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Ask Your Barber

10 Things You Should Ask Your Barber

All men know this frustration of going to a new barber shop and getting your hair cut not as you wanted. We have managed to gather the actual cause for this dilemma. Which is lack of asking your barber some question. Which would make them understand about some important things regarding your hair.  If you think that barber near me could happen to cut my hair as I wanted, we want to give you an outreach about the barbershops in Cardiff Bay area that will really treat your hair like a gentleman should be. Let’s understand what are the top 10 things every guy should ask from his barber during a haircut.

Ask the Barber to Take a Photo of You

There are times when your barber did a remarkable job cutting your hair exactly like you wanted. But recreating the same masterpiece is difficult due to not enough reference. Everyone has experienced this sort of difficulty during our hair cut. A simple solution for this problem is to ask your barber to take a clear photo of your hair once he’s done. There are few barbers who have gain popularity by posting their client’s hair into their Instagram accounts. If you happen to forget or your barber doesn’t own a camera, just remember to take a selfie shot on your way home.

Whether a Particular Style Can be Done to my Hair

You happen to love a celebrity haircut and want to duplicate with your own hair. You go to your favourite barber shop and show the picture to your barber. Two things may come out of it, either you barber understood the reference and starts the work, without a word. Maybe can’t do it because of your hair’s compatibility with a celebrity-based style. It’s better to ask in advance that would it be possible to have this style on my hair. Your barber will surely consult you with best of his abilities.

What Brand are we Using?

Some product messes up your hair badly, and some doesn’t affect your hair much. There is a repellent force between a person and a brand which it doesn’t use at all. For your barber, its something unknown, and if he happens to have the same brand to use, your hair may get a hard time. Make sure you ask him which product he is using for your personal satisfaction.

Can it be Rapidly Restyled?

If you are a person who doesn’t have enough time to restyle his hair every day or you simply don’t feel like spending time on restyling. You must ask your barber this question. Will this style take time for restyling? This way, your barber can understand your preference and can give you a haircut that’s easy to restyle, just like you wanted.

Take More off From the Top?

Even if your barber is done with the work and brings a mirror to show you your hair at the back. You still ask them to trim more from the top. This is because at the end of the day, it’s you who must be satisfied with the hair cutting and getting some more taken off is how this works.

Can I Recreate This Style by Myself?

Barbers know about the technicalities involved in recreating a style at home with nothing but water and shampoo. Maybe some oil at your disposal. So if you want to go with a style and recreate it yourself for later, your barber knows exactly what to do.

What Style Suits me Best?

Let the barber share his views for a moment about which style suits you best with your hair. You may have thicker hair, or thinner, darker or lighter, so a style that you prefer might not suit you to its ultimate. Barber will judge better about other alternative ones.

When Should I Get a New Haircut?

Once you are all done for the day, make sure to find out after how much time should you leave before coming back for a new haircut. You might not feel it but, the style may get distorted if your hair is growing back. This will be retained only by asking your barber this very question.

Can this Style Work for Me?

You might be adoring a new style and desperately waiting for your barber to copy paste on your hair. Just for clarification, make sure you ask your barber about the compatibility with the new style on your hair. You may learn something new.

Can you Repeat That?

Depending on the skills level and experience of your barber. You might lose a discussion with your Barbara during the haircut. Perhaps he used a solid terminology that you do not have before being in the market, or simply not familiar with a new style. Anything which you think is not clear, just ask for further clarification.

Barbershops in Cardiff bay holds a special distinction in producing hairstyles of celebrities and renowned people across Wales and the United Kingdom. Make sure you visit us for that dreamy haircut you are expecting greatly to have.

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