///Hairdressers Cardiff Near Hayes Apartments

Hairdressers Cardiff Near Hayes Apartments

Hairdressers in Cardiff Near Hayes Apartments

Nowadays, people are more attracted towards hair salon because of the facilities and the services provided by them. In the past, they are most often used by the women but now men also attend salons to keep up with the trending fashion.

Hairdressers Cardiff

You can find numbers of salons in Cardiff City. It can be very difficult for you to choose the best hair salon. Some salon provide you with the high-end facilities. That will not able to satisfy the needs or the requirement of the customers. There may be a chance for damaging your style. Therefore, it is advisable to attend Bellisimos Hair, a trusted hairdressers in Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff near Hayes Apartments for safe hairdressing services.


Hairdressers in Wyndham Arcade Cardiff. Bellisimos Hair hire only the highest experienced, qualified and trained hairdressers for providing the hairdressing experience you deserve. With a collective of over ten years of hairdressing experience among the stylists. Our expert stylists will pamper your every need to ensure your requests are fulfilled. As you sit in our luxury salon you will have the opportunity to indulge yourself with fine beverages and nibbles.

Hayes Apartments Cardiff

High-end hair salon located in Wyndham Arcade, which is near the Hayes Apartments. It is run by reputable hairdressers who provide you with best services that every customer feels fully satisfied. after. We have highly trained and qualified experts that provide you with the best hairdressing services. Aside from this, you can also many interesting things about a certified hairdresser. We will always use the best quality hair products, which do not contain the higher ratio of chemicals. We also try to focus to use only the skin care products which always provides a good result. Our main objective is to satisfy the customers so that they will come repeatedly for a service.

The expert’s hairdressers in Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff near Hayes Apartments provides a special service that offers permanent styles for your hair.

If you live in or near the Hayes Apartments in Cardiff City, and you are looking for a salon that will treat you with the same luxury as your home. Then Bellisimos Hair is the salon for you. Just a stones through away from the Hayes in Cardiff. Bellisimos Hair is situated in the centre of Wyndham Arcade. On foot if would take you less then ten minutes walk from your front door to ours. If you would like to save time and would like to clarify an appointment you can call us up on 029 2199 0634.

Hairdressers Cardiff Near Hayes Apartments
Salon Services

1. SHAMPOOING – People don’t have much understanding of how to shampoo their hairs that help them good health conditions. The hairstylists know better how to wash your hair and also apply the shampoo. Women usually prefer shampooing their appearance in a hair salon because they use the branded hair care products with the best services. They also have the experienced and the skilled team whose motive is to offer the best facilities to the clients.

2. HAIRCUTTING – If you are picking a salon for haircutting and also hair colouring, you can get the many benefits in comparison to the regular barbershop. The haircutting specialists at the salon will take excellent care of your look and they always provide you with the unique hairstyle which makes a better impression and looks good on your face cut.
There are more chances for a haircut to go wrong in a normal hair salon because they will not have the expert hairdressers to provide you with the best and safe haircut. You should always remember that always go for the best or top salon in Cardiff for a better hairdressing service.

3. HAIR COLOURING – Now, hair colouring has become prevalent in recent times amongst the people. Because People like to colour their hair-look for the better look and appearance. Like some people have black hair and they will want another hair colour.

When you get the service from the hair colouring experts, your style will look better and natural and they also provide the facility of permanent hair colouring.

4. SKIN CARE SERVICE – Salon also provides the facility of the skin care for the customers with the help of experienced professionals. The skin care services include facials, bleaching and also treating skin conditions. Facials are performed according to skin hardness. Hairdressers located in Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff near Hayes Apartments not only provide their services to the individual customer. They also provide their services to those people who are attending any family function or any wedding party and provides the best offers to the customer in a wedding session

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