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Are you looking for the best Hairdressers in Cardiff? Finding the right hairstylist is not an easy task. Once you embark on the actual search, it turns out to be a daunting experience overall. There are countless hairdressers in Cardiff City, but you cannot trust all of them. You need to explore the market meticulously to find a guru in the field. This would mean going place to place, interacting with the hairdressers, checking out the salons, and asking questions that mean a lot to you.

We are relatively new in the Cardiff market, but we possess unmatched skills that make us stand out from the crowd. These expert and respectable qualities make us the best hairdressers in Cardiff City Centre. This is why we feel proud to tell people that our customers have great reviews for us.

We believe that to succeed as a hairdresser, the ability to listen to the clients i.e. what his or his expectations are is a must-have. In fact, we are ready to listen in many ways. Before touching your hair, we check its health, evaluate how much more treatment it can withstand. After that, we discuss the approach we think is best for you and come to a consensus. This is something we do as a routine at Bellisimos. We value our clients, and that is why we listen to them attentively. We want to know what they want and create exactly what they need.

At Bellisimos, we understand that a client who walks out of our salon smiling will not only come back again but is also going to spread the gospel. This is what makes us different from the rest.

We Have the Ability to Make Visions a Reality

To become a successful hairdresser in Cardiff, we always stay on top of the latest trends. Great hairdressers can integrate new trends into their customers’ personal styles. Our hairstylists are not only creative but they are also highly knowledgeable in their specialization. When you suggest a particular hairstyle, our specialists modify it to something that you can never imagine. In essence, we possess an unmatched skill of creativity and art.

We understand that almost every client who comes to our parlor has no clear idea about exactly what hairstyle he or she wants. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is to look even more gorgeous than he/she had done ever before. If we think that a particular hairstyle will not suit you, then we tactfully help to select a style that would look better. Of course, as we explained earlier, we always tell our client what we plan to do before we implement changes. If our client is not okay with the hairstyle, we show other options to choose.

That is one of our unique qualities, which makes our services even more appealing. We always assist our clients in choosing hairstyles that work best for them. It is our pleasure to see clients happy with their new look when walking out of our salon.

Types of Hairstyles Our Barbers in Cardiff Specialize In

Fade haircuts are the most trending styles nowadays. They are the easiest hairstyles for men, which makes them highly sought. Besides, no matter the length of the hair, fade styles work with them. You can go for the low, medium, or high fade styles.

Moreover, because they are low maintenance, i.e. you do not need to visit the barber too frequently for upkeep, they work just great for men.

Some Famous Fades

Burst and Temple Fades are one of the most trending fades recently. They cover smaller portions of the head and make a huge impact.

Bald fades can be burst or temple fades because they require the hair to be shaved down to the skin. Shadow fades can be short or even shorter but do not have to reveal skin. Our barbers are experienced in this and can make fades with amazing effect. When done right, fades give you an amazing look.

Some New Fade Ideas to Explore

If you want to add something new to your fade, here are some ideas we have experimented and they look awesome:

Low Fades with Designs

In this style, our barber makes the fade in such a way that it brings the hairline up by an inch all the way around. After that, he would make a pair of slashes behind the ear to draw even more attention to the blurry fade.

Buzz Cut with Line Up and Low Fade

Here is something decent and classy, but lightly funky. It is famous because it works for men in all professions. The blurry fade we make towards the back of the head contrasts the defined lineup on the forehead area.

Low Bald Fade

For men who do not want to lose the length of the hair on top of their head, but want fade style, we can make them the low bald fade style. It fades just close to the lower section on the neck and looks quite elegant and stylish.

Some medium fade style our hairdressers in Cardiff recommend include:

Side Part Haircut

This hairstyle is very popular and often has a flattering effect. As its name implies, this medium fade is not a medium style and not too low either. It is just in-between and makes the hairline behind the ear prominent. This makes it look very appealing and makes heads turn.

Mid Fade Haircut

If you do not want the dropping down fade style, then this mid fade style would work for you. It follows the line around the head and goes below the crown.

Crop Haircut with Medium Fade

For those who want a stylish hairstyle, our Cardiff barbers recommend this hairstyle. You can have a medium fade with the trend of crop haircut. It is a great option for men with wavy and thick hair.

Let us look at some high fade trending hairstyles.

Pompadour Fade

This hairstyle is one of the most talked-about and often most demanded one in Cardiff.

Our barbers make the high fade with a clean cut. It is like a canvas for complex or simple hair design and you can play with any new look you want.

High Bald Fade Haircut

This style has a short buzz cut, accompanies with a quick fade that extends down to the skin. Then we use a tape up to define the hairline. The result is very impressive and attracts much attention.

Comb Over Fade

Are you looking for something dramatic and stylish? If yes, then this hairstyle is something you need. You have long hair on top with a fade coming in quite dramatically. This makes an amazing effect. However, we make the fade drop behind the crown in different ways, depending on your head and hair. Our goal is to make sure you look amazing, and as the shape of the head varies, we adjust the fade accordingly.

Burst Fade Haircut

This hairstyle looks like you have a ray of sun bursting behind your ear. The effect of this is just impressive and amazing. After giving you a low fade, our barber shaves a pair of lines that give it the sunburst effect.

We Possess Outstanding Technical Skills

Being a good hairdresser means learning all the nuances of hairdressing. We learn several techniques so that we can handle different clients and the latest trending hairstyles. If you want simple braids or fancy hair touch, our specialists are capable of meeting all your needs. They have proper training and are therefore able to serve you well.

Lacking the requisite equipment is a major setback from giving a masterpiece. In our salon, we have modern hairdressing paraphernalia. Our machines are always in good working condition. Again, our experts know how to operate the machines properly so rest assured you are safe at our parlor.

Being a good hairdresser means learning all the nuances surrounding hairdressing. You need to learn several techniques so that you can handle different clients. Whether you want simple braids or fancy hair touch, our specialists are capable of meeting all your needs.

At Bellisimos, our objective is to make sure that we give our customers the best experience. To achieve this, we make sure that you get hairstyles that make you the center of attention. The hairstyles must add more to your personality. We make the hairstyle you want, but if we feel (in our expert opinion) that a different look would enhance your appearance, then we discuss our suggestion. Only if you approve of it, we go ahead with making your new look. Our hairdressers in Cardiff have undergone proper training. They are therefore able to serve you well.

Despite how competent a hairstylist is, they may not be able to meet your needs if they lack the requisite equipment. Clients want to go to salons that have the necessary tools needed to do their hair expertly. In our salon, we have modern hairdressing paraphernalia. Our machines are always in good working condition. Again, to know how our experts will handle the machines properly, so stay safe in our rest.

hairdressers cardiff

Treatments at the Hairdressers Cardiff

Are you experiencing common hair problems such as thinning hair, dandruff, hair fall or frizzy hair? The Bellisimos hairdressers in Cardiff can help eliminate your hair problems permanently. We offer hair treatments that will enable you to get rid of these problems.

We have various products that we use in our treatments. They include shampoos, hair masks, and conditioners. These products are highly effective and do not have side effects. We will choose the right product for you depending on your hair type.

At Bellisimos, we only use high quality, branded products. Our belief in perfection drives us to offer our customers the best experience in terms of products. You will find brands like Keune, Redken, Aveda, Kerastase, Schwarzkopf, and others. Yes, we also understand your preference for vegan brands, so we have some very high-quality products if you prefer vegan.

You can also shop for the products you need at our shop. If you need home care products, then feel free to shop at Bellisimos.

Bond Fusion

Chemical processes such as forming and colouring normally destroy disulphide bonds that are very essential for healthy hair. Bond fusion not only repairs broken bonds but also creates new ones. It also protects disulphide bonds. This system is effective no matter your hair type or texture. Chemically processed hair with bond fusion leave tresses that are twice stronger when compared to hair processed without Bond Fusion. The system also ensures that your hair is combable and experiences less breakage after bleaching. Bond Fusion works in three easy steps: Build, Enhance and Recharge. In step 1, we add the bond builder which repairs broken bonds and build new ones.  step 2:- the Bond Enhancer strengthens the new bonds to ensure long-lasting conditioning. In the last step, the Bond Recharger maintains your Bond Fusion treatment, ensuring that its effect lasts for long.


Olaplex protects hair from being damaged during chemical processes. It also prevents hair from further damage, making your hair strong, shinier and healthy and also repairs some of the previous damage. It makes your hair strong, thick and healthy by rejoining the broken disulphide bonds. This system can repair hair damaged by over-bleaching, highlighting, over-curling, and high heat blow drying. This system works in three phases. The first phase involves adding a Bond Multiplier which repairs damaged hair. In the 2nd phase, a Bond Perfecter is applied once the hair dye is applied. This treatment is responsible for post colouring conditioning. In the final phase, a Hair Perfecter is applied. This home treatment can be used once per week.

Deep Conditioning

This treatment helps in tackling various hair damages such as frizz and dryness. It is one of the effective ways to make your hair healthy. Hair Re-bonding: This process relaxes the hair chemically by breaking and rebuilding protein bonds. It ensures that you are left with smooth and shiny hair. Post-treatment care: Hair requires post-treatment care after the re-bonding process. This is because hair can be easily damaged after the process. 

Why You Should Choose Bellisimos Hair

We are professional and dedicated to what we do. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We ensure that you have a memorable experience at our place by offering quality hair treatment services.

Our aim is to make you happy and ensure that you visit us again. We can also visit you at your place if you are unable to visit our salon. Visit us soon since we take pride in serving you

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