///Great Hairdressers Around Cardiff

Great Hairdressers Around Cardiff

Great Hairdressers Cardiff

Guy Christian Salon

Many well-known salons are located here and there in Cardiff city. So if you are looking for a haircut, there are many options available to you. Firstly, you have Guy Christian hairdressers. The salon is based across Cardiff in three locations: Cardiff City Centre, the Bay, and Cwmbran.Guy Christian is famous for professional level hair styling and coloring. Prices for cutting and finishing range from between £35-£55, coloring from between £50-£85, conditioning from £15-£25 and finally, the Brazilian blow dry price range starts from £140.

Bauhas Hair Salon

Bauhas Hair Salon is another great Aveda hair salon. Founded in October 1994, based on the philosophy of dynamic coloring and precision cutting. They provide treatments for both men and women. They also offer children cuts, special afro hair styling, curling, conditioning and penetrating.They provide a full range of Aveda treatments and products, with 99% naturally derived colors. They are located in Cardiff City Centre, which was refurbished and re-opened in December 2015. The second location is the original salon, a few minutes from the Friary in Bakers Row.

Bellisimos Hair

Bellisimos Hair is one of the most popular hair salon in Cardiff City.  It is also located in the center of the city and surrounded by many restaurants and boutiques. They ensure all the hairdresser has the correct qualifications and certifications so that the client has access to the highest quality of services.

They are proud to partner with “Keune”. It is an international brand found in over 70 countries. They provide Bellisimos with an array of products such as “Bond Fusion”. It is a hair repair product which works on damaged hair through its unique protein fusion system bonds. It enhances the hair’s inner structure throughout the creation of new bonds. Even more impressive products are the vegan-friendly. So here you have pure hair cosmetic product. Also, consultation with an expert is available.

Other product including:

  • Pure Color Care for preserving hair color.
  • Pure Calming for soothing the hair.
  • Pure Energizing for halting hair loss.
  • Pure Moroccan Argan Oil for giving the hair its shine.

Bellisimos offer all services and treatments in the world of hair care. They feel proud to see the customer smiling face providing quality services and products.

Bellisimos Hair Partnerships
Great Hairdressers around Cardiff

Bellisimos maintain a partnership with many other international brands too. Another partner of Bellisimos is “Kerastase”. This brand product used proudly by many famous celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Penelope Cruz, and Madonna. Kerastase offers a vast selection of luxurious products for customers.They invented the Best Hair, it’s a hair protector which acts as a hat to protect hair from rain, snow, and wind. It makes use of L-Carnosine and Vitamin E, substances which stop nerve damage to enhance hair cuticle smoothness and hydration.

In a study, over 6000 participants expressed willingness to recommend to friends and family. It was given an impressive net promoter score of 80%.

Cardiff Hairdressers

Although there are a lot of hairdressers here and there, it still difficult to find a salon which provides high-quality services in luxury place with full royalty. In that case “Bellisimos Hair Salon” is a perfect solution for you.It located in the center of Cardiff City, inside Wyndham Arcade, which was built in 1887. Bellisimos Hair offers a classy and energetic feeling just like the building making it.

Here you have the opportunity to shop or eat/drink because there are a lot of shops and restaurants. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. So we like to welcome you with champagne at every visit. If you don’t like champagne there are a variety of hot and cold drinks on offer, making us a great hairdresser in Cardiff. They also enjoy our exquisite interiors with white furnishings. The atmosphere in the hair salon is soothing and calm so that when you leave the salon you are relaxed from the pampering.This is truly the home for the finest hairdressing that ensures you leave heads turning. As we only employ a professional expert. You are in great hands, and you are guaranteed exceptional customer service from the staff who welcome you with warm smiles.

Bellisimos Hairdressers

If you are looking for straightening hair services, then Bellisimos in the place where you get the value of your money. We have an expert hairdresser for removing waves and curves. Our Brazilian blow out process ensures that Keratin is restored to your hair. We also use chemicals to permanently straighten your hair. We have perfected the art of blow drying your hair without causing damage to your hair.

If you have a tide schedule and want to hair dry services, in that we also ready to give that. If you are looking to add color to your hair try our Balayage treatment, in that technique you get the highlights as your heart desire. Our professional gives the treatment that can help you manage hair fall, dryness, dandruff, fizzy hair, thinning hair and many more depending on your hair type and ingredients used.We only use world class products. Bellisimos have a variety of hair masks, shampoos, conditioners, seems and hair oils. The products used by Bellisimos hairdressers have no specific side effects when used on your hair take good care of it. It can help your hair shiny and strong. So make a visit as soon as possible to explore your beauty

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