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Cardiff 10K

Cardiff 10K

The Cardiff 10K race is a race held in the Welsh Capital. It is organized by the Kidney Wales Foundation and its main aim is to raise funds for the foundation to help in their cause.

Over the years the race has attracted different teams and sponsors to support the race and the foundation in the long run. This year we have decided to partner up with the foundation for the 10K race. The race is open to all those who are interested both residents of Wales and visitors.

About the Race in Cardiff

The Cardiff 10K is wales longest running race. This year the race is scheduled to take place on Sunday 2nd September. The race has been predicted to be one of the biggest ever with over 10,000 runners expected to participate. The race has 10K and 2K entries.

The event will be on a brand new and City Centre route. The race will take runners on a scenic tour around Bute Park, following the River Taff into Pontcanna Field. These are some of the attraction of Cardiff City and the race is good for runners of all kind.

The 10K race age limit is 15 years. Runners get supplied with a racing kit or race packs before the date of the race. Runners are advised to read and follow all instructions about the race so as not to get disqualified for the race. The registered participants and finishers receive a medal and a gift pack.

The 2K race also called the family-run is for people of all ages but children under 8 years must be accompanied with an adult. This race offers families a great day of fun while running. The race starts before the 10K race and it is always fun to see parents, uncles, aunties, grandparents running together with the kids. This race is opened for everyone who wishes to participate in the event but is not yet ready for the 10k. All who register receive a t-shirt for the day and a medal.

Entry Prices

  • The entry fee starts from £22.50
  • For community teams that are about 4-6 runners from £100
  • Corporate teams 4-6 runners £295.00
  • The 2K fun run £5 and for the family-run £18 up to 4 entries with a minimum of 1 adult


If you are not running or cannot run for one reason or another, the race welcomes volunteers. There are different roles for volunteers on the day of the race some of which include working as race marshals, in the baggage tent, helping in the water stations, supporting runners or helping during racers handouts and medals. A volunteer is provided with a t-shirt, refreshments and they also to get to go on breaks. The minimum age required for a volunteer is 14. Volunteers between 14-17 years of age must have a parental consent filled out and be accompanied by someone who is 18 and above.

On the Day of the Race

On the racing day participants, all start at one point the 2K race start earlier than the 10k. Security of all participants is assured as they are racing gear is equipped with a tracking device that can enable live tracking on the day of the race. There is enough water supplied to all racers and medics are made available in cases of emergency.

All participants are expected to report on time and have the correct gear which is provided to them before the racing day. Remember to have fun.

Road Closure

Because of the race, several roads get closed so as to provide the racing track. This year the following roads will be affected:

On Saturday 1st September 2018 from 8.00 to 18:00 0n Sunday the following roads will be affected.

About Kidney Wales

Kidney wales dates back to 50 years ago. 1n 1967 the Cardiff Royal Infirmary Renal unit had almost no resources that could treat patients with kidney failure. The hospital had limited dialysis machines. With the growing number of kidney failure patients, it was becoming difficult to provide the much-needed treatment and management of kidney failure.

It is because of this reason why some businessmen offered to buy the hospital a dialysis machine. However, plans to have a dialysis unit had been taken up by the Welsh Hospital Board and the men were then advised to support a research meant to research and find treatment and cures for kidney diseases. This noble cause helped to set up a laboratory in the dialysis unit. The businessmen then formed the Kidney Research Unit for Wales Foundation (KRUF) in 1967. The foundation grew and gained sponsors to support the cause. KRUF supported many issues affecting kidney patients including transplantation, and kidney donor system for those who wished to be organ donors when they die.

This then after a lot of changes over the years has grown to become the now known Kidney Wales Foundation. The foundation still largely lies on the support of sponsors and donors and that is basically what the race is all about. Every donation goes a long way to help a kidney patient.

Meet the Sponsors

The Cardiff 10k is supported and sponsors by different organizations and companies. All these parties work together in order to make the race and its cause a success. They supply the necessary equipment and items needed for the race and the racers. This race is for charity and everybody is welcomed to come in and support the kidney foundation.

  •  Nation radio
  • Kidney Wales
  • Brecon Carreg. They are the official water suppliers for the race.
  • Cardiff Caerdydd
  • Run and Become
  • Eurobond
  • Sport Cardiff
  • Cardiff metropolitan university
  • Ar digital
  • James and Jenkins

Whether you are looking to run your personal best, improve on how you have run before, want to be involved in a fun adventure as you support a good cause or want to take part in some family fun with your children and relatives. The 10k family run is ideal for all. It will give you something to talk about. Cardiff 10K also provides training plans for both the beginner or for those who want to improve on their running for free. This you can download from the 10K website. Register today and start training to be part of this memorable day.

Find out more about Cardiff 10K or even take part in it itself.

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