///Hairdressers Cardiff Open Monday

Hairdressers Cardiff Open Monday

Cardiff Hairdressers Open Monday

The Bellisimos Hair Salon is open on Mondays too. Yes, you heard it right! Apart from our other opening days, we are open on Mondays too.We understand how stressful life has become nowadays. We hardly have time to relax. So whenever you get some time make a visit to Bellisimos Hair. It ensures customer satisfaction is the key. So that we accept you even if it is Monday. We like to offer you a Champagne. There are other hot and cold beverage are also available. The luxury environment catches your eyes too. So you can relax here. We also ensure you get a hairstyle that your heart desire. We believe that Monday being the start of the week, brings many good and positive vibes for a new start. So we are here to give you all the facilities on the day of Monday also.

Advantage of Bellisimos Hair

We are located in the Center of Cardiff City to provide you all kind of high-quality services related to the hair and beauty. We believe that you deserve the best service and hence we provide you the best look. You can select a hairdresser of your own because all the hairdresser has the proper specialization, certification, and qualification to provide you the best service.After choosing the best according to you. You can make them understand whatever you are looking for, no matter how much time it will take. At Bellisimos, you can get every facility of amazing haircut, beautiful and suitable hair color, re-bonding, straightening, keratin, blow dry and even more. Our stock of amazing products will make you feel like you have brand new hair.We have a partnership with the world best quality product company such as Redken, Kerastase, Keune and many more! Bellisimos believe that products are key factors for nourishing your hair and giving it the best look. That is the reason we use top class hair products and applies only which suits your hair quality.We used the word Bellisimos, which means beautiful in the Italian language. You will receive a beautiful hair look that’s for sure. We like to explore the inner beauty of yours. So that we always provide you the best services. We treat our clients as VIP and they always leave our salon with a happy mind and awesome look.Bellisimos hair has experience hairdresser with quality products. Because we believe that if we invest the best then only we can achieve the best. With the help of those factors, we can guarantee that the services you get here are not replaceable.

Hairdressers, Cardiff, Open Monday
Hairdressers, Cardiff, Open Mondays
Hairdressers, Cardiff, Open Monday

Bellisimos Hair

The Bellisimos Hair salon is located in the city of Cardiff, Wyndham Arcade, UK. It was established in 1837. The building is full of character and life. It will give you an amazing, energetic and classy feeling. Apart from your hairdressing appointment with us, you can also relish an array of restaurants and shopping centers. You will have a pleasant feeling by arriving here because we are proudly situated inside a gallery which is full of beautiful personality and places to eat and drink.

Bellisimos believe that our clients should deserve treatment like that of a royal person. The Bellisimos hair salon is home to the finest hairdressing, luxury, comfort, and top class brands, and classy infrastructure. We do all our best to feel you warm and comfortable and enjoy as we believe customer satisfaction.First of all, we welcome you with Champagne, just a sign of luxury and royalty services. If you want to taste something else other than Champagne, then we have other lots of cold and hot beverages from which you can choose your taste. We are vibrant hairdressers in Cardiff and we bet that you will come back again once you visit us. You will be pleasured to be pampered with crisp white furnishing also.

All the staffs are highly experienced and qualified. Don’t feel disturbed, you are always in safe hands. They like to listen to you and produce whatever you want. Here you can find the experienced hairdresser, good environment, and reasonable prices for the hair cut or hair design.

Do visit us on your leisure time. We are always here to provide you the excellent look!! Now we are even open on Mondays also, giving you more convenience. We bet that you will feel a champagne experience and you will love your visit. The Bellisimos Salon is a pure world class hairdresser.

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