///History of Hairdressing

History of Hairdressing

The History of Hairdressing

Hairdressing has been the art of styling hair or modifying it to a stylist condition.

Hairdressing has been a significant part of men’s and women’s attire since ancient times and it can carry a different meaning. So since then, there is some difference between the common man and royal blood.

From the early civilization, humankind struggled with unwanted hair. As hair continually grew, and regular styling and trimming weren’t available to make them look beautiful and attractive.

Let’s Know Some Interesting Facts

During the Neanderthal:

In that period male put feathers, bones and other items in their hair.

Do you know why?

This was to impress the ladies, and it also shows their courage.

During the Roman period:

They considered hair as a way to express their social status.

At that time the seniors hoped to extend long hair to show their ambition.

Hairdressing was also practiced to reflect personalities, social status, and even religion.

For example

  • Monks have shaven their head in many rituals.
  • In the early era of Muslims, Males used to grow long hair too.
  • During the mourning time, Egyptians used to grow their hair while Hindu widows used to shave.

The hairdresser also struggled with their profession. They have also been through ups and downs.

But their communities are huge, as every common man to king needs them, to make themselves feel fresh and attractive.

In that time the majority of people go to salons to receive a shave or haircut. One of the key points is that they can discuss world affairs as well as daily exchange news. It enhances their knowledge.

In ancient Rome and Greece, barbers were revered for their hairdressing skill. Their clean-shaven look was much desired.

During the war, savage scruffy beards were grabbed by their enemies thus bringing about their downfall. Which made their leader feel shame, so they order his men to shave.

Around 1096 French barbers formed an association of barber-surgeons which facilitated a degree by an archbishop outlawing beards.

The Beginning of Hairdressing

As medicine emerged as a separate field, hairdressers received their own academic status as “short-robe surgeons”. They skilled themselves in special schools established for their schooling.

Around 1308 in London, the Barbers’ Worshipful Company was founded. In 200 years’ hairdressers were admitted to the Paris University and enjoyed their academic and professional status until the eighteenth century.

What about women in all this time?

Although their men visited the furnace, women used to wear in the hair of the house and kept regular and orderly by light and packaging and often kept under some helmets.

The 17th and 18th centuries in France saw the age of a sophisticated wig, and both men and women seek the services of qualified wig-makers who designed more sophisticated and expensive headwear.

At the turn of the 19th century, this sophisticated and highly structured wigs taste was falling, due to hair powder taxation! Once again, both the ladies and their maids were fully accountable for their own hairdressing.

Hairdressing salons arrived in the 20th century. This time both men and women from around the world frequently visited salons. This allowed all women to wash, cut or dress their hair in the beautiful latest styles.

Nowadays, political persuasion, social status or religion have less impact on your hair including all the trends. The general disposable income increase. Along with individualism and informality has increased so the number of people changing their hairstyles, tailored to their tastes and needs at the time.

Modern Hairdressing

The digital age has appeared in various traditional industries over the last few years. But the trade that will not disappear is hairdressing. For this reason, Bellisimos Hair has proven to be the top notch hairdressers in enhancing your hair beauty and health as much as possible.

In this new era, Professional tools are needed, and all hairdressers must meet professional requirements. They must study cosmetology courses with over 1,000 hours of studying and training to become reputable and skilled hairdressers.

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Health, hairdressing, and beauty are inseparable from the dawn of civilization. Beauty definition changes with time and people, but the desire to look beautiful never changes. Make it happen by visiting Bellisimos Hair

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