 2010. They’d had last released a few hits around 2013-14, and now they’re back again.

BoyZone are Coming to Cardiff

Boyzone members have had quite an impressive career mustering a large fan base over the years, who remain loyal to them even as of today. Most of their songs are considered to be a gem even now due to the meaning that they hold. But Boyzone decided to bid its farewell to the world and convey their hearty thanks to the world. The much acclaimed band that has won #1 UK album title for over 5 times, is now announcing its end in Cardiff by hitting the roads and performing their final show on the band’s 25th anniversary.

All the fans have been alerted and the tickets are selling better than any hot baked cookie for the grand and emotional night of the 4th of February. Cardiff, being the capital and the largest city of Wales. It was rightfully chosen to be the destination for this Irish band’s farewell performance. Cardiff is also a great tourist attraction. With over 21.3 million visitors in 2017, and that explains why this tour is going to set its mark there. The loyal fan base of Boyzone remains, and it does range all over the world. Their farewell tour is eagerly awaited, and to see them once again in all their fashion glory, is a whole another story.

BoyZone and Their Hairstyles

Nothing could ever make a fashion statement as much as one’s hairstyle or hairdo. Well, Boyzone is no different. They have been setting the bars way too high for other men since the 1990s. In fact, the reason why so many gushed over them was due to the good old gorgeous urtain’ and lick back’ hairstyles (which by the way, is still one of the favorites). Not to mention, the ever so loved uper gelled hair’ that the band managed to pull off so coolly. Over the years, they’ve kept up with the trends, from spikes to side-parted slick hairstyle- they could rock it all. And the fans are hoping they’re in for an electrifying surprise this February 4th too.

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