///Hairdresser in Cardiff with Colours

Hairdresser in Cardiff with Colours

Hairdressers Cardiff That Use Foils and Cap Highlights

Are you want to try something new, Hairdresser in Cardiff with Colours? Like Highlighting using the latest techniques. If so! You are in the right place.

Bellisimos Hair can provide you the best services of Highlights in Cardiff. It is a process of introducing new colors to the hair. It’s used to color a few strands of hair without coloring the entire hair

Foils is one kind of insulators successfully protects hair from heat and traps heat and this leads to less exposure to heat. Its protects hair from heat damage caused by manipulating hair constantly using heat. This process also plays a vital role in retail moisture. It helps hair to retain enough moisture. If you want your hair to have a healthy look, then foils are for you. But to have a gorgeous looking highlighting hair, you have to make sure that it was done by a professional with the relevant skills. Because it requires a lot of skill and precision. After that, you have a fine finished look that is appealing.

Foil highlights consider one of the most coloring techniques in recent times. Who knows about this, always try it. It saves a lot of time. But finding an expert is a huge task. It requires enough practice and knows what to do and when. In that case, we have an expert who served a lot of people with their full satisfaction Hairdresser in Cardiff with Colours.

Also, Foil highlights intact for a long time. The insulation capacity of foils enables heat and moisture retention gives hair a youthful look for a longer period. It enables highlighted hair to be tolerant of all types of liquid and protects the damages of liquid spillage on hair. Foil highlights can you protect, even if it is a rainy day.


When you hear the name of ” Foil “, the first image tickle on your head is that; it is an aluminum foil that is used to keep food warm. Right?

But it has various uses. It can be successfully used for Coloring hair. If you are tired of your natural hair color, foils will also help you to change your hair color through popping highlights. To do so, one requires a brush, dye, and foils. Foils are used to separate hair strands that are being highlighted from those that are not. It is a simple technique. The hair above the foil is then highlighted by using a brush that comes with hair dye.

  • It brings the more natural-looking outcome. It helps an individual to create a new look. If applied correctly, one’s highlights can accentuate their natural looks.
  • The product gets greater scalp coverage and prevents loss of hair through constant heating. Frequent use of heat on hair weakens hair strands. The weak strands then start falling off.
  • It gives more visibility to the color processing due to the transparency of plastic wrap.
  • Easier to apply heat from a hairdryer.
  • More economical and doesn’t hurt you.
  • It can use more than one color. Colored hair brings out your youth. If you want to look young, highlights should be your friend.
  • It can get closer to your scalp and hairline. So you get the color exactly where you want it. Also, can create different sizes of light more easily.
  • The technique can be used with all kinds of hair.

It does not stress the hair. As the constant manipulation of hair can result in stress. Stress on hair results in weakened hair and eventual loss of hair. You do not face this trouble when using correctly.

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Highlighting Caps

In this process, the hairdresser uses special caps that allow the colorist to watch the color as it lifts in your hair. It allows the expert hairdresser to pull out hair strands from beneath the cap. Hair is pulled out by using hooks that come with the cap. So they can apply color through the entire length of your hair

Benefits of Cap Highlights

  • It is useful in creating an attractive highlight. Proper highlights can boost the color of your natural hair.
  • If your natural hair color getting pale by highlighting the hair in their natural shade. It can improve your natural color and can produce you a different color from your natural shades.
  • It also gives an individual a more youthful look. As we grow older, our hair may take up a new color. To solve this issue, you can use cap highlights to bring back the youthful color of their hair.
Which One Should I Choose?

Both Foil Highlights and Cap Highlights have some pros and cons. But Foil Highlights has more advantages over Cap Highlights. You have to choose according to your requirements. It is also important to go for a method that is friendly to your budget. If finances limit one, then cap highlights are the way to go.

  • Foil highlights give a more professional look than cap highlights. Because it is done by a professional.
  • Foil highlights are also able to last longer than cap highlights.

so you can chose us Hairdresser in Cardiff with Colours

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